In Which the Author and the Voices give up and end the fic.

To others the pain was obvious The colours of a bruise-unjust Abuse of trust can't be wiped
I can't remember why I chose to say goodbye I'm terrified of what I might have severed
I tried to forget the drowning truth Lashing inside my sea of youth
Life seemed a fair sacrifice for peace


A soft tune greeted Zelgadiss' ears as he drifted back to awareness. He was laying on something soft while gentle hands stroked his face, brushing the bangs out of his face. He sighed contently. This was nice. He was soooo tired, it felt sooo good to relax.

He tried to purr, but it came out more of a soft cough instead.

Someone giggled above his head. He recognised the voice and the scent as Amelia's and let himself relax some more.

A small window in the back of his head cracked open a bit, bringing light to his sleep befuddled mind.

He was laying on something soft, that smelled like Amelia. Most likely a bed. Probably her bed.

Amelia was nearby.

He wasn't a cat.

His eyes snapped open as logic re-asserted itself into his mind.

Oh shit.

Amelia looked down at him with large blue eyes. "Was beginning to wonder when you'd wake up."

His mind gave logic the single finger salute and leapt into a state of blind instinctual panic.

With a muffled yelp he scrabbled backwards, away from her. This resulted in the un-coordinated action of him falling off the bed, dragging the blanket covering him to land in a very un-dignified heap on the floor.

Gut instinct said to flee. He was NOT supposed to be on the bed, especially NOT with Amelia and definitely NOT while in human form. With no clothes on, to boot. With his heart beating in his ears the way it was, he couldn't exactly remember -why- at the moment, but he knew it was bad.

Modesty demanded that he not move from the safety of the blanket.

Torn between the 2 conflicting impulses, he didn't notice Amelia leaning over the edge of the bed to look at him, concerned. "Zelgadiss-san?"

He froze, staring at her like a petrified cornered cat.

A hand reached down, brushing his bangs. "Sleeping." She murmured.

Zelgadiss gave a small whisper of thanks as he pitched forward, fast asleep once again.


It was several days later before Zelgadiss found himself on her bed again. The notable differences being: that it was early morning and Amelia was still in bed, he was a chimeric kitten, and last but most importantly, he was on a mission.

Like last time however, he was scared out of his silly kitty mind. Even if he had his memories and was thinking like his human self.

He was either going to end up as one very dead cat, or everything would be okay. At the moment, he wasn't sure which.

Amelia was known for her big heart and generosity, but even he knew that she had limits. He only hoped he hadn't crossed them.

She stirred, stretching as she woke up to greet the new day. There was a slight pause as her brain caught up, and then a near audible 'click' as she woke up completely. She sat up, idly running a hand thru her hair. "Good Morn-!"

The habitual greeting died on her lips as she spotted him at the foot of her bed. "Grey-kun?" She whispered, as if disbelieving her eyes. Then hesitantly; "Zelgadiss-san?"

He slowly rose, his limbs stiff and ready to run at the nearest motion. Carefully, not removing his eyes from her figure, he crept over and set down the two pieces of jewellery he'd been holding in his jaws next to her. She waited until he'd retreated back to his spot at the foot of the bed before moving to inspect them.

One was her bracelet.

The other was the reason he'd disappeared for several days.

Amelia held up the small ruby and gold amulet to the light, watching it sparkle. "It's beautiful." She murmured.

*Thank you.* He thought deliberately at her.

She gasped, staring at him. "I... I heard you... In my head..." She stammered, clutching the stone in her palm.

Zelgadiss nodded. *It's a Lofting Gem. It allows you to communicate with any creature wearing the matching one.* He deliberately lifted his head so she could see an identical amulet around his throat. *They're usually used by sorcerers and their 'familiars'.*

"Thank you, but... Why?" She asked, looking bewildered.

He shrugged, the tip of his tail twitching. *I thought... you might want to talk.* Zelgadiss said carefully. *And to apologise.*

Amelia leaned forward so she was almost at eye level with him. "For what?"

*For... deceiving you.* He looked down, unable to quite make himself meet her eyes. *I'm sorry.*

She smiled at him, lightly tapping his nose with a fingertip. "I was mad at you for a little while about that." She admitted. "But not anymore."

