The next morning Cherie and Punky woke up much later than they had hoped. They quickly got ready and ate breakfast so they could see where Henry was taking them. To their delight, Henry took them for a drive along the coast looking at all of the magnificent mansions. Cherie and Punky picked out which mansion was 'theirs' After that, Henry took them to a hill that was also along the coast. They flew kites and also saw the most amazing kites they had ever seen. One was a life sized (or maybe even bigger) tiger and another was an even bigger cobra. They didn't know that such things existed. They wished that their kites were like that but then realized that it's a good thing theirs were small because those were hard enough to fly. They spent a few hours there, and then they relaxed the rest of the day at the resort. Henry got pictures of the sunset. The girls couldn't wait to see how they came out. They were sad that they had to begin packing. They never wanted to leave. Especially now, they were in what could possibly be the best place in the world and they had to go home to start another long year. They hoped they would be back again sometime.

"This was a great trip huh Punky?"

"It sure was! I can't remember the last time I enjoyed a vacation this much!"

"Same here."

"I guess if we want to come back we'll either have to save up for it or sit through one of those boring meeting or whatever it's called again."

"It'd be worth it though."

Cherie smiled, "Yeah…"

Henry came in to tell the girls that it was time for bed. Sadly they climbed into their beds hoping they'd wake up in the car so they could do it all over again.

Back home

On the first day of school, Margaux, Punky, and Cherie were all sitting at the lunch table. Punky and Cherie were telling Margaux all about their trip.

"Sounds like you two got a little idea about what it's like to be rich."

Punky replied, "Actually Margaux, I'm glad we're not rich. Because if there's one thing that I learned on this trip, it's that some things in life just can't be bought. I learned to appreciate what's around me. Not material things, but the beautiful things of nature that God gives us. I suggest you try it sometime. You might be able to think of something other than money even for a few minutes. Honestly, I think you're missing out on a whole lot…" and with that Punky grinned. She knew she had gotten everything she could from that wonderful weekend getaway.