Izzy's Melody Mania

Chapter 1

I know a bunch of people have probably done one of these song fics, but I think I deserve to give it a try.

Izzy was in her hotel room crazily writing something down on a piece of paper.

"Got it." she said then she left her room and ran sown the hall

Harold was in his own room sleeping when Izzy kicked his door open.

"Harold!" she screeched waking the smart one

"Aah!" he yelled "what

"I have an idea." Izzy stated

"Oh god." Harold groaned "it's 6:30 a.m."

"I know." she said "but it's important, so I'm gonna go wake Ezekiel."

Izzy left the room; a few doors down Harold heard Izzy kick open Zeke's door and force him awake, then heard the farm boy's protest as Izzy dragged him back to Harold's room.

"Izzy." Ezekiel complained "why did you wake me up."

"Were having a meeting." the wild redhead explained

"Does it have to be in my room?" Harold asked

"Yes, it has a lot of thinking space." she said

"What is this meeting about." Ezekiel asked

"You know how were always bored to tears here right?" Izzy inquired while the guys listened "well I have the ultimate remedy for our boredness."

"Dare I ask?" Harold queried

"Three words." Izzy said "Izzy's Melody Mania."


"What?" Harold responded

"A singing show." Izzy said "if Chris can do it so can we."

"No ones gonna be up for that." Harold said

"Yes they are." Izzy affirmed "we took a vote last night."

"So what do we do?" Ezekiel wondered

"We start out the show." Izzy explained "and then we judge the others."

"So we only have to sing one song?" Harold questioned

"Yes." Izzy said "unless they ask for encores; now let's go boys, we have a show to do."

I cross my fingers for the hope this doesn't end up sucking.