It took John a good two weeks before he came up with the perfect revenge. It was difficult because it just wasn't Rodney he had to get back at, it was Jennifer as well. "Just the two I was looking for," a mischievous grin replaced the straight face of the colonel. He did not care that he had walked in on Jennifer with her hands up Rodney's shirt and her lips on the base of his neck.

Rodney grunted and pulled away flustered, "Ever hear of knocking?" The couple was clearly annoyed at being interrupted.

"This is a lab, not your private quarters," John reminded the couple.

"What can we do for you?" Jennifer remained a foot away from her husband.

"It's time for a little payback. Lorne, Ronon and Radek are not letting me live it down. Just thought I would return the favor," Sheppard knew this game wasn't going to end any time soon and he was already fearful of the retribution from the duo. He hoped the rest of the base wasn't going to be mad at him for this dare.

"What is it?" Rodney crossed his arms over his chest.

John went on to explain what the couple had to do the next day at noon.

The next day Rodney stood pouting in the corner of their room, "I don't want to do this. He knows."

Jennifer shook her head, "He doesn't know. Imagine the look on his face when he realizes this backfires."

"Fine," the man said with a reluctant sigh. "I know he said it had to be us both, but just let me handle it."

She laid a supportive hand on her husband's shoulder. "You're going to do great," Jennifer kissed his cheek.

Rodney activated the city wide PA system from his radio, "This is dedicated to John Sheppard who expects my wife and I to make asses out of ourselves. I don't tell you everything, Johnny Boy." He winked at Jennifer before he began to sing moving rendition of You Raise Me Up.

By the time the song was over most of the city was stunned to silence, not expecting a singing voice like that to come from the mostly cranky department head.

Rodney looked over at the open door to his quarters where a small crowd had gathered and launched into applause when he was done. In the front was John who shook his head. "You win, buddy. I don't know what to say."

A smirk crossed Rodney's face, "Tell me I won again."

A/N: This is the last piece I am doing for Truth or Dare. I think it's a nice place to end it. It comes in a little long at 424 words, but hope you can make an exception for the final piece. Now for the standard disclaimer I don't own any of the characters nor do I own the song sung. Even if it is a beautiful song as covered by Josh Groban, one of my all time favorite singers.