Title: The Case

Rated: T

Summary: After meeting an unique waiter, Date Masamune finds himself inexplicably drawn to the mysterious employee of The Great Tiger Cafe.


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Many of you may recognize this story from elsewhere, and no, before I am falsely accused, I am NOT stealing another person's work. A friend of mine, who was the original creator of this story (and shall remain (not so) anonymous), is no longer able to continue this story due to .. complicated circumstances that for once has nothing to do with FF(dot)Net. (MSG Her if you wish to know, for those who know who I'm talking about) Because I find it a waste to take away and discontinue such a fabulously written story (applause to my friend, and "boo"s to the ones responsible for this atrocity), myself and one other individual will be continuing this story in Her stead. We both hope we will be able to write as well as She has, and to fully capture the element of the tale in which she has displayed.

The first... eleven chapters are taken from the original fanfic, and entirely written by Her. Most of the part (if not all) shall remain unchanged.

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Part 1: The Case of Date Masamune Take 1

Date Masamune could be considered many things, but even he was fairly certain patient wasn't one of them. He slouched back in his chair and scribbled in his sketchbook, debating on whether to call one of his friends to make the wait less infuriating. Then again, the only person he could think to call was Chosokabe Motochika, and that would just make the crazy pirate want to visit. Bad idea.

Mindlessly sketching, Masamune's attention wavered between the details of the café to its strange occupants. The Great Tiger Café had only been in business for a few short weeks, but somehow it had quickly become a favorite in the community. Masamune wasn't particularly sure why. The café wasn't exactly what one would consider typical, not that Masamune had been a patron of many. The color scheme wasn't peaceful, but passionately bold with startling shades of red and gold. Comfortable black and red chairs looped around twenty circular tables of various sizes and shades of red. The music wasn't serene but outrageously enthusiastic. The walls were covered eccentrically with paintings and odd paraphernalia in a way that was extremely eye-catching. Overall, it was an earnestly cluttered mess that somehow retained a positive aesthetic. Masamune couldn't help but appreciate how interesting it was.

The antique clock across the room chimed 5 PM. Finally annoyed, Masamune huffed and dropped his sketchbook back on the table. He darted his eye towards the glass door of the café, as if it would magically make Sarutobi Sasuke appear. It didn't, but Masamune decided to remain an eternal optimist. Sasuke had been assigned as his partner in their Literature class, and to get their work completed the weird guy had asked Masamune to meet him at this café. Neither was happy with the partnership, and they both wanted it over as soon as possible.

With an hour and a half wasted, Masamune shoved his sketchbook into his blue bag and pulled the thick strap over his shoulder. He stood up, not bothering to push in his chair, before moving out of the café. He passed a leggy blonde who was glaring at the clock with vehemence similar to his own as he pulled the door open to exit.

"What a wasted day," Masamune whispered, glowering at the gold caricature of a cute baby tiger on the café door. He reached into his pocket to pull out a cigarette with resolute fingers. Kojuurou, unwitting housekeeper and long-suffering caretaker, had been demanding he quit ever since he discovered Masamune's habit. Masamune was half-heartedly trying for Kojuurou's sake, but today was just one of those days he needed a perk.

And, because it was already such a poor day, it was the opportune occasion for fate to send a foreign body to violently collide into him, shoving Masamune back into the café and brutally knocking the air from his lungs as he made impact with the red tiled floor.

"I am so sorry!" a male voice exclaimed as Masamune heaved at the unexpected weight settled on his stomach.

The guy was on top of him.


Masamune frowned, wondering why he was still seeing black as he felt the man who was lying on him quickly move off. Masamune tried taking a deep breath and coughed a bit.

There was a pressure of gentle fingers upon his face and the blackness was pulled away. Ah, Masamune acknowledged silently to himself, an apron. That made sense. Somehow. Sort of.

"Are you alright?" the male voice timorously asked, and Masamune began glaring at the red ceiling. It was an interesting voice, distinctive and brash, yet unquestionably appealing. Masamune felt it a shame that he was deeply encouraged in that moment to hate that voice.

He also belatedly realized that he really needed to move. He was lying on his book bag and his sketchbook was digging painfully into his spine.

