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Chapter 15 – Now

Kaitlyn was sitting in darkness while sitting in Paul's beat up blue truck. HE had a hold of her hand firmly as he drove placing soft kisses on it and listened to her laugh every time he did. Her giggles were pure heaven. Paul had finally showed her his surprise it was a home, he'd put a down payment on. He'd been secretly saving since before he'd even asked her to marry him. He was so sure she'd say yes that when he came upon the house he loved it automatically and knew Kaitlyn would love it too. And he was right.

Paul, Kaitlyn and the older guys in the pack with their imprints graduated high school a few weeks ago. Now he had her in a blind fold because Paul and the rest of the guys in the pack got together and helped fix up the house. Paul and the rest of the pack had finally finished restoring the house. He'd actually moved everything into the house, while Kaitlyn hadn't been paying attention. He'd moved all of his things in the house right away as the restorations were going on. Once it was finished he slowly started moving her stuff in as well. Before he picked her up he had Jake, Mela, Katherine and Billy keeping Kaitlyn busy as he got into her room and removed everything else and got it moved in.

Kaitlyn scoffed, "Oh c'mon Paul why blindfold me?" Paul chuckled, she'd been trying to get it out of him for the last five minutes, "Baby, just keep your panties on and enjoy the ride." Kaitlyn smirked, "You weren't saying that last night there buddy." Paul couldn't help it but his cheeks tinged pink when she teased him like that. He wasn't sure what it was but every once in a while she could really say something to make him think dirty and blush.

Kaitlyn giggled, "I know you're blushing Paul Redson." Paul chuckled harder as he placed her hand against his cheek and she could tell his cheek skin was a little warmer than normal, "Only you have this effect on me Kait." Kaitlyn scooted closer to Paul as she leaned her head on his shoulder, "I love you so much." Paul smiled down at her as he kissed the top of her head, "I love you too Kait. I always will." Kaitlyn smiled, "I know Paul. I know."

Paul pulled the truck into the drive way as he got out he grabbed Kaitlyn's hands and helped her out. He helped her walk her up a couple of steps, he unlocked the door and suddenly scooped Kaitlyn up in his arms and walked into the house with her, "Take the blindfold off." She pulled the blindfold off and was in complete awe. She couldn't believe the transformation of the house that Paul had surprised her with. He leaned over and gently placed her on her feet as he took her hand pushing his fingers between hers as he gave her arm a little tug and walked her through the house.

Paul watched as she smiled through tears of happiness, "I can't believe you did all this." Paul chuckled, "Well I sort of had help. The pack helped with a lot of it, when I had to work or what not." Kaitlyn couldn't stop the tears, "It's so beautiful." Paul pulled her into his arms, "Well, Not as beautiful as you are, but it'll be home." Kaitlyn smiled as she pushed up on her toes and kissed him soundly on the lips. Paul cupped Kaitlyn's cheeks and deepened the kiss.

Paul kissed her lips a couple more times as he pulled back and looked into her eyes, "Do you really like it? Please tell me the truth." Kaitlyn blinked as more tears slid down her cheeks as she nodded, "Of course I love it Paul. How could I not? It's so beautiful. It's more then I could ever dream of. I never imagined it could look like this." Paul kissed her a couple more times as he wiped her cheeks with his thumbs, "Stop crying baby, these tears are going to be the death of me." Kaitlyn sniffled a couple of times as she nodded knowing because of the imprint; Paul was feeling all her emotions double time.

Paul led Kaitlyn down the hallway to their bedroom; she looked around and couldn't believe it was just as beautiful as the rest of the house. Kaitlyn smirked up at Paul, when he caught the smirk, he chuckled, "What?" Kaitlyn smirked again as she suddenly jumped into Paul's waiting arms as he caught her, suddenly her lips were against his. Paul couldn't help but kiss her and chuckled at the same time.

Kaitlyn pulled back as she giggled, "So when can we move in?" Paul chuckled harder as he placed her on her feet, "Look around…Have you noticed there are some familiar things in this room?" Kaitlyn furrowed her brow as she looked around and was suddenly aware, Paul had gotten her moved in already, she opened the closets and sure enough all her clothes and his were there already. Everything of hers. She looked at Paul questioningly as Paul laughed hard, "I've been moving things over here slowly for the last five days…I got the rest of it while Katherine and Billy kept you busy today."

Kaitlyn smiled, "Really? Were really living together? As in today? We are really living together now?" Paul nodded and chuckled as she wrapped her arms around his shoulders and buried her face in the side of his neck as he held onto her tightly.

Paul chuckled, "Think you can handle another surprise?" Kaitlyn nodded, "Sure." Paul grabbed her hand and led her out of the house, Kaitlyn looked at Paul skeptically, "Where are we going?" Paul chuckled, "Just c'mon. You'll love this surprise even more…I promise." Kaitlyn followed Paul as he led her into the trees. They made small talk about the pack and working and whatever came to mind as they were walking.

When they stepped onto the beach, Kaitlyn looked up and noticed everyone from the pack with their imprints, plus Paul's parents and Katherine and Billy were all standing on the beach. Kaitlyn looked at Paul, "What the hell is going on?" Paul smirked, "Feel like exchanging vows today?" Kaitlyn smiled as she nodded she felt Paul's hand tighten around hers.

An hour later, Paul and Kaitlyn were dancing on the beach wrapped in each other's arms. They'd taken their vows in front of friends and family. They couldn't have been happier. Paul kissed her lips softly, "What are you thinking about baby?"

Kaitlyn smiled softly, she couldn't believe she was no someone's wife and couldn't wait to be someone's mother. Though, they both knew it wouldn't be long before they both felt the pull to have a baby. They could both wait for a while at least. Kaitlyn kissed Paul's lips, "Now that you're here…my life is complete." Paul smiled, "I can't help but agree with you."

The End