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Just a Friday Morning

"It is waaay to quiet today" Tony thought as he stood up to walk over to the desk across from him.

"Hey Zee-vah, what has you so quiet this morning?"

"Things Tony" Ziva said putting an emphasis on 'Things'.

"Well what kind of things?" Tony asked innocently.

"Do you have no one else to bother this morning!" She yelled getting louder with every word.

"Geeezz someone's a little pissy today." He said walking back over to his desk.

Taking note of the fight surely about to begin, Tim wisely decided to go down into Abby's lab to see what she had for them. Gibbs had gone out for coffee with Jenny, So now it was only Tony and Ziva residing in the bullpen.

"Well played David." Tony said with a sneaky smirk making its way across his face.

"Thank you Tony." Ziva replied getting up from her desk with a mischievous sparkle in her eyes.

They met each other in the middle of the bullpen embracing themselves in a passionate kiss. Finally they were able to be alone,well as far as they knew...

Back downstairs in the "Labby"...

"Best Friday EVER! Abby exclaimed squealing in delight and holding out her hand towards Tim telling him to pay up.

"You were right Abby the fighting was a decoy I should really stop betting against you." Tim said as he handed the twenty over to the overly excited goth.

"Oh don't feel bad Timmy I have popcorn." Abby said as she passed the freshly popped bowl to Tim Mcgee, and for the next few minutes they sat and enjoyed their friends happiness they had found together.

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