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Chapter 3 | Nice Flirting With You

Quinn's day off had been productive at best. She was able to finally organize her house the way she wanted it and take a couple of hours to herself and book time at the nearest gym. If there was one thing Quinn Fabray loved to do, it was to stay fit and get physical. Her darkest secret consisted of something she wasn't exactly proud of but would probably participate again if the opportunity presented itself. Jarring herself out of her thoughts, Quinn stopped in front of a small building and glanced up at the 'Roger's Via' sign. Taking a deep breath, she pulled open the heavy door and stepped inside.

"Hey, you're just on time! We were just seated not even two minutes ago." Tina smiled, her hand clasped in her fiancé's hand while the other one tugged lightly on Quinn's purse to lead her towards the table.

Quinn followed while studying her surroundings. The place had bright spot lights on the back red walls and these walls were covered in platinum and gold records from the hottest artists since 1969. She had found out that Roger's Via was pretty famous for having well known artists stop in at all hours of the night.

"I'm sorry if I'm late." The blonde smiled, taking her seat and fixating her attention on the couple across from her. She had to admit that Tina and her fiancé were a pretty cute couple.

"Hey, if you were late, so were we." The guy answered extending his hand out offering a polite smile. "I'm Mike."

Quinn took his hand and smiled back, "Quinn."

"I know. Tina has nothing but good things to say about you." Mike kissed Tina on the cheek making the girl blush.

Someone cleared their throat and Quinn's eyes averted to a short haired woman sitting next to her. How she could've missed a full grown adult sitting beside her, she would never know. The blonde smiled apologetically at the woman and nodded her head in acknowledgement.

"Oh!" Tina laughed, grabbing the woman's hand. "I'm sorry. Suzy, this is Quinn. Q, Suzy."

"Nice to meet you." Quinn replied and took the girl's hand in politeness.

"Likewise." Suzy gave the blonde a smile and grabbed a menu from the pile at the end of the table.

"So what are you hungry for?" Mike looked at all three women, "My treat."

Rachel opened the door for her band mates. "I don't know why you want to eat here, it only depresses me." She pouted following them inside the restaurant.

"As opposed to your relationship with Neve?" Santana snickered but quickly yelped as Hannah pinched the back of her arm. "Fuck Han, would you stop pinching me?"

"Will you stop being an asshole?" Hannah shot back with an innocent smile and tucked her long hair behind her ears. Santana rolled her eyes but wrapped an arm around the redhead's tiny waist and chuckled, kissing her cheek.

"Don't be depressed Rachel. We will have our records on these walls someday." Cera scanned the restaurant covered in albums from other top artists. "It's written in our stars or some shit."

"Right." Rachel sighed and rolled her neck. "We should try that new Mexican place that just opened up."

"No." Santana raised an eyebrow and slid onto a stool at the front bar. "That place gave Wield food poisoning last week and I had to work two extra hours, remember?"

"I don't think you were complaining." Cera chuckled. "Didn't you end up making out with his girlfriend that night?"

"So?" Santana shrugged and blew on her nails while smirking. "There's something really awesome about making out with your boss's girlfriend."

"Basically you were getting paid those two extra hours to make out with Vicki?" Rachel raised an eyebrow and shook her head disapprovingly.

"Best thirty bucks I've ever made. Probably would've been better if I actually got to tap that but whatever." The Latina shrugged it off and squeezed Hannah closer to her. "I can't help it if she digs the female mechanic thing."

"You are quite hot in your greasy white tank top and worn out jeans." Hannah smiled and ran a hand through Santana's hair affectionately.

Santana beamed and stuck her tongue out at Rachel, who wasn't exactly paying attention to their conversation anymore. Her brown eyes sought out what had the lead singer's attention and raised an amused eyebrow. "See something you like there, D?"

"Sure." Rachel mumbled and bit her lip when her eyes landed on a slim blonde. It wasn't the first time she was caught up in looking at attractive women but this blonde seemed to have a gravitational pull. She took in the way the woman would tilt her head back to laugh slightly but didn't really see the smile reach her eyes. Swallowing, she watched as the blonde stood up to excuse herself from the table and made her way towards the bathroom. The only other thing that caught her eye, aside from the tight black tank top and form fitting jeans, was the rainbow bracelet that she was wearing.

Santana kicked Cera's shin and nodded silently towards Rachel. All three friends were amused at how oblivious the brunette was to everything else in the restaurant but the blonde walking away.

Splashing water on her face, Quinn looked at herself in the mirror. She was having a great time with Tina, Mike and Suzy but she needed to leave the table for a minute to catch her bearings. It was hard for her to try and have a good time when things weighed so heavily on her shoulders. For a brief moment she thought about her ex, Kai. What made her leave so soon? Did she even really care? Thinking about Kai made her think about the death of her mother. It hadn't even been a month since her passing but Quinn had to follow her heart or at least part of it. She knew her mother would want that for her. Not only did Quinn go to New York to seek answers from her ex-girlfriend, she knew the Big Apple would keep her mind busy. She wasn't prepared to deal with the great loss she had recently experienced.