"I'm really sorry! I was late to work and my ride had to get me and then rush back here in time for a meeting. And I'm really late and I am so sorry!"

Masamune listened with wonder. After all, he was the one trying to remember how to breathe and all this guy could do was freak out? Masamune coughed again, wincing as he heard rather than saw the leggy blonde call for help from a Takeda. He questioned to himself if a Takeda would be helpful. Other customers could be heard, and he figured that they were trying to offer help but he waved them off. This was getting extremely humiliating, which meant Masamune was just getting more pissed off as the minutes passed.

"Am I alright? No, I don't believe I am alright. You bastard! I didn't think my day could get any worse!" Masamune took a painful, deep breath before cringing, carefully sitting up and removing the book bag that had been attempting residency in his spine. "I'm not going to be sorry for kicking your ass for this, because this has been a really bad day and I think that I really, really need to hurt you."

"I suppose that's fair," the voice replied gravely, as if not only acutely aware, but also sincerely apologetic, of his crime. But…

What the hell kind of answer is that?

"There are probably no words to describe how much I am going to really enjoy hurting you," Masamune replied darkly, grabbing the side of a nearby chair to help prop himself up. A hand came in his vision to help, but Masamune quickly slapped it away. "Let's take this outside."

As Masamune stood, the offender, likely deliberately, moved into his blindside. Masamune glowered as he lightly rubbed the back of his injured head. Without even looking at his nemesis, he walked outside with measured steps, hearing the man with the unique voice following him. While inwardly appreciating that the fool wasn't a coward, Masamune looked around cautiously before walking into the alley at the left side of the cafe.

As they strode deeper into the alley, his enemy asked, "Are you sure you want to do this? We can always do it tomorrow when you are feeling better. I would much rather we have an honorable battle where neither need hold back, and right now I fear I may have the advantage…"

"Shut up and fight me," Masamune snapped callously, quickly turning with a fighting stance to finally view his opponent, daring him to make light of Masamune because of any preconceived notions of weakness.

And then his mind had to recover for a second time that day.

The boy in front of him, a perfectly physical fit to his voice, was probably younger than Masamune by a couple of years at most. He possessed a muscular frame, far slimmer than Masamune's own, but just as compact. Auburn hair was suitably long and wild, pulled back at the nape on his neck to flow down his back. Wide, russet eyes met his before narrowing with sudden passion as a smile crept across his face. This boy's blood was pulsating for a good fight.

And there was something oddly…strangely…Masamune hated it, but the boy was inconceivably adorable and it really wasn't fair. Truly it couldn't be fair for such a little bastard to be as cute as he was dangerous. And Masamune could tell the boy was dangerous because he was simply glorifying in this individual who was standing as his newfound equal. It wasn't just the physical features that were captivating – it was the glint in those eyes. Even in this questionable situation, there was immense joy to be found in a coming fight with a capable opponent. His stance and figure were just too perfect to be anything but exceptional.

For the first time in his lackadaisical life, Date Masamune felt a trill of excitement that coursed through his veins and spread through to his very soul, highlighting this meeting as possibly the most important happenstance of his life. No, Masamune acknowledged to himself, this was not coincidence but providence. Something vital from deep within had just clicked into place and it was fantastic. Date Masamune smiled, perhaps fanatically, but he didn't care. He had finally found something in this boy that could make his soul sing even as his body prepared for a dance of war.


Masamune's great moment was instantly ruined by a deep bellow. He glared as a large, muscular man with a black mustache appeared behind his opponent whose faces paled by degrees. The boy's face seemed to twitch for a moment as he slowly turned away from Masamune to meet the intruder. The interloper's fists clenched as he threw a black apron off his body, leaving him in a bright red shirt and black slacks. Somehow, though Masamune wasn't sure why, it made the intimidating man even more menacing. In the face of this new enemy, all Masamune wanted to do was grab the boy in front of him and run before anything could tear his newfound feeling away from him.

Instead, he had to duck as the giant man punched his young opponent completely over Masmune's body and straight through the alley wall behind him. Masamune looked at the man, and then turned behind him to look at the boy embedded in the wall. Wisely, Masamune ducked even lower than before as the giant ran forward to leap over him and chase down his prey who was still peeling himself off the wall. Masamune stood again and watched, slack-jawed, the transpiring events.

