"Lilly? Lilly!" shouted Jones as he saw a figure slumped near the door of a large freezer. Jones had wanted to chase the figure but when he saw Lilly, he knew something was wrong.

Running into the warehouse, Jones knelt beside Lilly and he tried to wake her. Lilly was deathly pale. Jones gently shook Lilly and the coat covering her fell away, showing the large patch of blood staining Lilly's coat underneath.

"No! Lilly!" screamed Jones, fearing the worst. Jones gingerly brought a finger below Lilly's nose and felt a shallow puff of exhalation.

Jones immediately grabbed his radio and said, "This mission is over. Lilly's hurt. I have to get her to a hospital. Lock this place down."

Jones picked Lilly up in his arms and ran to his car, shouting over his shoulder, "I need someone to drive."

A uniformed officer peeled away from the group and ran after Jones. Together, they tore off down the street in the car towards the hospital.

In the shadows nearby, Silus watched and nodded his head. Lilly was on her way to the hospital. He would pray for her and try to visit her in the hospital later. Now, he had to get away without being seen.

In the car, Jones held Lilly in his arms as he looked at her worriedly. His eyes drifted down and noticed the coat which had been covering Lilly. Frowning, he picked it up, trying to remember where he had seen it before. Silus! His brow knitted in fury at the first thought that came into his mind. If he did this to Lilly… Pausing, he thought to himself. No, Silus would not do this to Lilly. He cared for her. Sighing, he covered Lilly with the coat.

"Drive faster," said Jones.

The officer who was driving nodded and stepped on the accelerator. At least in was night and there was no traffic on the roads.

Soon, the car came to a stop outside the hospital and Jones threw the door open, shouting, "Somebody, help!"

The nurses at the counter just inside the doorway sprang into action without hesitation.

It was still dark but dawn would soon be breaking. Silus stood on the roof of the hospital, looking down. Earlier, he had managed to leave the industrial area unnoticed.

As he looked down at the driveway below, he saw Jones and an officer leave the hospital and get into their car. Watching them drive away, Silus stroked his left wrist gently. The slit on the wrist had already healed and the scar was already disappearing. He knew it would be gone by morning but he wondered how long it would take for Lilly to heal.

Spending just a moment longer on the roof, he turned and made his way down to Lilly's room.

Slipping through the quiet corridors, Silus did not come across anyone. He knew exactly where Lilly was for he had been listening the moment he had arrived. Pausing outside the door, Silus tilted his head and listened. Looking over his shoulder to see no one watching, Silus went into Lilly's empty ward.

Lilly was sleeping peacefully with a tube carrying blood leading into her arm.

Silus tiptoed over to the bedside, sat down and picked up Lilly's hand. She felt fragile but Silus could feel the warmth in her hand and smiled slightly. He could only spend a moment with Lilly before he had to go. Even in a hospital, he could risk being seen. He kissed Lilly's hand and placed it under the blanket.

As he got up, he heard Lilly mumble his name. The sound was carried on a soft sigh which escaped Lilly's lips as she dreamed, not waking up.

A tear welled up at the corner of Silus' eye and rolled down his cheek. He turned and saw his coat draped over the chair beside the door. He picked it up and noticed the corner of a slip of paper in the pocket.

He took it out and read the note. Thank you. J. Silus slipped the note back into his pocket and left just as quietly as he had come in.

[Ok, this story was written in one night and it's 12.30am as I put in the last full stop. It took me 3.5hrs to complete the body of my work and another day to go through the story to try and tidy everything up and do up a summary. Pardon if there are any mistakes along the way I might have missed. I just had to finish it.

All in, I'm pretty satisfied with the result. My first short story completed for leisure. Hope you've enjoyed my little stab at fantasy!]