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It's a plot bunny of the moon! (Bad pun...) Occurs during and after episode 33 in the Japanese version, 29 in the English version. And just so you know, these lines (until it veers into the wonderful world of AU) are from the actual anime, not the dub or my mind.

Sailor Moon winced as the power of the dome closed in on her. A sharp-shooting pain had started in her right shoulder moments ago, and she wasn't quite sure what had happened.

Kunzite chuckled at them. "Give it up! You will never break the barrier!" he ordered them.

"I can't breathe... the air..." Sailor Moon choked out.

"How do you like the taste of my darkness?" Kunzite asked, making the dome close in on him more.

"Master Kunzite, please be careful," Zoicite advised as she walked up to the group. "In addition to Tuxedo Kamen, there is another enemy nearby."

"Zoicite, did you fail to capture Tuxedo Kamen?" Kunzite asked.

"Such cold words. I was just about to take care of that," Zoicite replied sheepishly. "Tuxedo Kamen! Look! It is the end of Sailor Moon and her friends!"

"What?" Sailor Moon asked, looking around. "Tuxedo Kamen?"

Meanwhile, Mamoru was placing his mask back on his face, ready to give up the rainbow crystals in his posession. "If you want to save them, come out with the rainbow crystals!" Zoicite declared. "Surrender yourself, Tuxedo Kamen!"

"Tuxedo Kamen, don't come!" Sailor Moon yelled, but she could still feel herself growing weaker by the second. "I can't hold on anymore..." With that, Sailor Moon collapsed to her knees.

"Sailor Moon!" Luna yelled from her hiding spot.

"Wait!" Tuxedo Kamen yelled, limping out onto the battlefield.

"We did it, Master Kunzite," Zoicite congratulated himself and his superior. "That's right! In the end, there is no way for you to win!" Adding in a statement to the senshi, he said, "Struggling will only bring you more suffering. It's important to know when to give up."

"No! You're wrong!" a new voice called. "No matter how hard it is, you must never give up!"

"It's the same voice again!" Zoicite declared, looking for its source.

"Oh, that voice is..." Luna began as they all found the true source of the voice.

"Who are you?" Kunzite demanded.

The decked-out-in-orange girl jumped down from her place to the ground. "Sailor warrior, Sailor Venus!" she exclaimed, removing her mask. "If you will pardon me, I have arrived! Crescent Beam!" The blast sliced Kunzite's hands, and he flinched back.

"Master Kunzite!" Zoicite exclaimed as the shield broke.

"The barrier is gone!" Sailor Moon declared. Three of the four formerly-trapped senshi looked up to Sailor Venus. Sailor Moon, on the other hand, seemed... angry. She raised her crecent moon wand, and a bright, pink light emitted from it without her saying anything. She felt a strong power nearby- power that just needed to be put together. The light grew, and Tuxedo Kamen ran back to his hiding place. Slowly but surely, the light enveloped the senshi, the two remaining shitennou, Tuxedo Kamen, and finally, all of Tokyo. They looked around in shock as the setting changed. Night turned to day, and at the center of the city, a palace of crystal erupted. The shitennou were immediately destroyed, and the senshi felt the negative energy that was in the city disappear.

Tuxedo Kamen was gone by the time Sailor Moon's fuku changed into a long, flowing, white dress with golden accents. The light around Tokyo grew even brighter for an instant before disappearing, and the dress turned into the fuku as Sailor Moon passed out, Jupiter managing to catch her just before she hit the ground.

"Look!" Sailor Mercury declared, pointing at the five rainbow crystals on the ground. She scooped them up in her hand. "Well, now we know that we have an upper hand on the Dark Kingdom."

Sailor Venus, on the other hand, had leaped up to the highest point that she could. "I don't think that's the only thing we have over them..." she said, and Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter leaped up to see what Venus was talking about, Jupiter taking a bit longer due to the weight of Sailor Moon.



"Does this mean what I think it means?"

"Usagi... the moon princess..." Luna muttered, practically slapping herself in the face. Sailor Moon. Moon Princess. Duh.

"And she is now much more than that," a new, ominous voice said. The scouts turned to see a woman in a senshi outfit holding a staff of some sort. "I am Sailor Pluto, the Guardian of the Time Gate. Crystal City Tokyo was not meant to happen until the princess turned twenty-one, but it seems her power and confusion has led the world into a new era." The soft smile on her face indicated that this was a good thing. "She is now Neo-Queen Serenity. I suggest you treat the princess- correction, queen- well."

"Confusion?" Sailor Mars asked. "What could she be confused about?"

"I'd start with why her shoulder is bleeding," Pluto suggested before heading through a portal to her position as the Guardian of Time.

It was about that time that Sailor Moon woke up and got out of Jupiter's arms. "Wh-what happened?" she asked weakly, holding her shoulder. She furrowed her eyebrows in confusion as she felt a sticky substance on it. She pulled her hand away and gasped when she saw blood. She was only confused more as the four senshi got down on one knee, bowing to her. "Why are you..."

Sailor Venus rose and explained, "You... you don't know? You're the moon princess."

Sailor Moon couldn't help but laugh. "No, I'm not," she replied. "I-I can't... I mean..." Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter stood up, and Mercury pointed behind Sailor Moon's shoulder. The blonde turned around, and her mouth dropped as she saw the crystal palace. Some light protruded from it, even in the dead of night. "Did I do that?" she whispered.

"Princess, you're bleeding; we need to get you to a doctor," Venus declared.

"I can sew up the wound," Mercury stated. "I just need a sewing kit."

Venus nodded, though hesitant due to their age. "The best place would be the palace," Venus decided. "We need to get there before dark forces take it over."

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