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A Forbidden Love

Chapter 1

Sasuke Uchiha lived a normal life. He went to school, hung out with his boyfriend and got molested by his older brother who is insanely possessive and scares his friends. Hmm...Okay so maybe that isn't so normal after all.

The raven groaned as he kissed his artistic boyfriend, tongues and teeth clashing against each other. He jerked away though when he heard a sharp call of his name. "Shit. It's Itachi."

Sai watched him calmly. Nothing really seemed to shake him, which was why he had been with Sasuke for so long. "I don't understand why you're so afraid of Itachi."

Sasuke looked at him. "Yeah. Be glad that you don't." When his name was called again he gave Sai one last kiss. "Gotta go. I'll try calling you if he doesn't take my phone away."

Sai nodded and watched him. "So strange."

Itachi was silent on the ride home, but it wasn't a calm silence. No, it was the silence that made you scared.

Sasuke kept glancing over at the long haired raven. "...I did call to say I'd be home late."

The older male's eye twitched and his grip tightened on the steering wheel.

He sighed and just looked out the window. As soon as they got home he got out of the car and went into the house. His goal was to get to his room. He didn't reach there. Before he realized that Itachi was even behind him he was slammed into the wall.

"I'm not going to wait anymore, little brother. Today's the day you give it up."

Sasuke's heart jumped into his throat and he froze. He looked up and locked eyes with his brother. It was bad enough he lost his first kiss to him. There was no way he was going to let him take his innocence as well. "Please, Itachi. I'll do anything but that."

Itachi smirked as he nuzzled into his neck before whispering, "Leave your little faggot of a boyfriend. You don't need him anyways."

This caused a frown to form on his face. Damn. He really had wished that he would have asked for something else. But it was either break it off with Sai or lose his virginity right now with his own flesh and blood. "Fine," he hissed into Itachi's ear.

Itachi smirked and looked into Sasuke's dark eyes. He had won. "Good." He quickly latched himself onto Sasuke's lower lip and began sucking on it. He then licked it before sliding his tongue into his younger brother's mouth to reclaim it after that joke of an artist had defiled what was his.

"It-Itachi. Stop!" he muttered between kisses. The older Uchiha refused to obey and continued to lead his younger brother through a series of sweet tender kisses.

Itachi knew that part of his brother didn't want him to stop and liked the attention. And so he would continue to try to coax that part out. After all, the only thing Itachi wanted was for Sasuke to feel the same way he did. Was that too much to ask for?

"I want to stop." Sasuke stated when Itachi broke for air.

"Then why do you kiss back, Sasuke-kun?" Itachi smirked while cocking an eyebrow.

"I...don't know," he whispered. 'Liar.'

"You enjoy it. Don't you, Sasuke-kun?" Itachi smirked by his ear.

The younger Uchiha's face grew hot and he felt a warm feeling in the lower half of his body. 'Great...stupid hormones.' He wished he could just die to escape Itachi's grasp. He couldn't believe that his body was enjoying something so sinful and wrong.

Itachi led Sasuke to the elder's bedroom and laid him out on the bed, stripping him of his shirt in no time. He left a trail of saliva all over his younger brother's chest as he roamed it. The older Uchiha smiled against his little brother's stomach at the slight bulge in the younger Uchiha's shorts, indicating his growing erection. "Well at least one part of you is enjoying this." There was an arrogant chuckle in his voice.

Sasuke glared at his smiling brother. He needed to get away from him if it was the last thing he could do. It was bad enough that he was being forced to break up with Sai. He sighed, sparking interest in Itachi's eyes. "Please let me go, Itachi." He was not afraid to lower himself to a pitiful level with his brother. Perhaps begging would even help.

Itachi gave a slow and sexy smile. "What are you going to do for me, Sasuke-kun?"

Even knowing that that was coming didn't help him to think of an answer. "I-I' you back somehow."

The older Uchiha's smile grew as he traced Sasuke's jaw line with his finger, sending a shiver down his spine. He knew exactly what he wanted, but he wanted to hear Sasuke say it. "Really? And how will you do that?"

The younger Uchiha swallowed loudly. Itachi had backed him into a corner with no possible way to escape. If he answered Itachi's question then he would have no choice but to submit to him and if he didn't then he would be stuck with him. And Sasuke knew that the longer he stayed with Itachi, the more his resolve weakened. His best option would be to just wait it out and hope that he was strong enough to survive this. "I-I won't do that," he stammered.

Itachi had been expecting that and was actually looking forward to torturing his little brother's senses, driving him wild with desperation until he finally begged for him to take him. "Well then," Itachi breathed against the younger's lips, "it looks like you won't be going anywhere after all."


Sasuke frowned as it started raining on him, matching his mood perfectly. He should probably hurry to Sai's house or else he would be soaked. He actually should have done this earlier in the day but Itachi had barely let him out of his sight.

A shiver ran through the Uchiha's entire body as his thoughts touched back to the night before. He couldn't count how many times he had almost given in, just to get the assault on his senses to stop. Itachi had done everything except actually touching the one place that Sasuke had needed him to touch the most. In fact his brother had barely used his hands at all, except to occasionally restrain him. The Uchiha felt his pants begin to tighten and become uncomfortable at the mere memory of the attention he had received from his brother's unbelievably talented mouth.

