I love specialshipping :D Although I'm a Red x Yellow fan, I just felt like writing this one :)

Yay for SpecialShipping lovers!

PS: In this one, Blue is the one with Blastoise – it's not the American version Green.

Ehh, I scribbled this one in a hurry, so it didn't really express well what I wanted to say. *shrug*

A Present

It's been a week since I glanced at the calendar in Blue's house. A certain date had been marked with a sticker with a birthday cake drawn on it, and was scribbled 'YELLOW'S B-DAY' under the sticker. Although that girl wasn't really much of a big matter to me, I decided to get her a present. She, too, was a Pokedex holder after all.

And I still didn't know what to get for her. It should be something small – but I just don't know what. I mean, what does she need, really? I don't want to get her anything unnecessary. And I don't even know what she likes.

I pictured her image in my head. Her long silky hair was the first thing that came to mind. She always tied it with a hair band. I liked it that way – girls these days always let their hair down, making a big fuss about not wanting to get their hair tangled and messed up.

That was the reason why I retreated from the Pokemart with a hair band with a tiny Pikachu figure on the end – after all, she owned one. It cost quite some money, but it really didn't matter. Money could be earned by battles. I continued on to Viridian City to go to her house.

Luckily the lights were on, but there was no sign of people partying in the house. Not interested in why, I knocked and waited. The door opened, and a girl with the long yellow ponytail hair smiled at me. "Oh, hi!" said Yellow brightly. "What brings you here, Gold?"

"I heard it's your birthday today," I said, pulling out the small case in my bag. She looked at me, surprised. I turned my head away; I was afraid what look she would have on her face next.

"Thank you!" she said happily. I looked at her; she was smiling, and she instantly switched hair bands. She looked at me. "Do I look okay?" she said, slightly biting her lower lip. I snorted; it was just a head band, for Arceus' sake. I nodded and smiled as a sign of approval.

"Thank you," she repeated. That moment, I swear my heartbeat was so loud that she could hear too. I didn't know that Yellow's eyes were so… I don't know, pretty, until now. I stood there awkwardly for a moment. I waved slightly and went home, and I heard the door close.

I heard the door open again when I was on the middle of the road. I turned around to see why, and it was because of Red. Yellow gave him a little different smile than the one she gave me – and Red wouldn't really care how much of a big deal that was for me.

"Hi Red!" said Yellow. I could see that there was a hint of blush on her cheeks.

"I was just stopping by, and I saw this thing in the store that could go nice with your hat," said Red, handing something shiny to her. I couldn't see from this distance, but it must be something to attach to her straw hat.

I took off my hat, and ruffled my hair vigorously. I bet Red didn't even know it was Yellow's birthday today. The luxurious hairpin wasn't definitely for a girl like Yellow. I looked back, and saw Red taking off and Yellow untie her hair and put on her hat with the barrette on it.

There would be no use for the hair band for weeks since she's got that accessory from Red. I put my hat back on, and headed home.