"I'm coming!" Mana screamed, "Yuta! I'm coming!"

Every muscle in her body was strained and quivering with effort. She focused on Yuta's handsome face, his sweet, encouraging expression, and tried to ignore the way her heart was beating: hard and loud and rhythmic, as if it would burst at any moment.

Faster. She needed to go faster, even if it felt like she couldn't keep up the pace another minute. Her worn out body would recover, just as it always did. After all, innocent to the ways of the world though she was, Mana had long since gotten used to dying little deaths.

That morning - just a few hours before - Yuta had gone over the edge of no return, leaking copious bodily fluids. Now he was fine, proof that she would be, too.

Gritting her teeth she reached for what she wanted, determined to have it. The sudden brush of his fingers sent a wave of relief through her, her body immediately releasing all of its tension at once. Then she was desperately panting for air, her sweaty face pressed against his chest.

She'd made it.

"I wanted to come with you!" she announced after a moment, tone petulant.

Yuta pushed her hair back from her face, laughter rumbling in his voice. "Silly. Changing your mind doesn't mean you have to kill yourself running; there's another train in an hour."