"Get back here, damn it!" My blond hair flowed behind me as I ran after the two of them. I expected it from one, but not the other.

"Luke! Owen! GIVE THEM BACK!" I had chased them all the way from Harmonica Town to the Garmon Mining District. I ran past Molly and Jin on the ranch; the latter had been chasing after their little daughter, who had stolen Jin's glasses. I would have stopped and laughed at him, but I couldn't afford to lose them. I had already run into three people chasing the two idiots. Wizard who I promised to buy some hot coffee, Gill, who, knowing me, just shook himself off and glared at me, and Simon, who I ran into while looking back to see if he had realized they were gone.

I finally got to the Mining District and realized that I had lost them.

"Kora? Are you okay?" I stopped to catch my breath.

"Bo…Luke and Owen…they took…they took…" He put his hand on my shoulder.

"What did they take?" I put my hands on both of his shoulders and shook him.

"They took Chase's hair clips!" His eyes got really wide.

"Oh dear…we have to hide, Kora! When he finds out that they're gone…"

"I know, Bo, I know."

"Where can we hide?"

"He'll expect us to hide somewhere obvious. How about-"

"WHO TOOK MY CLIPS?" Bo and I froze.

"Oh crap, oh crap, oh crap! What are gonna do? WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO?"

"RUN!" We sped off towards the mine cart and hid behind it, waiting. Soon, we saw Chase stomping angrily down the road. I hoped he wouldn't notice us, but…

"KORA! WHERE ARE THEY?" I meeped and grabbed Bo and threw him in the mine cart.

"Kora, don't you do it…" I pushed off and jumped in.

"KORA! YOU'RE TOAST!" As soon as we reached the Church Grounds, Bo and I hopped out and ran into town. I saw Maya wailing outside the Ocarina Inn.

"What's wrong, Maya?"

"Ch-Chase is so meeean!" she sobbed into my shoulder. I patted her back.

"It's okay, Maya. He's just pissed 'cause someone took his hair clips." She gasped.

"No…who did it?" I was silent, so Bo told her.

"Luke and Owen…" She put her hands over her mouth.

"But he thinks I did it! He's gonna kill me, Maya!"

"You better hide, Kora. I can hear him coming." I let out a cry and grabbed Bo and ran off towards the Lighthouse. Paolo was inside.

"Paolo, you better get out of here. Somebody took Chase's clips and he thinks it's me." He whimpered and nodded, leaving the Lighthouse to go inside the safety of the Fishery. Bo and I sat there and prayed to the Harvest Goddess that Chase wouldn't find us. Unfortunately for us, the Harvest Goddess was too busy blocking out Edge's random wailing at nothing to answer out prayers. The door slammed open and an extremely angry Chase stormed in. I squeaked and hugged Bo. He hugged me back.

"Kora," Chase said calmly, "where are my clips?" He came closer and we moved backwards. He came even closer and we moved even farther backwards.

"Kora," he hissed, "where are they?" I pushed Bo out of the way.

"Save yourself, Bo! It's too late for me!"

"You will not be forgotten, Kora!" He ran out of the door and then it was me and a furious Chase. Alone. In a place where no one would hear my impending death.

"Kora." I unwillingly turned my head.

"Yes?" I asked timidly.

"Just tell me where my clips are, and no one will get hurt. "

"It was…" I started reluctantly.

"Go on," he stated.

"It was…Luke…and Owen…" He pulled me to him and patted my hair lightly.

"Good girl," he spoke softly.

"You're not…gonna hurt them too much…are you?" He kissed the top of my head.

"I just want my clips."