Staring at her reflection, Quinn could see how the lack of sleep was evident around her eyes. She wasn't one for make-up but realized if she didn't want to draw any unwanted attention to herself, she'd have to apply it heavier. Her brother Sam would have sat her down and lectured her about not getting the proper sleep and nutrition and she smiled at that, because having a brother as a doctor had its advantages but mostly, disadvantages. Sighing, she applied what make-up she did have and gave herself one last look in the mirror before leaving the depressing thoughts behind her and making her way back to her friends.

"Everything okay?" Tina asked as Quinn sat back down in her seat.

"Yea," Quinn smiled. "I have a small headache, but nothing major." She waved them off with a slight smile and took a sip of her water.

"You want Advil?" Mike smiled, "I'm sure Tina carries some in her purse."

"I do!" Tina replied matter-of-factly before digging into her purse and pulling out a small white bottle. She shook it proudly and grinned. Quinn smiled and thanked the brunette when she was handed the medication.

Suzy looked toward the front of the restaurant, tapping Tina's shoulder, "Hey Tina, isn't that Myst?"

Quinn turned around to see who they were talking about and noticed four women sitting up at the bar. Her eyes wondered over each woman before stopping on the one that was wearing all black; black jeans that fit like a second layer of skin, black boots that looked like it gave the girl a good two inches in height, a black tank top that was being covered under a sleek black coat. The woman looked absolutely mouth watering and Quinn had to fight the urge to stare and drool.

"Oh yes!" Tina laughed and stood up. "Cera!" she called out, causing a few heads to turn her way.

Quinn's eyes widened when the blonde woman in the group waved and started to walk over towards their table. She also realized that the woman all dressed in black was looking right at her while she strutted her way over as well.

"Tina! It's been forever, how are you?" Cera bent over to hug the sitting girl.

When mahogany eyes connected with hazel, the atmosphere crackled. Quinn sat straight up in her seat when she realized that she was the sole focus of the brunette's attention. When Rachel smiled at her and swung a leg around to sit in the empty seat next to her, she managed to smile back.

"Hey," Rachel grinned, her voice low and raspy.

"Hi." Quinn replied and turned her head to face the musician.

Rachel felt giddy and really couldn't explain where her boldness was coming from. Last time it happened she was sixteen and it caught Brittany's attention immediately. Her ex-girlfriend called it her 'sexy aggressive side'. Neve however, hated it when the dark brunette would say what was on her mind or take control – even though that was how she managed to get the girl.

"Has anyone ever told you that your eyes are gorgeous?" Rachel leaned in a little, a small smile playing at her lips.

"No." Quinn replied with a hint of blush flushing her cheeks. "But thank you."

"I noticed you earlier when you went to the ladies room," the brunette continued and leaned in further, her breath merely a whisper away from the blonde's ear, "you're insanely beautiful."

Quinn swallowed and was aware that she had her friends and the other group's attention. She cleared her throat and pulled back, her long lashes flickering up to meet dark eyes. "I think you're crazy." She whispered with a soft smile.

Winking, the dark brunette reached her hand over and clasped it into Quinn's. "Rachel," she introduced herself and stood up, "nice flirting with you." She squeezed the soft hand in hers briefly before nodding towards the counter where she made her way back to reclaim their place at the bar.

Santana smirked and looked at Quinn, her eyes roaming over the woman's petite yet fit figure. "You know, she only does that to women she wants to…" snapping her neck to the side, she gave the blonde a sideways smirk, "you know." Laughing, Santana followed her best friend toward the front counter.

"I'm so sorry about that," Hannah apologized and shook her head in disbelief. "Rachel is never like that." She looked a little worried and glanced back at her best friends. "It was nice to kind of meet you."

Quinn smiled inwardly, her mind still reeling around what had just happened. She could honestly say no one has ever knocked the air out of her lungs like that before. She was impressed and most definitely intrigued and interested, even if a little scared and confused.

Tina and Cera shared giggles in their own private conversation and Mike cleared his throat before turning his attention to Cera, "You guys are playing at Addict'd Saturday?"

"I guess you just have to come and find out!" Cera said with a soft smile, looking at Tina. "It was really great catching up with you again guys." She glanced at Quinn and Suzy, "nice meeting you as well."

After Cera and Hannah took off to follow their friends, Mike looked at Quinn, "I think you have yourself an admirer. Let's hope you're both single, yeah?"

"Babe," Tina rolled her eyes and chuckled, "we're not playing cupid again, okay?"

Suzy, noticing Quinn's attention over at the other side of the restaurant, piped up. "You know, they are playing at Addict'd Saturday night. I mean, they play there every weekend." She said referring to Rachel. "At least you'll know where to find her." She winked at the blonde.

"Oh yeah!" Tina gasped and excitedly smacked the table. "I can't believe I forgot that they're pretty much the feature of our live show."

Quinn blinked before eyes connected across the room once again. "Fantastic." She mumbled when she felt the heat in her cheeks rise to the tips of her ears. Her life had just gotten a little bit more interesting.