Zelgadiss blinked, trying to look at his nose. *Why not?*

"Several reasons." She grinned, relaxing. Amelia had obviously had taken the time to think things over. "For one, I remembered you always hid or turned your back when ever I got dressed. You always were a gentlemen, even if it was confusing behaviour for a cat."

He blushed. Or at least his face got hot, it was hard to tell if cats blushed.


Amelia giggled. "So... how did this happen? How was your trip to the outside world? How are you doing?!" As she asked, she idly picked him up and set him in her lap, as had been her habit thru out the entire journey.

*Wha... uh...* He looked up at her. *You're really alright with this, aren't you?*

"I'm saving the Justice Speeches until after I found out what happened." She informed him primly, then smiled and began to scratch behind his ears.

*Oh. Okay. Well, It all started when.... uh... heh... purrrrrrrrrrr...* He trailed off into a deep throated purr. He shook it off after a few moments and gave her a mock glare. *That's not fair.*

She just giggled and urged him to tell his story.


Night time. Zelgadiss loved night time in the Palace. The Gardens especially. And the Library. But it was a wonderful night to go strolling thru the gardens. The stars were shining, the night was balmy, everyone was asleep and he was human for the next hour.

Zelgadiss gave a contented stretch as he finished dressing in the clothes he had stashed out in the gardens. Pyjama pants and a bathrobe with a hood. No one ever gave him a second look, figuring that he was just some Palace occupant who couldn't sleep. Which was close enough.

Life was good.

Amelia had listened to his story attentively, occasionally asking for clarifications at some points. After that, life went on pretty much as it had before she had discovered Grey-kun was really Zelgadiss. He went with her everywhere as Grey-kun, well, except for the hour he spent as a human, adding observations and information that she missed.

An in return, they both got the one thing they both needed the most.

A friend.

A footstep echoed behind him, and he turned to see who it was. Prince Phil, looking very big and very imposing, stood there watching him.

Perhaps he had spoken too soon. From the look of it, the Ruler had seen him transform from Grey-kun to Greywers. And he didn't exactly look happy about it.


"Nice night for a walk, eh Zelgadiss-san?" Phil said, his tone unreadable. "Care to join me?"

"Certainly." He nodded and fell in step beside the larger man, ignoring the instinct to run for his life, tail between his legs. Metaphorically speaking anyway.

They strolled in silence for a while, both of them lost in their own thoughts until Phil cleared his throat. "When I asked you to keep on my daughter, this is not quite what I had in mind."

"Nor was it what I had in mind either, your Highness." He answered back with wiry humour.

Phil snorted, burying the amused sound in his bristly moustache.

Zelgadiss turned serious. "I assure you, Prince Phil," He looked at the larger man, putting as much sincerity into his expression and voice as he could "I would not still be here if it were not without your daughters permission."

"Then she knows?"


Phil nodded. "Then I suppose I can't ask for anything more." Zelgadiss found himself nearly doubled over from the pat on the back he received from the bear like-man. "Carry on!"

With that, Amelia's father walked off, humming a happy tune that sounded suspiciously like one of Amelia's favourite songs full of Peace, Justice and Fuzzy Bunnies.

"Uh.." Zelgadiss watched him go. He was never going to get used to that man. "...thanks?"

He finally shook his head and continued his stroll thru the gardens. He still had over half an hour before he turned back to Grey-kun, and could return to Amelia's rooms to sleep.

I can't remember why I chose to say goodbye I'm terrified of what I might have severed
I ended up too high But never learned to fly So coming down I'm very thankful (you were there)

"Wisdom" [written and performed by Kristy Thirsk. from the Delerium CD: 'Karma'']


**Hugh Lofting is the author of the 'Dr. Dolittle' (who could speak to animals) books. Hence the jewel named after him.
Umm... only works between the people wearing the 2 halves, so Grey-kun can't talk to anyone other than Amelia unless he turns human. Yes, it's a cheap plot device, but that's what was in the dreamscape.

Yosh! Finally! It's done!

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