The halls of Studio were quite lonesome as Sonny walked down the corridor towards her dressing room. Her body was engulfed with Chads presence as her floral pattern sundress laid against her skin. The strapless dress was perfect because she had felt heated since early in the morning after Chad arrived through her bedroom window. The summer heat was nearing anyway, and that didn't help the situation. Sticky sweet moistness made it's self present upon her skin. Chad had made a permanent place in her mind, so it was difficult for her to go through the day without his touch. She started to miss him each time they were together. It was difficult for her to be away from him but she knew that this was just for pleasure, at least that was what she thought.

"Morning, Tawnie." Sonny said passing her as she sat on her chase, filing her nails.

"Oh, hey Sonny." Tawnie said in a dull voice.

"What's wrong with you?" Sonny stopped in the middle of her room and turned towards her.

"Oh, nothing." She exclaimed with an exasperated breath.

"Okay." Sonny retorted with confusion. Honestly Tawnie always came off strange sometimes, but that was simply her.

"Is there something you would like to tell me?" Sonny heard Tawnie ask from behind her.

"What's that?" Sonny asked curiously, turning away from her mirror that she had been standing in front of and placed her hands on her waist.

"Oh I don't know." Tawnie shrugged, standing up, "Perhaps a certain enemy that we ate so much." Sonny caught on.

"I don't know what you're talking about." Sonny defended herself, scrunching her face up a little, moving a step towards Tawnie.

"Oh come on." Tawnie acknowledged, "I've seen how he's been looking at you."

"This is ridiculous." Sonny shook her head, dropping her arms and turning away from her.

"Well how about when he's around." Tawnie continued, "You look all buttery and hopeless." Tawnie tried to raise Sonny's emotions hoping she would say something worth something interesting. Sonny knew exactly what Tawnie was doing and was determined to not let her no what was going on. Having a heated affair, or what most people called it today, benefits, was completely out of line.

"Tawnie, I come to work to rehearse on my favorite show, not to mingle with those arrogant snobs." Sonny tried with ease to clear herself from this spotlight.

"I'm just saying…" Tawnie backed off and went over to her dresser and sat down. Sonny moved towards her closet so she could drop her purse near the wall, when a hand snatched her wrist and pulled her inside the closet.

Pinning her against the wall, Chads hand covered her mouth, as his other came up in front of his mouth letting her know to be silent. A smirk hid behind his shushing finger, as he moved in and trailed his lips along the curve of her jaw. Nudging her gently, he left hot breaths against her skin, while removing his hand from her mouth.

"I need you." he whispered under his breath. Running his hand slowly down her side and over her hip. Her dress felt cool and soft underneath his fingers, when he came to something completely different. Moist soft skin, that was sticky from the humidity. It was inviting for him because he could only imagine feeling her moistness between her thighs.

"Chad, no." Sonny worried under her breath into Chads ear. He was so close against her, his hair feathered against her cheek, "Tawnie is in here."

"Shh, she won't know." he smiled, taking her lip into his mouth with his teeth. Sucking gently and letting go to take her mouth into a soft luscious kiss.

"Chad, please not hear." Sonny winced, her hands feeling his strong shoulders through his Falls jacket. Pressing him closer to her, making him break the kiss only to move down on her neck. The sharp sting from his teeth on her sensitive skin cause her to shudder out loud. Chad's hand moved up to her lips, pressing three of his fingers against them. Rubbing them gently with his finger tips, he pushed them into her mouth so she could bite down rather then letting out noises while he continued to ravish her neck.

Tawnie on the other hand was disrupted when Nico and Grady walked into the bedroom.

"Hey Tawnie," Grady smiled nervously.

"What do you need?" Tawnie asked annoyed. They knew better then to bother her while she was occupied with herself in the mirror.

"Well, we were wondering if you had any trash we could sell." Nico asked rubbing his hands together.

Tawnie sprung herself around and looked at them, "Why? So you can sell it for money?" She smiled sarcastically, leading them on. They shook their head, Nico was unsure about agreeing but Grady smiled wide as if she had given permission, "Well- NO!" she screamed, scaring them into a frenzy as they jumped back away from her.

"Chad," Sonny called out quietly, running her hands through his neat golden locks, "kiss me." Her breathing was rapid and short as he worked her body up this morning. Chad fixed himself straight and looked into her dark eyes. Snatching her leg and hitching it up over his waist he slowly started to push against her. Sonny leaned her head back against the wall, causing a slight bang to come form the closet that the Randoms heard.

"Did you hear that?" Nico asked pausing for a second.

"Yea it's probably Sonny going through her closet." Tawnie explained the possibility, as she looked back into the mirror to finish her make-up.

"Maybe-" Nico finished, looking at Grady with an odd expression, "She seems a bit quiet."

"Too quiet." Tawnie agreed, only for her eyes to widen seconds later. Snapping her head around back towards the guys, she followed their gaze- Sonny's closet.

Chad grinded against Sonny, giving into her needs, he pressed his lips against her. Sweet, small kisses, building up in a slow manner as he continued moving against her. Bother her arms were up over his head, as her hands held tight into his hair. Her body felt good. He made her feel so hot and needy, but he always seemed to come through for her. Never putting the fire out, but always satisfying her for the time being. Although the satisfaction never seemed to last any longer then a few hours. She was hooked and he knew it, but he wouldn't want it any other way. He enjoyed feeling her, teasing her, tasting her. Having her was such an excitement for him, because he secretly had deep feelings for her but he wasn't planning on telling her that anytime soon. He wasn't ready to commit himself to her because he was afraid he would eventually break her heart somehow.

