ONE SHOT/ this scene is where Sophie brought her 3 dads to the goat house. What if Donna didn't hum, and nobody notice she was just downstairs...

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"your a little minx, you know that? Your just like your mother" Sam said as he and the other two giggled at the young woman, "I'm glad my boys haven't met you. They'd never recover"

"you've sons?" Sophie asked, getting intrigue.

"yes, two, and I'd love to bring them here" Sam said, as he smile, enjoying talking about his boys.

"like you used to bring my mother..."Sophie said, reminding him of that summer he spent there. Sam looked up at the young woman and narrowed his eyes at her.

Donna was downstairs, looking for her hammer, then she heard voices upstairs. She slowly climb up the wooded stairs and quietly opened the door, and her heart skipped a beat when she saw her 3 ex-lovers and her daughter having a conversation with them.

"what did your mother say about me?" Sam softly asked, suddenly interested of what Donna thinks of him, and had she talked about him at all. Then he heard the door on the floor flung open, his eyes widened when he saw Donna, with mix emotion in her face.

"Sophia Sheridan, what the hell is going on here, who the hell is these guys?" Donna sternly and coldly asked. Sam's heart sank, when she pretended to not know them.

"MUM, wh-what the are you doing here?" Sophie stammered, completely shock of her mothers presence.

she narrowed her eyes at her daughter "Sophie, answer my question, who are these guy, and are they doing here?." Sophie didn't know what to do, her mum wasn't supposed to know...

"ohhh, I'm in the shithouse now!" Sophie thought. "ermm, vacation..." sophie said, but immediately mentally kicking herself.

"you were never a good liar Sheridan"Donna said as she rolled her eyes and purse her lips. "I want the truth, and I want them now" Donna authoritatively said.

" Mum, I don't know what to tell you, I mean you already know them, and don't lie." Sophie said, suddenly finding the situation quite amusing.

Donna opened her mouth to say something, but something, or someone caught her eyes, "what are you doing here, using some other girl are we?" Donna coldly said to Sam.

The others was quite shocked of Donna, it was quite obvious, the two had a history, painful history.

"No Donna, I'm here to visit the island, and of course the queen of the island." Sam said as he bowed down to her and gave her one of his charming smile, that he knows fully well, she can't resist.

"somethings never change..." Donna said and pursed her lips at him

"your wrong Donna, I've change..."Sam softly said as he stared deeply into her ocean-green eyes.

Donna let out a sarcastic laugh "Oh, my god, you never change Sam, you never fail to make me laugh" Donna said. And turned her back at him to open the floor door

"or moan for that matter" Sam whispered to himself and looked away to hide his smirk , but enough for Donna and the others to hear. Sophie covered her mouth to stop herself bursting laughing.

"Excuse me, did you say something." Donna asked, turning back to look at him deep in the eyes, "i want you off this island, all of you" Donna sternly said and grabbed her daughters arm and pushed her down the floor door. "I'm gonna arrange a boat for you to go back to the mainland."

"I have a boat Donna" bill said

as she was about to go down, she went up again "you have a boat? Good, get on it" she said and with that she left.

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