This is NOT the sequel for Give Up Forever - Rest Assured I am working on it slowly! until I get it finished here's a new story for y'all. I hope you enjoy!

Chapter 1 - Plane Rides & Painful Reminders

She sat on the plane staring out the window; she was tired and hadn't gotten a lot of sleep. She'd been fighting non-stop with her dad since she'd turned 17. She'd practically begged him to let her move back with him when she was 15 though she never gave any reasons as to why she wanted to leave her mother in La push Washington.

Her parents divorced when she was just 10 and she was living on the Quileute reservation with her mom since the split. Her mom was full blooded Quileute as were most of her friends that she had to leave behind when she'd made the decision that she couldn't be there anymore. The truth was, she just couldn't bear to see him anymore. She pushed the palm of her hand on her forehead as her elbow propped her head up so she could stare out the window.

She couldn't believe she gave up her virginity to a smooth talking playboy. She should've known better. She was proud to still have been one of the only virgins left in the damn school. Apparently the national past time at La Push High was screwing. She joined the ranks as soon as he smiled at her. Hell as beautiful as his smile was she was surprised she held out for as long as she did.

Kaitlyn remembered back to a few days after she lost her virginity to Paul. Everyone had warned her about Paul Redson being a notorious playboy, but she didn't see it. She only had eyes for him. He was a year older then her but they were in the same grade. They were both Sophomores. For his 16th birthday she'd stupidly let him take her virtue after which he crumpled it up and threw it on the floor. Technically they had been dating for four months, and his sweet pillow talk is what initially made her fall for every lie that slipped from his lips.

A few days after she handed over her prized possession she went to his house. His parents were lovely people. She wasn't sure how Paul had acquired their DNA. Since they'd started dating they'd insisted she come in the house, she didn't have to knock or anything. She still knocked out of politeness. No one answered, but she saw Paul's truck in the drive way so she figured he was probably napping. She checked and the door and it was unlocked. She walked in and a noise coming from the hallway caught her attention.

Kaitlyn followed the sound as she was standing outside of Paul's' room the noise had gotten louder. She opened the door and threw her hand over her mouth as she tried to gasp as quietly as possible. The vision that kept running through her mind for the last 20 months was of some rez girl riding her boyfriend like a Harley on a bad strip of asphalt. She wanted to scream, cry and everything else in between, but instead she tucked her figurative tail between her legs and left as fast as humanly possible. The rose tattoo on the girls upper right shoulder and their moans of pleasure was all that was left of the memory of what had been.

She smirked as she remembered puncturing all four of his tires several times with a screw driver and left. The following day she was on a plane bound for New York to take up residence with her father. She'd forgotten how bad his temper got when he was drunk and after he'd called her a whore and was quick tongued and said it was like mother like daughter, that she'd finally had enough and begged her mom to come back to La Push. When she was finally on the plane it was then she suddenly realized she was going to have to face Paul Redson again.

She was pretty sure she wouldn't ever be able to face him again as long as she lived. Of course he'd probably dropped out of school and joined a gang of some sort. If she was lucky the only place she'd have to ever see him again was randomly in the store or driving down the street some place. She would be starting her senior year with her friends whom her mother had said were overly excited about seeing her again. Seeing Paul again wasn't on the agenda and she was wishfully thinking it wouldn't ever been on the agenda.

Boy was she ever wrong.

Her legs encased in cargo jeans, and a red form fitting t-shirt. She'd taken her sweatshirt off because it was hot on the plane. As she exited the plane she slung her back pack over her shoulder, and pulled her long raven hair over her right shoulder. Her hair used to be waist length, but she'd cut it and it was now to the bottom of her ribcage.

As she rounded the corner a tall, dark and handsome Quileute man was holding a sign that said 'Bug'. Kaitlyn giggled as she walked up and smiled, "Jacob Black you had better put that sign down and hug me before I leave and go back to New York." Jake smiled, "Yes ma'am." As he threw the sign over his shoulder and scooped her up into a ferocious hug. She couldn't help but laugh, "Oh my gosh, Jake when did you get so buff? You was such a cream puff when I left now look at you...Hey when you get mad to you turn green and go all Hulk?"

Jake was half attempted to answer her truthfully, but decided against it. He had to have Sam's permission and the counsels before he uttered a word of the secret to her. Jake chuckled, "No... I'll have you know; I have never been a cream puff." Kaitlyn smiled as he placed her back on her feet, "You do know steroids are bad for you right?" Jake chuckled, "What I can't work out, I have to be taking some kind of substance?" Kaitlyn shrugged, "I don't know, I was just ya know...Letting you know the 411. Steroids are bad, they caught roid rage and shrink your package and well you know all the do's and don'ts of drugs." Jake chuckled, "There is nothing wrong with my package. As you so plainly pointed out. You can even ask Mela."

Jake grabbed her two suitcases as he led her to his red rabbit. Kaitlyn giggled, "wow you're still driving this? How does your new body fit into tiny spaces?" Jake chuckled as he pushed the two suit cases into the back and opened the passenger door, he just shook his head as he walked around as they took off for La Push.

Kaitlyn smiled, 'So mom said she'd been dating this really great guy. What can you tell me about him?" Jake smirked as she pushed his arm, "He's a really nice guy. He's got a son about your age. They seem to be deeply in love." Kaitlyn smiled widely, "Good. Mom deserves to be happy." Jake nodded in agreement as he pushed on the gas trying to get to La Push faster, knowing Kaitlyn was excited to see her mom after almost 2 years.

Kaitlyn looked up at the red house as Jake pulled into the drive way. Kaitlyn quirked an eyebrow at Jake, "What are we doing at your house Jake?" Jake smirked, "Remember how you said you're mom deserves to be happy?" Kaitlyn just nodded as Jake chuckled, "Well so does my dad."

Kaitlyn watched wide eyes as her mom came walking out of the house pushing Jake's dad in the wheel chair the two of them laughing and carrying on like a couple of teenage lovers.