Title: Team Loyalty
Original Published: Feb. 16, 2010
Word Count: 100
Prompt: "Jeremy and Dan have a conversation that is a little bit about sports, but mostly about Natalie"
Notes: Doug Flutie always seemed to me to be the sort of player that the crew from Sports Night would all be talking about.

"I'm just saying the guy should have more loyalty."

"Who? Flutie?"


"To the team that cut him?"

"I'm sure they're regretting it now."

"I'm sure they are too, but that doesn't change anything."


"Jeremy, they treated him terribly. Oh, it started out well, I'll give you that, but who in their right mind would stick around after everything they put him through? And if there's a team that just... wants him... He has every right to move on. And he doesn't need your permission to do it."

"Okay... Hey, Dan?"


"Just... Be good to her?"