Determination and perseverance by planet p

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Toomas gave a heavy sigh. He would soon be starting his studies in Tallinn, but whilst he was excited at this prospect, he was also apprehensive about some things: he would miss his family, he thought, and his hometown.

In Tallinn, things would be different; there would be a lot of different, new people to meet, and a lot of different perspectives to take in and consider, and a lot of them would be different from his own, he guessed. He hoped, too, that he would be able to do his family proud.

He would do his very best, he promised them silently. He was a young man now, and not a child any longer.

Despite all of his reservations, he could not help feeling a swell of excitement. Who would he meet? Would he make many friends? Would he have many excellent adventures which to relay back to his family? Would he join any groups? Would he do anything really worthwhile beyond his ambition of furthering his own education? Would he help anyone?

Would anyone in Tallinn help him? Would anyone care about him?

He had high hopes for the future, he decided, and he was going to think of it in as hopeful, as bright a manner as he knew how. Anything that he wanted to think of positively, he was sure, could be turned into a positive with the right determination and perseverance.