A/N: My response to ladygris' Truth or Dare challenge. Comes in at 300 words exactly. Was inspired by a typo in a conversation w/ Shadows-of-Realm. This takes place in the same 'universe' as my response to the Downtime challenge, both of which may become a series of shorts.

Truth or Dare: Colonel Sonic

"Truth or dare?" Rodney said with a smirk as he leaned back in his chair, the bottle of beer barely touching his lips.

John narrowed his eyes, "This is your wife's fault. She's the one who started this. She and Dr. Cole, the other night when they were bored. You need to keep your other half better entertained."

"Quit whining. For the record, I was the one who started it and Jennifer just started the clean version for the base. Suck it up. Truth or dare?" If Sheppard knew anything of his friend, the military commander had every reason to be scared.

He was not sure which would be worse coming from the evil mind of McKay. To answer a truth question, John knew it would give his friend ammo to use for a long time and to take a dare it would give him an excuse for revenge. "Dare," John finally answered as if against his will.

Rodney started to explain the details of the dare, his face lighting up as he got deeper into the details.

"You and Zelenka were looking for an excuse to test out that contraption that you built together. I'm not going in that thing. How do I know it is not going to kill me? And what's with the hat?" Sheppard was starting to think the truth would have been simpler.

"You cannot go back on a dare. See you in the mess hall at sunrise." The grinning Canadian took a sip of his beer and left the room.

First thing in the morning, the majority of the science and medical teams were in the mess hall, waiting for John to show.

"Good morning, Colonel Sonic," Rodney handed John the hedgehog hat. "Your chariot awaits," he pointed to the human sized hamster ball.