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A Forbidden Love

Chapter 4

Madara stood back up from whispering his orders. After giving a brief glance at the youngest Uchiha he said, "I'll be back tomorrow to see how it went," and simply walked out of the house.

Sasuke watched him go before turning back to his brother in shock. "What the fuck is that guy talking about Itachi?" His eyes widened slightly as he saw a familiar look in his aniki's eyes. "What did he tell you to do?"

Itachi shrugged and gave a small chuckle that sent shivers running up Sasuke's spine. "Oh you'll find out soon enough otouto."

Sasuke scowled at the uninformative answer. "So you're not going to tell me?" When Itachi gave no reply he immediately felt saddened. His cheek now throbbed where Madara had struck him, his brother hadn't defended him against the asshole, and now he was ignoring him. He looked away and tried to ignore the stinging in his eyes that he knew were tears.

Itachi felt a sharp pang in his heart and wished he could just take everything back. He never wanted Sasuke to get hurt, let alone be caught up in the stuff he himself did. Maybe he could put a small twist on the orders he was given so that Sasuke wouldn't be hurt emotionally any more. He replayed his Doms orders in his mind:

"I want my lovely little angel to punish his naughty koneko (1) by ignoring him all day. Of course you also have to drive him into a sexual frenzy with your own actions and deny him of his release. You are not allowed to give in no matter what until at night. Then when he comes to you, you are to pleasure him but still deny him his release and when I return tomorrow I want to see him in a state of sexual desperation."

He watched as Sasuke tried not to cry and knew what his choice would be. He couldn't just ignore his orders but he would make it easier on his otouto. Instead of completely ignoring him he would continue to go about the day like normal except add in things that he knew drove his brother wild and then deny him his release. He would still do that last part and Madara would never know the difference. And if for some reason he found out then Itachi would take the full punishment for it because he just couldn't hurt Sasuke anymore.

Itachi walked up to Sasuke and placed a small kiss on the top of his head. "I'm sorry that he hit you and I know I should have done something. Will you forgive me?"

Sasuke looked up at his aniki, not believing the words that had just come out of his mouth. Itachi rarely ever apologized and just the fact that he did so proved how sorry he was. Giving a tiny smile the short haired raven answered, "Well that depends." He tried not to laugh at the suspicious look on Itachi's face. "Do we have any tomatoes?"

Itachi laughed at that and took Sasuke into the kitchen to get him his favorite snack. "Here you go otouto," he said while handing the boy the red fruit. "Am I forgiven now?"

Sasuke bit into the tomato as if it were an apple and almost moaned as the delicious tangy taste burst on his tongue. "Mhmm," he mumbled as he continued eating and making a mess of himself at the same time.

Itachi smirked. This was going to be fun.

Sasuke hadn't particularly trusted the look on his brother's face and was still rather suspicious about what that guy Madara had told him to do. Soon he heard Itachi say something about taking a shower and decided to search for another tomato. After thoroughly messing up Itachi's organization of the kitchen Sasuke came up with no tomatoes and one hell of a mess to ignore. He walked down the hall towards the bathroom and just as he was passing by the slightly open door he heard something that made him freeze. He could have just sworn he heard his name being said…no being moaned by his aniki.

"Sasuke…" came the moan again and soon the young raven realized that the older Uchiha was jacking off in shower while thinking about him!

He felt his own member start to harden as the moans picked up in both volume and intensity, making him soon almost painfully hard. He slowly began to rub his shorts imagining his nii-san doing it and when he heard Itachi loudly moan his name in completion it was too much for him and he came hard in his pants. He slid down the wall now completely embarrassed and breathing hard. He vaguely heard the shower being cut off but didn't pay any attention. That is until a certain long haired raven stepped out of the bathroom. The boy's eye widened as he took in the older male's appearance.

Itachi had loosely wrapped a towel around his lean waist and it hung rather precariously as if one wrong movement would send it to the floor and expose all that the Uchiha had to offer. Sasuke shuddered. The well toned chest was spotted with a few water droplets and the nipples were at attention from the cool air of the hallway. The eyes were currently closed as the long flowing hair was being towel dried and the young Uchiha watched as a drop of water fell onto the shoulders and began down the chest and over the abs. He licked his lips as that single drop went below the line of the towel. His gazed snapped back up to the face to see the eyes shining with amusement when a small chuckle had been heard.

"See anything you like otouto?" the deep voice teased causing another shiver to run through the smaller frame.

Sasuke suddenly realized that they had never finished what they had started that morning and now he was horny again and in desperate need to change his cum stained undershorts as they were beginning to feel rather uncomfortable.

Itachi had an internal giggling fest at the bright redness of his otouto's face. He had known that Sasuke had been listening and had purposefully done that little display. He could guess by the boy's fidgeting that he had cum in his pant and needed to change them. He would probably be doing that a lot today. He turned and walked towards his room hearing Sasuke almost run to his own and laughed softly. This was more fun than he could have imagined!


