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Jaspers POV

Five years. It's been five years since "the incident," as the family likes to refer to it, and we're finally moving on—in a way. Five years ago, Edward was involved with one Isabella Swan, human. She was fun, beautiful, clumsy, and a part of our family. Five years ago, on Bella's eighteenth birthday, my ex-wife, Alice, insisted on throwing her a birthday party. It didn't matter to Alice that Bella didn't want the party, she threw her one anyway. Five years ago, Bella opened a present and got a paper cut. I was able to hold my breath until Edward threw her into a table, loaded with glass plates, and Bella started bleeding profusely from a gash on her arm. Five years ago, I was hit with everyone else's bloodlust and nearly attacked Bella. Five years ago, Edward ordered us away from Forks, from Bella.

So here we are, five years later. We've all tried to get over abandoning Bella. Every now and then, she comes up in conversation and we remember her fondly. Especially now. Now that, tomorrow, Edward is getting married to another human. Bella, our first human, she was the one that accepted us with no qualms about the monsters we all are. She wasn't afraid of the surreal and supernatural. She thought of us as people with real feelings. She wasn't afraid to hug us. She wasn't afraid to feel in front of us. She wasn't afraid to love us. We all miss Bella because Bella is just Bella, and, well, Edward's new human just isn't Bella.

Rosalie, who couldn't stand Bella when she was in our lives, now grieves over the loss of her friend, the little sister she loved to torment. The new human isn't paid an ounce of attention or affection from Rose.

Emmett is bored. He truly bonded with Bella and she was his sister in every way—so much so that you'd think that they were blood relatives. He just can't seem to bond with Edward's new human. Emmett just ignores the new human.

Carlisle and Esme feel guilty. They feel the guilt that only parents can feel for abandoning one of their own. To this day, whenever we bring up Bella, Esme quietly sobs dry tears, mourning for her lost daughter. Carlisle does his best to comfort her, but in the end he buries himself in his work at the hospital. They welcome Edward's new human to the family with comforting smiles, but their smiles do not reach their eyes.

Edward brooded over losing Bella for about a year. He left the family, wandered around South America searching for Victoria, then returned home after we all moved from Alaska to New Hampshire. Last year, Edward met the new "love of his life." A docile, fragile, subservient girl named Amanda. She's a minister's daughter and raised to believe that a man is king of his castle. Unlike Bella, Amanda doesn't believe in sex before marriage. She's just like Edward in that sense. She's weak, easily manipulated and controlled. She's perfect for Edward—unlike Bella.

Alice, my ex-wife is a different story altogether. Yeah, she missed Bella initially, but quickly realized, after leaving Forks, that they truly had nothing in common. Bella hates shopping with Alice—just like me. Bella accepts people for who they are—just like me. Bella cherishes her friends and family—just like me. Bella loves to read—just like me. Bella is strong willed—just like me. Bella loves with her whole heart—just like me. As soon as Edward brought Amanda home, Alice realized that her new "best friend" was more pliable than Bella. She submits to every form of Alice torture, which includes makeovers and extravagant shopping trips, without complaint. Alice truly didn't miss Bella—no, not at all—unlike me.

I miss Bella. Sure, I didn't get to know her as well as I wished, thanks to Edward and Alice, but from observing her, I was able to feel every emotion that she put out. She was a beautiful myriad of feelings. At any given moment, I could feel joy, anger, sorrow, mischief, lust, and above all else, love. She was a beautiful creature that accepted me without any reservations. She was never afraid of me—even when "the incident" happened. Of course, Edward and Alice keep the new human away from me and are quick to remind me of "the incident" each time Amanda comes to our house. I don't even make an effort to get to know her, to feel her. She does nothing for me—unlike Bella.

Probably the best thing that happened after leaving Forks was the divorce. Alice claimed that although she loved me, she couldn't handle babysitting me and my bloodlust any longer. She handed me divorce papers to sign before we even left Forks. It didn't matter that she and Fuckward emitted the strongest bloodlust out of everyone. She still claimed that it was my personal bloodlust that sent me over the edge. At that point, I didn't give a shit. I signed the papers, gave her a wave with my middle finger, and took off for Peter and Char's for a while. My all knowing brother and his mate accepted me with no qualms—just like Bella.

I moved back with my family a couple of years ago. I don't attend school anymore, except for an occasional college course here and there. I decided enough with the human charade. I divided my time between the Cullens and Peter and Char's. I can only take so much of Alice and Edward, but I still like spending time with Carlisle, Esme, Rose, and Emmett. If Alice and Edward had their way, I would spend all my time with Peter and Char, but hey, I take pride in being able to torture the fuckers with my presence. In fact, Peter and Char joined me this time around because, in his own words, "Who doesn't love a wedding?"

Tonight is Edward's bachelor party. We're going for a quick hunt, then Emmett and Peter have planned a big night. They guarantee that Edward won't enjoy himself, which means that the rest of us are gonna have a good time. It's gonna be just us men: Carlisle, Eleazar, Garrett—Kate Denali's mate, Emmett, Peter, and me. Oh, yeah and Edward the "boy wonder" too.