A/N: My response to the Downtime challenge by Shadows-of-Realm and theicemenace. Comes in at 295 words. Takes place in the same 'universe' as my response to the Truth or Dare challenge, both of which may become a series of shorts.

Atlantis Downtime: Rodney's Other Hidden Talent

Radek had been looking for his boss for an hour, but had no luck. No one had any idea where the arrogant scientist had scurried off to. After checking the city sensors he found a lone life sign on the other edges of the North Pier where Rodney had set up a science quarantine a week ago. He had always expected it was a ruse for something else and this confirmed it. The small man had to find out what McKay was up to as he had disappeared every night for hours after he went off duty.

As Zelenka got closer the locked down area of the city he could hear music being played beautifully on the piano. At first he could not make out the song, but the closer Radek got he recognized the song as Impossible Dream. He knew Rodney used to play growing up, but McKay had said he hadn't played since he was twelve; or so he led people to believe. What he heard next was most unexpected; a voice that could rival a professional opera singer. "That could not be Rodney, could it?" he was in disbelief that if Rodney possessed a talent like this that he would keep it hidden.

The Czech got close enough to be able to see into the room, but stay out of sight. Sure enough Rodney was seated at the piano, singing and playing while Jennifer stood at the far end of the large instrument.

After Rodney was done playing, Jennifer approached him and nudged him away from the piano to sit on his lap. "A man of many talents," Jennifer pulled her husband in for a kiss. "I'm glad you are enjoying my birthday gift." The physician nodded back toward the baby grand.