Hello all! Long time no see!

Unfortunately this newest update does not come with happy news. It has come to my attention by a guest reviewer who rudely accused me of plagiarizing my own work, that there is a story on WattPad that has copied some of my chapters word for word. If that guest reviewer or anyone else would like to PM me privately I would love to chat with them and prove that my work is my own. I've only been on the WattPad site once and didn't like the format. If any of y'all see something (not just of my work, but anyone else's work) please contact the author so they can attempt to get the plagiarized work off of the other sites. I know back when I first wrote this story it was easy to copy and paste work from FF. Thankfully they have done a wonderful job of changing that so author's works can stay their own. It very much hurts my heart that someone would be so insecure in their own writing that they have to go and take from someone else's hard work.

I do love and miss y'all, and I hope to be back on here one of these days. I promise I have been working on Rebirth and have completely revamped it. So if any of y'all follow that story be looking for that update at the end of the summer possibly!

Best wishes,