"This is actually normal for those two."

Masamune turned sharply to find Sarutobi Sasuke, his worthless and long-absent partner, standing behind him. The guy, sporting eccentric green tattoos across his nose and under his eyes, was somehow able to emit both an exasperated sigh and an amused grin. While contemplating the scene, Sasuke began threading his fingers through his spiky brown hair, looking as if he wasn't sure what to do about the two battling.

"When the hell did you get here?" Masamune asked with wonder, still a little confused at the transpiring events. Training moved his body before his thoughts could process the action, and Masamune deftly dodged as the auburn haired boy who flew past him.

Sasuke shrugged with eloquence and moved out of the way as the crazy old man bolted to where his target had skillfully landed on his feet. Sasuke stepped closer to Masamune to reply, "I've been here. I was the guy who drove your new friend here from school."

"New friend?"

Sasuke tilted his head toward the screaming youth who was ducking another attack. "Your new friend, the guy that is getting pummeled behind you. Sanada Yukimura."

Masamune flit his eyes questioningly to the man who moved like a charging bull trapped in a small space.

Sasuke nodded, "That's Yukimura's father, Takeda Shingen."

Masamune and Sasuke both bolted to opposite sides of the alley as Takeda Shingen was suddenly thrown between them. Masamune was a impressed, it seemed Sanada Yukimura packed a powerful punch.

"Sanada Yukimura… I can remember that name," Masamune whispered, and he and Sasuke watched Takeda quickly recover to chase down his son. Admittedly, Masamune knew very little about father-son relationships, but he was a fairly certain that this wasn't standard behavior.

A loud screech pierced the air as Takeda aimed for his child but bashed his fist into a trash can instead, causing a white cat filled with terror to shoot out from it. Masamune watched Sasuke expertly dash from the wall to catch the flying cat in midair.

"Well, you're a ninja then, aren't you?" Masamune mildly teased as Sasuke's face was clawed by the large, ungrateful cat.

Sasuke inevitably dropped the cat and watched it run away with a glum sigh.

Masamune was grinning at him expectantly.

Sasuke's lips twitched downward. "… you aren't seriously asking that."

"I am."

Sasuke scratched the back of his head and hopped to the side to avoid Yukimura's latest evasion, "Ah geez, just stick around those two long enough and dodging and catching become habit."

"So, this is normal for a father and son?" Masamune questioned, watching Takeda and Yukimura strike each other tremendously hard. Both bodies seemed to pause from the force before flying back.

"Pretty much. Shingen and Yukimura are pretty much an event. So about our project, you want to head inside and get started? I was the one who was late so I'll treat you to something," Sasuke offered with an easy grin. Remembering that Sasuke was the reason his afternoon was ruined, Masamune reconsidered his present civility. Sasuke noticed and added, "We can sit in Yukimura's section."

"He works h-" Masamune's question was cut off by a loud exclamation from the warring father and son.

"First you are late and then I find you fighting? And what is this I hear about you trying to kill a blind customer? Or was it that you blinded a customer?"

Masamune blinked and answered for Yukimura, pointing to his missing right eye covered by a black eye-patch, "I'm not completely blind. And I was already like this."

The father and son turned to look at him, the elder giant's fists inches away from the brunet's face. Masamune wondered if Yukimura was immortal since he had neither blood nor bruises littering his pretty skin while around them were a lot of broken walls. Takeda looked unharmed as well. It was a family of monsters.

The two continued staring, as if amazed that someone would interrupt them. Masamune was accustomed and indifferent to receiving stares, whether from his appearance, his bizarre temperament, and even the obvious eye-patch.

Yet Masamune was inwardly flabbergasted when the father and son duo turned back to one another and erupted into passionate exclamations.

"Forgive me for not believing in you, Yukimura!"


"It's fine Oyakata-sama! It is your guidance that sets me on the proper path!"

"It is not that I enjoy hurting you, Yukimura!"

"I know, Oyakata-sama!"

"Hey, ninja?" Masamune called out to Sasuke above the ridiculously screaming men in front of them.

"… do you mean me?"

"Who else? Let's go inside."

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