[The following story comes after the movie with no definite time frame set. Mainly about Silus and Lilly, Jones and other insignificant (insignificant simply because they are nameless in my story) characters were included to complete this story.

This is my first attempt at writing a story. Some details may not be technically right but it's a story so try and bear with it. When writing it, it just feels… right.

I spent a lot of time trying to perfect the details so I hope it doesn't have too many flaws. Comments and feedback would be much appreciated. Thanks for stopping by.

I had some problem with naming my work as it was written without a title. Perfect Timing isn't the best title, or the most fitting, but it was the first thing which popped into mind.

Be warned. The writer (me) was swooning just thinking about the scenes in the story so the reader might too! Let your imagination run wild as you read on! ]

It was night and the moon was obscured by dark clouds which drifted across it occasionally. Lilly stood on the highest roof of a derelict building, surveying her surrounding below her. She had received an anonymous tip an hour ago, a note slipped under her door. It told of a terrorist group, the Sovartists, which would gather in a nearby factory area that very night.

Her team had been trying to track down this group for some months now. From what they could dig up about the Sovartists, it would seem they were targeting the Brotherhood. Her team had been assigned to take down the group. Although Lilly did not completely agree with everything the Brotherhood did, not after what happened a year ago, she knew the Brotherhood was still an important part of humanity. They had done more good than bad, so far.

She thought about Silus whom she had not seen since that night where she had killed Brother Edgar, the kiss they had shared had been branded in her memory. It brought sadness and longing to her, to know her relationship with him was more than friends and yet they could never be together. The last she knew was that Silus was being hunted and labelled a heretic by no fault of his. Shaking her head slightly, she shook the memory out of her mind. Now was not the time to be thinking of such things.

Upon receiving the note earlier, she had called in the tip before rushing down to the area mentioned, not waiting for backup. Now, alone on the rooftop, Lilly wondered if she had done the right thing. It was far too quiet and she could practically feel the tension in the night air.

All of a sudden, Lilly heard movement behind her. She spun around, her hand going for the holstered gun. Lilly caught a glimpse of a hooded figure fleeing before she felt a sheering pain radiate from her left shoulder through her body. It was a dagger which must have been thrown by the figure, and the force of the dagger was so strong, it threw her off balance. The dagger went all the way into Lilly's flesh up to the hilt, just below her left collar bone, near her shoulder. Before she could even utter a cry, Lilly was falling over the edge of the building!

Caught by surprise, Lilly didn't have much time to react. Her right hand reached skyward, hoping to catch the edge of the roof. Her fingertips connected with the edge for a fraction of a second but with only her right hand, it could not support her weight and stop her momentum. As she plummeted pass the top floor, heading for an impending doom, the glass window shattered outwards, followed by a figure which grabbed Lilly around her waist.

It was Silus! Lilly had so many questions she wanted to ask him and if it had not been for the dagger in the shoulder and them falling to their death, she would have hugged him and been happy to know he had not been caught.

Silus and Lilly were falling towards the lower building next to the structure Lilly had been on seconds ago. Silus brought his left hand up to Lilly's head and pressed it down to his shoulder while twisting his body under her so that he would make first contact where they hit.

The building below had a number of aluminium vents across the roof and the two of them crashed directly onto and right through one of the vents. They continued downwards, crashing against pipes and other vents. The seemingly endless fall came to a stop when they fell through a vast space to land on a cold hard floor. Silus had managed to stay below Lilly but the impact knocked them both out.