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Hello my name is Bella. I am a runaway. I ran away when I was 19 because my father started to abuse me. He started because my mother died in a car accident taking me to the mall. He blames me. Now I am Emo and work at a hotel in the middle of no where called Rest Well. My boss lets me work for 2$ an hour with free meals. I have fake jett black hair with red streaks because I am to scared to really dye it. It is always pulled back with a black bow. I have brown eyes and lusious ruby red lips.

My has a son and a daughter who live there. I room with her daghter who is my best friend.

My boss`s name is Linda, and her son`s name is Aaron. He is emo/gothic, sorta like me but without the cutting. He has green/blue eyes and black hair with white streaks. His lip is peirced always with a small royal blue hoop. My best friends name is Blaine. She is slender, just like her name means, she is emo and has dark pink and light pink hair which has almost always a thick black headband in it. She has wide eyes and full pink lips, which are peirced with two black hoops.

We are like sisterz! Are room is awesome. It is the largest suite in the hotel. Blaine`s side is pink and black zebra stripes. Mine has purple and black swirls. We are the same size so we share clothes to! She is truly my best friend.

Present time

"Bella! Wake up! Its time for work!" Blaine yelled. I opened my eyes slowly. There was my best friend with her signature hair style in all of its pink glory. I stood slowly, looking around. I smiled at her, but stopping suddenly feeling my lip ring that I had just gotten peirced.

"ahh" I sighed contently taking in the pain of my newly cut wrists. I love it. I walked into my closet and grabbed a lime green tube top, a bowed belt, denim stretch skinny jeans, healeed combat boots, and my favorite Invader Zim sweatshirt.(outfit on website-) I looked over to see what Blaine was wearing and saw that it was a hot pink butterfly shirt with a buckle coat. Then she had on a pink plaid skull skirt, and pink and black netted heals.

"You look cute, Bla" I used her cute nickname for her.

"Thanks, Bel. So do you!" I smiled and we took the elavator down stairs to the lobby. There Aaron was behind the check in counter, in what looks like a leather jacket, skinny jeans and converse. "Hey, Aar!" I announced. He looked over, smiled, and waved. We bounded over, and leaped over the front desk. We were laughing so hard that my wrists started bleeding again!

"Sorry Bel, but it`s your shift. See ya! Hey Blaine, Mom wants you in the supply closet for help." They smiled warily at me, and walked away. The bell rang signaling someone coming through the door. I looked up to see the most handsom, bronze haired angel walk through the door. He saw me and gasped. We both stared into eachother`s eyes for what seemed like forever.

"Um, hi. I would like to check in."

"O-Ok. Um, do you have a reservation Mr..."

"Cullen, Edward Cullen. And yes I do."

"hmmm, hang on." I searched through the junkie computer, and finally found it

Cullen, Edward- Cullen, Alice

Room: Penthouse

"You are staying in the penthouse with your wife?" I lectured. I looked up to notice that a small pixie sized, black haired girl had showed up next to Edward. She and him laughed. They setled for shaking there heads because they couldnt breath.

"I`m not his wife! Im his sister! Alice Cullen, nice to meet you. I can tell we are going to be great friends." I looked at her like she had grown a 3rd head. "we are staying here for a month so we absolutly have to hang out!" I smiled and nodded. I looked to Edward with one eye brow raised. He looked mad yet pleased at the same time. He stuck his hand out, silently asking for the key. I dropped in into his hand.

He turned and walked away and into the elavator. This is going to be a loooooong month.

End of Bella`s shift

I got into the elavator to go up to my room. I was thinking so hard about what happened with Edward, that I barely heard the loud thump and the elavator stopped. The doors didnt open and I started panicking. I screamed a blood curdiling scream when I heard a snap, and the elavator wobbled. I pounded on the doors, pleading that they would open. I slid to the floor, knowing nobody was awake, and I would be dead by the morning.

Maybe I can stop it I reasoned with myself quietly. If Im gonna die I might as well do something to try and not. I took at deep brath, then used my feet to hoist myself up onto the wooden bars that went around the elevator car. I heard then creak in protest but, oh well. I need something to calm my nerves I thought. I pulled out my pocket knife, and placed in against my wrist, and sliced across. I felt the sweet pain of the gash and thought Im home. I felt the adrenalin run through me and searched my hand around the ceiling, looking for the loose pannel leading to the roof of the car.

When I found it, I pushed it up and climbed through, and stood up. When I tried to balance myself on one foot, the elevator tipped to one side. I quickly put my foot back. I looked and the cut out thumb holes in my sweatshirt and slipped my thumb through them. I grasped the cable and yanked myself up. I started to climb up the roap. Good thing I went to the gym I rewarded my self. I stopped for a second to take a breather, and I started slipping down. I looked down and noticed I was really far up. I screamed loudly when my hand slipped off and I couldnt get it back on. I suddenly felt two unfermilliar, cold arms around my waist. They pulled me back and I was on the clean carpet of the hotel. I looked up to see my savior to see...Edward?

He looked at me as if he just witnessed a murder. "wha-" I was cut off by the sound of a drop of water on the ground. I looked down to see the blood from my latest cut on my wrist. I tried to inconspiously tuck my hand into my stomach. It didnt work because he snatched it up, and looked at it.

"did you do this on purpose?" he mumbled. I shook my head unconvincingly. He pinched the bridge of his nose with his thumb and pointer finger. He picked me up and carried me back to his hotel room.

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