Sasuke glared at the tomato pieces in his salad that Itachi had just put before him before turning his glare on the man himself. "Where are you hiding these tomatoes?!"

Itachi smirked. "Somewhere you can't find them and eat them all before I can use them to cook with. Now just hush down and eat your salad so I can dish out the main course."

Sasuke could have sworn that lust had been briefly shining in his aniki's eyes when he had said main course and the way he had looked at him had made the younger think HE was to be Itachi's main course. He quickly shook off that idea before he let it go to…other places. He polished off his food in record time but when he looked up at his nii-san to inform him of this his mouth dropped open in astonishment.

Itachi had just made eating salad the most sensual thing in the world. The fork entered his mouth slowly and Sasuke watched as those perfect lips wrapped around the eating utensil, his mind imagining those lips wrapping around some other things, mainly his cock. Those eyes so like his own were half closed in bliss as if he had just entered paradise through a simple bite of salad.

The young Uchiha felt his mouth go dry when a moan of delight came from the older brother as he slowly pulled the fork out of his mouth and licked some of the salad dressing that clung to it off. Sasuke couldn't take his eyes off that talented tongue that had caused him so much pleasure on more than one occasion and found his pants becoming a little too tight for comfort. He swallowed hard when those beautiful orbs opened and fell instantly upon him with a look so intense it almost made him cum right there.

Itachi let a sexy smile lift the corners of his lips as he saw the glazed expression on his baby brother and silently congratulated himself on a job well done. He slowly stood up keeping that obsidian gaze all the while and picked up his own plate before walking behind the smaller boy and leaning over to whisper sensually in his ear, "Are you finished, Sasuke?"

An intense shiver coursed through the small body as a slightly shaky voice answered, "Y-Yes, It-Itachi."

Itachi reached around the shaking lad and took up the dishes before heading into the kitchen to fetch the leftover meat from the previous night that he had heated up as well as some mashed potatoes. 'This will be interesting' he thought to himself as he reentered the small dining room and set the dish in front Sasuke. "Eat up, baby brother." He watched Sasuke take a few bites before continuing his torture. He slowly brought the piece of meat to his lips and lightly licked the white mashed potatoes that had stuck to it off. His eyes were half closed again and he let another moan slip past his lip as he tasted the creamy food sliding over his tongue. He placed the meat in his mouth and slowly chewed, savoring every bite and knowing the whole time that his little display was having a rather large effect on his victim for the day.

After what felt like ages to Sasuke they finished up lunch and the young boy had to run to the bathroom to relieve himself yet again. Not long after he began to pump his engorged cock he moaned out Itachi's name and came into his hand. He quickly cleaned everything up and threw the toilet paper hiding the evidence into the toilet to be flushed away. He could tell that this was going to be the longest day of his life!


Sasuke couldn't take this anymore! He was horny as all get out and completely irritated with his brother for not doing anything about it. He had already masturbated about five different times today and was tired of it because each time he knew it was not enough to slate his need for his brother. He had figured out that this was most likely what Madara had told Itachi to do but he just didn't really care at this moment. In one final attempt to get some kind of reaction from his brother he walked into the bedroom to find Itachi reading and slowly crawled up the lithe form.

Itachi refused to look away from his book knowing what he'd find. So he instead opted for saying in a completely uninterested voice, "Is there something you want otouto?"

"I want you, Itachi." And with that Sasuke grabbed the book from Itachi and planted a bruising kiss upon the older raven.

The sultry whisper and the sudden kiss went straight to Itachi's groin and he couldn't handle it anymore so without breaking the kiss he flipped them over so Itachi was now on top. It was about time the boy had started something because now the real fun could start! He deepened the kiss as he ground his hips upon the body below him making the younger gasp and allowing him passage into the moist cavern. Their tongues danced sensually as hands roamed over familiar territory. Moans were swallowed and gasps were brought from locked lips.

Sasuke breathed hard and fast when Itachi finally pulled away and his shirt was roughly pulled over his head and tossed uncaring somewhere in the room. Oh yes! He had been wanting this all day! His mind went blank as he felt that unbelievably talented mouth begin to work on his pert nipples sending him into sensory overload. He moaned shamelessly as he felt his nipples being teased by both teeth and tongue and sucked hard enough to draw small whimpers from him.

Itachi smirked against the quivering mass that was his little brother. He knew by now just how to play his brother to create the most beautiful symphony with the greatest ending. When he abandoned those small buds he chuckled low at the sound of protest from the one under him. He reattached himself to those wonderful lips as one of his hands pinned both of the others' above his head and the other hand traveled down to the waistband of his pants. He made quick work of them and soon has his brother's hard cock freed from the material hiding it from his gaze and touch. He smirked and delivered one last nip to those tantalizing lips and looked into lust hazed black orbs that were so much like his own.

When Itachi actually touched the throbbing member Sasuke screamed in pleasure as he almost came right then and there. He was unable to though as a rather hard pinch was delivered to the base of his organ. He scowled at Itachi. "You ass!"

