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I was able to type this up while my hand was injured and I'm going to still continue this story along with the other I am curently writing. Enjoy! ~markaleen

Punky, Cherie, and Margaux were in Punky's room 'working' on their summer reading when Henry came in with exciting news.

"I have great news that I think you girls are going to love!"

Punky, who was leaning on Brandon's doghouse, walked over to her foster father. "What is it Henry?" There was excitement in her voice.

"How would you all like to go on vacation?"

All their eyes light up. They all exclaimed, "Vacation!"


"Where? When? Why? Where? When? Where!"

Henry laughed, "Punky settle down."

Cherie spoke up, "All of us? Even Margaux?"

Margaux shot Cherie her 'peasants' look to. The tone of her voice wasn't all excitement.

Henry continued to laugh, "Yes, even Margaux"

Margaux stood up and walked closer to Henry, "That is very kind Mr. Worriment, and where is it that we will be going, Pairs, London, or maybe New York?" She had her usual proper and stuck up tone about her.

"We'll be staying at a resort in Rhode Island."

"How many stars is it and where about in Rhode Island?"

Punky rolled her eyes, "Margaux, are you really so vain that you need to ask how many stars a hotel is?"

She nodded, "Yes."

"Actually it's not really a hotel, it's a time share."

Margaux was shocked, "A time share? Pardon me for asking but, how did you get a time share? I mean, no offence but you're too cheap to buy Punky matching clothes!"

Punky glared at her, "How many times do I have to tell you? This is a choice!" she pointed to the outfit she had on, the usual mis-matched shoes and clashing colors and patterns.

Maurgaux rolled her eyes, "Besides that, the only time shares I know about are in Newport. Newport is where my daddy keeps his yachts."

Normally, Henry would comment on her rudeness, but he was used to Margaux and her, well let's just say snobbyness. "It is in Newport."

Punky and Cherie looked at each other and squealed, "We're going to Newport!"

Margaux gasped, "Mr. Worriment! Did you rob a bank to pay for this?"

"No. I did not rob any banks. Thought, I sat through three hours of the people who work there trying to convince me to rent one."

"Three hours? That must have been awful!"

"It was. But, at these type of things they usually give you restaurant gift cards or something similar to that. I said keep the gift cards, let me try it out for a weekend and I'll see about it then."

Punky was amazed, "And they gave it to you just like that? For free?"

"Unfortunately, not entirely free, I got it for a reduced rate though."

"Oh. Cool. So when are we going?"

"Over Labor Day weekend."

"Labor Day weekend? Then I'm afraid that I won't be able to make it. My family and I are going to be spending the weekend at our country club."

Punky walked over to Margaux, "Oh, that's too bad. Well Cherie and I better start packing, we'll keep in touch. Bye!" She pushed Maurgaux out of her room and Cherie and herself started planning the best vacation ever. (Even though it was two weeks away)