A/N: Follow up for my latest Truth or Dare piece. Comes in at 299 words after some major tweaking. Wasn't sure if to place this in McKeller or Downtime, but chose Downtime since it's a companion for Truth or Dare (which I am soliciting ideas for Rodney's revenge)

Downtime: Accidental Exposure

Rodney rubbed his ankle as he sat on a couch in the mess hall. He was in amazement that women walked around in these torture devices. Having them on only a few hours, his feet and back were killing him. Sheppard must pay. There were only two hours left before he could take off the dress as the last rule of the dare stipulated that he couldn't return to his quarters until after the dare was over. The cranky scientist went off duty twenty minutes ago and he was growing tired of the stares and giggles of passersby. Didn't they get enough of it earlier? Why are they still looking at me? The only positive thing was that Jennifer would be off duty soon and would keep him company.

Rodney leaned back and got comfortable waiting for his wife to join him. The giggling and staring only got worse. "What the hell?" The attention was becoming annoying and his patience grew thin, "What!" he snapped at the next person that he caught staring. Instead of getting an answer, the young nurse went running in the opposite direction.

Teyla had finished a sparring session with Ronon and the two picked up food and were headed to a table when they came upon Rodney.

"Um, Rodney," Teyla said with uncertainty in her voice as she stared the obviously clueless man.

"What? Not you too. What's with everyone? It's not like I haven't been wearing this all day," Rodney saw no problem.

"McKay, I think you are supposed to wear something under the dress," Ronon finally pointed out the problem.

"Oh," Rodney finally got the hint and closed his legs. His boxers had been causing the dress ride up and he had enough by lunchtime and chose to get rid of them.