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Have you two met?

Jane just had one of the most terrible weeks in her young adult life. She had been stalked by a crazy psychopath who kidnapped her and ultimately tried to kill her. Luckily her reflexes were quicker and she got loose and ended up killing him; but as always when a cop kills someone, they have to undergo psych evaluations. According to the doctor, while she was mentally fit, she appeared to be physically drained. He told her supervisor that a slight vacation from work would be recommended. Well while he only knew Jane from those meetings and how her mind works as a cop, he didn't really know her personally or her temper. She did however manage to keep it in check during their sessions, because she didn't want to be stuck behind a desk if he determined she was no longer fit for field work. Then she's have to shoot him and that really would screw up her chances to go back to the field, so she told herself to play nice with the little shrink.

However, when her chief called her into his office and told her to take a week off, with pay of course, she went livid. "He's not saying your not fit for duty Rizzoli, he just thinks you could use some rest and it's effective immediately." The chief said.

"I'm fine Sir, this is bullshit and you know it." She bellowed.

"Jane just go get some rest and come back to us fit as a fiddle." He pleaded.

"Can I at least stay for Phil's going away party?" She asked through clenched teeth. Phil was the current M.E who was retiring.

"Yes, but I don't want to see you afterwords...Got it." He said sounding like her father.

"Yeah...whatever" storming out.

After she left he laughed, he really did think of her like a daughter although he would NEVER tell her that. She was very stubborn, determined and dedicated, she was also use to doing things her own way. She did NOT like being told no, what to do or how to act. Which were all good qualities he appreciated in her and glad she had them other wise he might be attending her funeral instead of instructing her to take a few days off.

After the party, her partner Korsak walked her out to her car as they made small talk. "I always liked Phil, I wonder who their gonna get to replace him." He commented.

"Who knows, probably some wet behind the ears newbie fresh from Med school, who were gonna have to hold his hand and teach him how to do his fucking job." She griped.

"Look Janie, I know this sucks but just do the time and come back to us, OK."

"Damn right this sucks, there's no reason for it." She growled as she kicked her tire.

"Just go chill out for a week, lay around, watch some TV, drink and relax...well, as much as you can. I'll see you in seven, kay." He patted her on the back as he walked away.

"Yeah whatever" she mumbled again as she got in her car and punched the steering wheel before she pulled out of her space heading home.

Three days had passed of her seven day sentence, but you'd never know it. She was still just as pissed off today as she was three days ago. She tried relaxing, she tried sleeping, she tried watching TV...all on the first day, but none of that worked. So she resorted to what she know best, pushing her body to the extreme limits by day and drinking like a fish at night. As usual she had isolated herself...well to herself.

When she actually did wake up, she drug herself to the shower, then put her hair in a ponytail, grabbed her Ipod and took off. She completely loathed running, but she knew that was a quick way to torture herself. She ran until she thought her legs would fall off, then the went to her local gym for some real torture. She did everything from free weights to the machines to Pilates. The only thing she didn't do there was yoga. "Yoga...yuck... why in the hell would anyone want to spend that much time alone in their own head." She thought to herself as she watched the people exit the class. Then she lowered her head and pushed herself harder on the ab machine.

The next day she's back at the gym beating up the punching bags, giving it all she has. She is currently picturing the shrinks face on it. Without her knowledge, she is being watched. She moves from the bags to the ab machine to the free weights to the Elliptical machine. Her ear buds were blaring so loud, people close to her could actually hear the music; although no one would dare interrupt her because she looked like she could mow down Bigfoot...well nobody but one. She is almost floating on the machine she is moving so fast and forceful.

She doesn't notice the petite blonde standing behind the unit next to hers watching her intently. She doesn't notice the blonde looking at her athletic svelte frame, whose tank top is clung to every inch of her with sweat. She doesn't notice the blonde watching her long very toned legs that protrude from a pair of very short running shorts; nor does she notice the blonde looking at her like she's lunch. She is oblivious to the blonde.

She finally stopped...when her body couldn't take any more abuse, she finally stopped. She was still angry at what happened but she could not push herself anymore. Her thoughts kept going back to that day, being held against her will; from almost being killed to killing. Then that damn shrink who said she needed a break. He didn't know her, he didn't know how she ticked. He didn't know she goes stir crazy just being idle; she must work, always work, it's what she does. Normally she does visit her parents and brother but this feeling she has now, she just can't shake and she doesn't want to see her friends or family; she just want to dwell here.

Although it wasn't her fault, she knew that; she took a hit to her pride. She felt like she was being punished, not being allowed to work when this wasn't her fault. She felt like she was being punished for being a woman. If Korsak was in this boat, would he have been sent home like he was suspended from work. She doubted it, it was because she had ovaries and not a dick and that pissed her off. She went to the locker room, grabbed her stuff and hailed a cab home, where she got drunk.