Sasuke mentally slapped himself. 'I can't think like that or I might end up doing something that I would definitely regret. Like running to Itachi and begging him to take me right then and there.' Forcing himself to concentrate on the task at hand was easier said than done though. Just thinking about having to break up with Sai made him wonder if he could. But even if he couldn't, he was going to, because his life was pretty much on the line...well his virgin life at least.

He walked up to Sai's small house and knocked on the door. After a few moments the young artist answered his knock with a paint brush behind his ear. He smiled at Sasuke and moved aside for him. Sasuke tried to smile back but it couldn't have looked that convincing. He motioned Sasuke to follow him to his art room. Reluctantly he did, still trying to figure out how he was exactly going to break it off with Sai.

Sai sat down in front of an easel and continued his current drawing. "Is there something you wish to talk about Sasuke."

Sasuke sat down with a defeated sound. "We need to break up Sai."

The artist paused and turned to give the prodigy his full attention. "The reason being Itachi, correct?"

He wasn't surprised that the other figured it out so fast. Sai had always been quick. That was part of the reason Sasuke liked being with him. "Yeah but not in the way you think it is."

Sai hummed thoughtfully. "I'm guessing he threatened you with rape." A hint of a smile appeared at Sasuke's shocked look. "I've been noticing certain marks on your body that I didn't give you. Not to mention you've been very jumpy around him and flinch when he touches you. He also gives off a possessive aura whenever he looks at you. I notice a lot."

The Uchiha gave a humorless chuckle. " least you understand why I have to break it off right?"

A nod was the answer as the artist turned to continue his work. "I was expecting this for a while and since I do not wish for you to be hurt I'll gladly go back to being friends with you. I do wish for the best with your current situation."

Sasuke smiled and stood. "Thanks Sai. I'll call you later to tell you how things are." He walked out of the house in a rather good mood. That had gone a lot smoother than he had thought it would. Unfortunately once it fully hit him why he had to break it off and that Itachi now knew he had that power over him his mood went south. He slowly made his way back to his house. It was currently pouring rain which still fit perfectly with the young raven's mood. Sasuke closed the front door to his house and shouted half-heartedly, "Itachi, I'm back."

"So I see." came his brother's reply from the top of the steps. "How'd it go?"

Sasuke scowled at the victorious smirk on the older Uchiha's face. "I broke up with him, if that's what you mean." Sasuke moved to walk past his brother but was stopped when Itachi grabbed his arm. Sasuke glared at him and bit out, "Let go. I'm not in the mood for this."

"Well that's too bad, because I am." Itachi pushed Sasuke until he was pressed against the wall. He ran a finer along the younger Uchiha's jaw causing Sasuke's pulse to increase and the familiar butterfly feeling to begin in his stomach.

Itachi lifted Sasuke's chin before pressing their lips together. He nibbled on Sasuke's lower lip until he allowed Itachi's tongue entrance to dance with his own. After a few more minutes Itachi pulled away, smirking at the somewhat dazed expression on his little brother's face.

Sasuke had never felt more confused in his life then he did at that moment. His body was screaming at him for more and he was so aroused that it was almost painful. It didn't help that he was completely soaked through.

Itachi smirked at the pink tint in Sasuke's cheeks. "Let's go dry you off, shall we?"

Sasuke wanted to say no, he wanted to just punch his brother and run far away, but he knew that would never work so instead he only nodded. Itachi pulled him against his body as he led Sasuke towards the bathroom. After they were both inside Itachi closed and locked the door. Sasuke watched his brother with wide eyes and when he took a step closer Sasuke couldn't stop himself from retreating a few steps. The younger Uchiha froze when his brother's eyes flashed with anger.

Itachi closed the distance between them and grabbed his little brother's arm in a slightly painful grip. "Who do you belong to little brother?" The younger Uchiha's widened at the tone of his brother's voice. Itachi never called him little brother unless he was seriously pissed. And these mood swings of his were giving Sasuke whiplash.

Sasuke swallowed hard, trying to force his rising fear down. "You, I belong to you." He really didn't want to say that but he was afraid of what Itachi might do if he said he didn't belong to anybody. His brother pulled his wet shirt over his head and threw it on the floor. Sasuke began to panic at the determined look in his older brother's eyes. "Stop! Itachi, please stop. I broke up with Sai like you said to, so please stop."

"Who do you belong to little brother?"

"Itachi…" Sasuke moaned when he began to suck on the tender spot on his neck.

"That's right, Sasuke-kun," Itachi breathed into his little brother's ear. "You belong to me and I've decided that I'm getting tired of waiting for you."

Sasuke began to struggle against his brother's hold, only wincing when Itachi increased the pressure on his arm. "I-Itachi," Sasuke frantically stammered. "You said you wanted me to ask you for it." Sasuke suddenly realized that somewhere along the way Itachi had rid him of his pants. "I'm begging you, Itachi. Please don't do this."

Itachi only smirked and said, "I'll be waiting for you in my bedroom."

Sasuke watched in despair as his brother turned, unlocked the door, and walked out of the bathroom. He felt tears roll down his cheeks as he finished undressing and dried off. His life was officially over because there was no way he could get out of what Itachi had planned for him.


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