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Usagi nervously peeked her head inside the classroom before her body followed in suit, walking into the classroom. The room suddenly went silent as all attention was turned towards her. The blonde princess quickly checked behind her before taking a step back, reappearing seconds later, practically dragging Ami and Makoto along with her. The three girls nervously took seats in the back, though as school had not started, the class crowded around them.

All Usagi could hear was a dull ringing in her ears as she was asked question after question. Thankfully, the bell rang, silencing the class as they all scurried to their seats. What she had noticed, however, was that Naru had never left her seat. Instead, she watched Usagi, a hurt expression on her face.

And all the blonde could do at that point was mouth 'I'm sorry'.

Usagi later found herself in the palace library, looking over the resumes from the Americas that had made it through both Ami and Minako. She had turned her phone off long ago, seeing as most people in possession of her phone number had tried to sell it. She hadn't even been able to go back home due to the paparazzi surrounding it.

She felt a strong pair of arms wrap around her from behind, and she looked up to see Mamoru standing there, a calm look on his face. "You okay?" he asked softly, moving to sit next to her on the sofa, allowing her to lean into him as she worked.

"I'm fine," she sighed. "It's just... people are reacting, and I guess I never really accounted for that. I honestly just expected people to say, 'Oh, okay, some teenage girl is ruling the planet'. I never thought of the people who knew me and saw me start pulling away and feel betrayed for that. What do I do?"

"My advice?" Mamoru asked, earning a nod from Usagi. "Apologize. You can't get anywhere if you don't do that."

"Thanks," Usagi whispered before kissing Mamoru on the lips. After that, she got up from her seat next to Mamoru and headed out.

The last thing Osaka Naru had expected when opening the door was to see Usagi standing there in a hoodie and baggy sweatpants. She had her head down low, obviously because she was trying to avoid the paparazzi. Good thing no one had ever thought to look for Sailor Moon's friends- or former friends- or her front yard would be a zoo.

"Can we talk?" Usagi asked in a quiet voice.

"Oh, now how could I possibly deny the great Princess Serenity?" Naru asked sarcastically.

"Naru-chan, don't do that," Usagi half-begged.

"And why shouldn't I?" Naru snapped.

Usagi sighed and looked around nervously before walking into her former friend's house, dragging said former friend along with her.

"Hey!" Naru exclaimed angrily. "Did I say you could come in?"

"Please, just hear me out," Usagi pleaded. Naru shifted her weight back, and Usagi knew that meant she had 60 seconds before the redhead threw her out. So, she took a deep breath and began, "You remember when I got Luna? Well she's my adviser from the moon and she gave me this magical brooch that turned me into Sailor Moon my first mission Luna sent me on was to stop that youma attacking at your mother's store and after I did Luna told me that I could never tell anyone my secret identity or they would be in grave danger because of my enemies the Dark Kingdom I met Sailors Mercury and Mars shortly after and that hot guy you liked that was a Dark Kingdom agent who tried to kill me but Zoicite killed him then Sailor Jupiter came along and we had to fight Zoicite and get the Nijizuishou which supposedly formed the Ginzuishou so we could find the Moon Princess then Zoicite and Kunzite attacked us and Sailor Venus came along to save us and I freaked out because I couldn't breathe and wound up using my powers to destroy the Dark Company and everyone in it and accidentally made the Crystal Palace rise- how I'm not sure- and then Luna and Artemis- another adviser- told me I had to keep my identity as the Moon Princess a secret until things calmed down and then I met my lover in my past life and we got mad at each other and I started crying and the Ginzuishou formed around a tear and then I realized I had to tell everyone who I am and I never meant for you to find out who I am this way and I am so so sorry."

Usagi was panting by the time she had finished her explanation, though she still had to wait for Naru's reaction. "Please forgive me," Usagi whispered.

Naru swallowed nervously, obviously thinking hard about the choices she had. Sure, she could easily kick Usagi out, or even call the paparazzi and tell them where she was, but Usagi had been her friend for longer than she could remember. Slowly, she nodded, uncrossing her arms. "Do you want a cup of hot chocolate or something?" she finally asked.

Usagi smiled and nodded. Maybe things would turn out okay after all...

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