Today was a repeat of yesterday, starting on the bags, then the free weights, then the abs, then heading over to the Elliptical machine. Usually by the time she got to that machine, it was late and she was by herself, but not today. She rolled her eyes as she approached the blonde, whom she had noticed leaving yoga class all week, invading her territory. Removing one ear bud "Do you mind" she asked more politely that she would have imagined as she points to the machine.

"Oh no, not at all" the blonde smiled. Jane replaced her ear bud, half smiled and climbed on repeating yesterday's vigorous routine, this time with her eyes closed.

The blonde kept looking over at the exceptionally beautiful brunette, she was very good at reading people and she was very intrigued at the story the brunette would tell if she spoke to her. She could tell she was angry and frustrated...at what she wondered. Then there was her voice, it was very sultry. She did not expect that creature to have such a sexy deep voice. She spent the next hour listening to the brunettes music, actually found herself liking the selections, wondering how she could get the dark haired beauty to talk to her.

For the last several days, the blonde had been watching the dark haired raven, her mannerisms, her determination, her isolation...from everything. She liked puzzles and this woman was definitely a puzzle. Then just like that without any acknowledgment, she climbed off the apparatus, turned her back and tenderly limped away from the blonde; who then stepped off her machine and followed her.

Jane could hardly walk, she had over done it and her muscles were spasming in retaliation. She lied down on the bench in the locker room with a towel over her face, grimacing with pain. The blonde walked in and stopped suddenly, she had the perfect view as the brunette had her legs jackknifed on the edge of the bench and slightly apart. With the running shorts she wore she could see the black lace panties that secured her womanhood. Her breasts and ribs protruding from her tank top as her stomach caved in. The blond licked her lips at the site, "Are you OK?" she sweetly asked.

"Yeah, I'm just cramping" she said as she removed the towel to see the blonde between her legs standing at the door. Suddenly self conscious, she lowered her legs to the floor and pulled her knees together. This position however was not better for the blonde, now there was a gap between the fabric and her skin.

Feeling flushed, she moved in from the doorway "you know you should be stretching out the muscles when that happens. May I?" she asked.

The brunette nodded.

"Which leg"

"Right" is all she gets out before closing her eyes and grimacing again. The blonde carefully picks up her right let and places it over her left shoulder as she straddles the bench and her other leg. When skin touched skin, Jane tenses suddenly. "What are you doing?" She asks sounding nervous as her eyes fly open.

"It's OK I'm a doctor" She smiles down at Jane who watched with weary eyes. The blonde extends the leg on her shoulder, placing her right hand on her thigh, pulling towards her own body and her other hand on the top of her shoe pulling down as she walked up the lanky woman s body. When she gets hips over hips, she bends at the waist forcing the dark haired one's own leg back towards the side of her head. Jane is scowling and grunting in obvious pain. "Do you want me to stop?" She asked softly.

"Not if it will fix me" she said through clenched teeth. So she pushed down more, she was surprised at how limber this woman beneath her was as she pushed down yet further; she was now inches above her. For four days now she had watched this creature and marveled at how beautiful she was clearly not realizing it herself, even through the angry looks and determination to physically harm herself. She suddenly wanted nothing more than to kiss her. She moved even closer to her slightly parted lips with her eyes closed again, she felt the dark one's breath reach her own lips, then she closed in.

Her lips grazed the one beneath her as she release her leg and grabbed the sides of the bench by her head. Jane's leg folded over her shoulder as soon as it was released. Her eyes flew open the instant their lips connected. She tried to bolt but was pinned to the narrow bench. It took about a half a second before Jane's sensed started to prickle, she didn't know what was happening but she was damn determined to not let it stop. For the last five days she's tried everything to force the anger out of her...well not everything.

Then it hit her...she grabbed the blonde by the sides of her head and pulled her forcefully back to her crashing their lips against one another. Jane's mouth parted and her tongue demanded entry into the blonde's, which she gave her. The brunette tried to sit up but the blonde rested all her weight on top of her, she did move her arm from underneath her leg to get a better grip on the dark haired woman. Jane's leg suddenly being freed slid down her body and ended up lying across her nicely shaped ass, as their tongues and hands fought for total domination.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, the gym will be closing in thirty minutes" a voice came over the loud speaker. That sudden intrusion jarred them from their state of oblivion.

"Lets get out of here" the brunette said as the blonde climbed off of her.


They were walking hurriedly out the door to the street where they hailed a cab. When they got in, the blonde turned to a hungry looking brunette "by the way...my name's"

"NO...no talking" the dark one possessed her mouth again.