Somewhere I this town, there must a happy little singing with clowns about how lovely the day is but not here in Los Angeles. There was a very gloomy Macey Mchenry on the bed staring up at the ceiling. Lately she had been doing that a lot. Every since Cammie left for the summer, Macey was first very shocked, but not as shocked as a Bex Baxter, then very sad, almost as sad as a Liz Sutton.

As Macey was thinking about her times with Cammie, she heard a knock on the door.

"Excuse me Ms. Mchenry, your friend is here to see you." The Secret Service told her.

"Who is it?" Macey wondered. Bex said she was coming to visit. Macey thought.

She opened the door to find a very cheerful girl hug her out of nowhere. Macey couldn't tell with her shiny blond long hair and her very skimpy outfit. She knew for a fact that Bex isn't this pale or tall. She closed the door signaling the Agent to leave. As soon as she heard him walk away, she flipped the mystery girl to the floor. But the girl knew her attack, counter, and tossed Macey on the bed.

"You have 3 seconds to tell me who you are or else I'm going to yell and about 20 Secret Service agents are going to coming in and kick your sorry ass" Macey threatened.

The girl blinked and laughed.

"What's so funny." Macey said.

"What's wrong Macey? Can't recognize an old best friend?" She said with a smirk.

Macey blinked and absorbed the words she just spoke.

"C-Cammie?" Macey's tears were threatening to fall from her eyes.

"Yeah, it's me." Cammie said.

Before Cammie could give her a hug, Macey slapped her across the face.

"Well should have saw that." Cammie said while rubbing her now sore cheek.


"Listen, I can't explain now. It's too dangerous. It could put you at risk even being the senators daughter."

"I don't care! You left us cammie! Me, bex, Liz, your mom, and even Joe! You left. You walked right out just leaving a note! You know, some freshman had to tell your mom you were missing because SHE found the note? You didn't even feel sorry! You were that one person who knew me best and YOU LEFT! How was I suppose to act? Like I'm freaking ok? Like everything is alright? Well it's not! You know why? Because YOU LEFT!"

From that point Macey started crying, ruining her perfect make up , and leaving her vulnerable.

"Macey. I'm sorry but I had too. I put everyone at risk, I only cause trouble, and I need answers. You know that." Cammie felt like she was stabbed in the back with a knife.

"Well, can you at least tell me where you've been?" Macey started wiping her tears.

"Oh you know here and there, I've been to Peru once, met this guy who I honeypotted, it was sweet! I got like $300 from him plus his condo. Oh man good times." Cammie tried to lighten the mood with this.

Macey blinked once again. Was this really that shy girl who could barley flirt with a civilian much less a stranger?

"What's wrong Macey?"

"Nothing but you sounds more like Abby. I mean the clothes, the brand new shiny hair, and you honey potting? Wow."

"Well you got to do what you got to do. I guess you can say I grew up on this trip."

Soon Macey and Cammie started talking like best friends again. They talked about the past, Cammie's trip and what's new with everyone.

"So Tina like finally shut up about how Eva's mom was a double agent for the Russians only to start talking about how Anna's brother eloped with Courtney's sister." Macey went on about.

"That's just like Tina. Hey I'm thirsty, want some water?" Cammie asked.

"Yeah I'm parched! Talking for hours takes a lot out of you." Macey exaggerated.

" Here." Cammie pasted a glass of water to Macey. Cammie and Macey drank the glass and put it on the desk. Cammie's internal alarm went off.

"Oh shoot. I have to get going Macey, meeting a guy. Classified." Cammie apologized.

"You're not going. I just got you back! There is no way you're leaving again. Not this time." Macey decided.

Cammie sighed. "I knew you were going to say that but I have to go now. It should be kicking in right about… now."

Suddenly Macey felt dizzy. Her vision was going blurry, her head was spinning, and she could barley understand what's going on.

"Don't worry. It's a temporary drug. It'll be out your system before you know it. Now I have to go. I'll call your agents here. By the way, love the jacket."

The last thing Macey remembers was Cammie calling in the guards and hearing the words poison.

Few hours later, Macey woke up in a hospital on a white bed. Out the door she could see the Secret service guarding the door. Macey regained her memory and jerked out the bed but while she was getting up, a note slipped out of her jacket pocket.

Dear Macey,

Sorry I had to do that but I did need to go. I knew you wouldn't handle it very well but I had to see you. When I get back, or if, I'll tell you everything. That is if the CIA permits me too. Don't worry I'm sure Tina will make up some story about how I started the COC or something. By the way, I took you trackless phone, very handy, some disguises and clothes, and a whole lot make up. Be proud! My fashion sense improved!


Your sister Cameron Ann Morgan.

P.s check out the box! Hope It didn't get mess up that bad!

Macey was confused and looked around the room. She found the box in the corner. It was a giant box and had no address or label. She opened it with her $500 manicure only to see tons of new and exotic clothes and make up. But only one outfit seemed the most valuable. It was Cammie's old uniform from Gallagher.