"Sonny?" Tawnie called out normally.

"Answer her." Chad groaned breathlessly into her ear.

"I c-can't." Sonny breathed, "I'm too flustered."

"Shit, Sonny." he said leaning his forehead against hers, "You have too try." His voice was soft and alluring.

"Yea?" Sonny answered out the best she could, her voice quivered and Chad shut his eyes.

"Are you okay?" Tawnie asked walking towards the closet slowly, with Nico and Grady not far behind.

Sonny moved herself from Chads seductive embrace, smoothing her dress out, she peeked out.

"Yea." she said quickly, smiling brightly. Chad leaned against the wall with his head turned so he could see her. His hand gently ran up her back, playing with the zipper on the back of her dress. Pulling it down, he ran his hand inside over her soft hot skin. Sonny tried not to moan as a shiver coursed throughout her body.

"What are you doing?" Tawnie grinned, coming closer towards the entrance of the closet.

"I'm trying on clothes." Sonny lied, nodding her head, "I was looking for something else to wear." She said in a lower pitch voice with a grin."


"What was the banging?" Nico interfered.

"Oh- well, I was, uh- moving things around." Sonny tried her best to get them to leave her alone. She closed her hands for a brief second, feeling Chads hand move lower towards her panty line. Trailing his finger over the edge of the lace, he hooked his finger tip under it and pulled it down making sure his finger also trailed into her skin.

"Oh," Sonny breathed, catching herself brought her hand out and started to fan herself, "It's warm in here."

"Actually it's quite cool." Tawnies looked at the guys.

"Yea, it's pretty cool." Nico and Grady both agreed at the same time, shaking their head.

Chad smiled, holding back the laughter he bit his lower lip. Moving a bit closer towards Sonny he lowered his head down so he could kiss her shoulders, and further down he went, dropping himself slowing to his knees.

Sonny thought about how dangerous this was becoming. Desperately trying to hold the dress up so it wouldn't fall off her body, she focused her attention towards the Randoms.

"Attention, Chad Dylan Cooper, please report to the Falls set." the speaker went off.

Chad couldn't help but find it amusing. Smiling against her skin, he continued his passion, flicking his tongue against the skin on her lower back. He gently tugged at the lace panties that he so desperately wanted to pull down.

"I wonder where Chad is." Tawnie questioned.

"I saw him on our set about an hour ago." Nico stated, "I wonder why he was here."

"Where did he go, is a better question." Tawnie turned to them.

"Yeah, he's not welcome on our set. He's probably setting up some prank.

"Ah!" Sonny squealed by accident, from the unexpected. Chad's finger had found her beneath the wet lace and pushed itself up inside. Sonny starred back at the Randoms who turned towards her with inquisitive expressions. Her lips trembled, sucking her lower one in she held it with her teeth. She had guilt all over her face. The jig was up and she knew it.

"Sonny what's going on?" Tawnie demanded.

"Um." Sonny pulled her head back into the closet, not letting Chad to fully zip her dress up she came out.

"You guys." She started not knowing what to say.

"We're waiting." Tawnie said coldly, tapping her fingers on her hips.

Well-" She stopped from their gasps, only to turn around and see Chad. He stood partly behind her nonchalantly with his hands comfortably in his pockets. His hair was a mess and lips were swollen, as were hers.

"I knew it!" Tawnie exclaimed with a big smile, "You liar!"

"Sonny!" Nico yelled, "I can't believe you." Him and Grady shared a look of disgust.

"It's not what you think." Sonny tried to continue covering their affair up.

"Sonny, we don't have to lie." Chad stepped closer to her, placing one of his hands around her on her hip, while he finished pulling the zipper up.

"Oh this is disgusting." Tawnie whined, covering her mouth were hand as if she were going to throw up.

"Look, this has nothing to do with you guys." Sonny stated.

"Great!" Nico moaned, "One of ours is with one of them." he shook his head in disapproval.

"Look Randoms," Chad started off with spite in the way spoke. I could feel him inching closer against me, "What Sonny chooses to do in her private and personal life, is no concern of yours, so back off."

"As long as we don't have to see it." Nico complained, shitting his eyes.

"Yeah, and where I can't hear it." Tawnie added dramatically, putting her hadns over her ears.

"Really?" Sonny asked in shock.

"Really." Tawnie rolled her eyes and walked out of the dressing room. Nico and Grady couldn't bare to be in the room with them any longer, so they left in a hurry, pretending they never caught them.

"Wow." Sonny said moving from Chads arms.

"Yeah." Chad agreed, "That went pretty smooth actually."

"Kind of a relief." She smiled at him smoothing out her dress some more.

"Maybe we don't have to be so secretive anymore." He grinned moving towards her again.

"What do you mean?" Sonny asked.

"Well, maybe we should try something more public." he shrugged a little, as he looked at her with those piercing blue eyes of his.

"Public?" Sonny's eyes widened, "No, I don't think so Chad." Chad smiled at her, realizing what she thought he meant.

"I meant dinner." he corrected her.

"Oh." Her eyes went to the floor, as shyness took over her.

"Then, maybe, afterward I can take you home for dessert, properly." he winked at her when she looked back up at him.

"Are you asking me out on a date Cooper?" Sonny teased smiling at him, as his arms wrapped around her small waist.

"Maybe." He smirked, tilting his head to the side as he leaned in and gave her a sweet innocent kiss.

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