Itachi gave a sharp jerk of the flesh still in his hand, effectively silencing the boy. "Now now, if you climaxed right then it would have been over already and what fun would that have been, neh?"

Sasuke could only moan as his flesh was teased and stroked by expert hands. "Niisan!" he whimpered out trying to tell him to hurry up.

Getting the rather obvious hint the elder began to quicken his pace and placed three fingers at his brother's mouth. "Suck."

Knowing immediately why Sasuke took the three digits into his mouth and began to thoroughly coat them with his saliva. After a short time the fingers were taken away and he bit his lip when he felt one of them being pushed inside him. He moaned his appreciation and bit back a scream when his prostate was hit dead on. "Mmmm! Hurry up 'Tachi!"

Not really wanting to prolong this either Itachi placed the last two fingers inside his brother and began the process of stretching him. When Sasuke had begun to impale himself on the digits inside him he decided that he was more than ready for more.

Sasuke whimpered in protest as he felt himself become empty but when he looked towards his elder his face lit up in a blush of excitement as his eyes graced the evidence of Itachi's own sinful needs. He barely registered his aniki using more saliva to lube his cock up before it was placed at his twitching ring of muscle and slowly pushed in, making him feel once again complete.

Itachi couldn't stop the low moan from escaping his slightly parted lips as he buried himself in that tight heat that was his own younger brother. The fact that this was forbidden only excited them both further. When he was seated fully inside he had to stop for a few seconds in order to gain back a piece of his self control, but even that was lost when he felt those muscles clamp down on him in a not so secret hint to hurry things up. He pulled almost all the way out, leaving just the very tip in before slamming into that wondrous heat once again.

Sasuke knew he was going to be hoarse tomorrow with all the screaming he was doing but he really didn't give a shit as his prostate was struck over and over again. This was what he had wanted during the whole day, the affirmation of Itachi's love towards him. Deep inside he had thought that maybe the fact that Itachi's old Dom had shown up meant that he wasn't as important anymore to his aniki. This put all doubts out of his mind for good.

His back arched off the bed as the tension that had been building up inside of him finally released itself in white spurts of lust and love. About two seconds after, Itachi had his own miraculous release and decided at that moment that he would never want the relationship he had with Madara with his sweet otousan because what they had was so much more. As he nestled next to the already asleep young raven he planned out how he was going to explain to his uncle that he was truly and inexplicably in love with his younger brother.


Sasuke shifted uncomfortably next to his aniki. He was sitting on the couch. Well almost on Itachi's lap with Madara across from them. The man kept looking at him with some kind of knowledgeable gleam. It wasn't scary but it made Sasuke feel left out again. And it was just a tad creepy.

Madara shifted his attention from the young one back to his old sub. Sasuke had been spacing out almost the entire time so he doubted the littlest Uchiha even realized what his aniki had just confessed. "Are you sure about this Itachi? You know what the consequences of your actions will be right?"

Itachi smiled warmly and pulled his little brother fully onto his lap, happy at the small blush that appeared on the younger one's cheeks. "Yes Madara-sama. And I'm sure that in time he will grow to feel the same if not already."

Sasuke blinked in slight confusion realizing that he had just missed an entire conversation while lost in his own world of thought. "I'll feel what?"

Both men chuckled and Itachi poked his brother's forehead. "Foolish Otouto. That's what you get for not paying attention."

Sasuke frowned in defiance. "I was too listening!"

An eyebrow rose in response. "Okay then, what did I say?"

Sasuke blushed further knowing he couldn't answer and instead turned in favor of pouting.

Madara laughed at the brotherly exchange. He was not at all disappointed or upset in any way that Itachi had finally severed all of their D/s ties and he was proud in his nephew for taking the time to explain his feelings about Sasuke. He could already see that Sasuke loved his brother just as much even if neither of them fully realized the depth of it yet. "Well I'll make sure to drop by now and again for a visit and to make sure things aren't getting too difficult for you." He of course had meant making sure the secret of the brothers' incest was still a secret. Not many people were accepting of it. "I'll take my leave now. Goodbye Itachi and Sasuke." He walked towards the door with Itachi behind him.

Sasuke waited until the door was firmly shut before gaining his brother's attention. "So what were you two talking about? It was about me wasn't it?!"

Itachi chuckled and poked the younger's forehead again. "You should have listened then. By the way," Itachi's eyes gleamed slightly. "What was so interesting that made you miss the entire conversation between Madara and me?"

A fine blush spread across Sasuke's face. He couldn't very well explain that he had been thinking entirely about Itachi and how he made him feel so he instead changed the subject. "Do we have any tomatoes?" A true laugh was his answer as the other one entered the kitchen to fetch his favorite treat for him.

[Love is never easy and that's what makes it exciting. The only thing better than true love just may be the forbidden love that sometimes comes with it.]

1: Koneko means kitten in Japanese


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