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The moon was full. The bamboos were swaying in cadence with the quietly moving wind, the leaves humming a serenade in the background.

A lone figure stood by the cliff overlooking the cityone hand holding the trunk of the tree, as if for support that was not even needed.

Her long, wavy brown hair was swaying with the wind.

Her face was hidden behind a passive mask.

It had been thirty moon rises since the last time she set eyes to the town below, after the completion of her first mission as one of the ANBU elites sent on a very long reconnaissance and dangerous mission.

But she was glad that she had gotten that mission. A time away from it all, shall we say. Wasnt it an old adage about how time healed all wounds?

How time just pass by and seems to fly the lone figure began in hushed tones. But the memories remain.

She placed the hand that was looking for a support from the tree beside her to where her heart was, hidden behind the tight-fitting brown ninja outfit she had donned since she had joined the elites.

Tenten felt scared to set foot on Konoha, even more scared than her first mission as an ANBU. After the scene in the practice ground a month ago, the shadows had swallowed and claimed her.

And that was how it was since then.

She looked up in the skies and saw that the dawn was starting to break. She leaped off from where she was standing at a blinding speed into the night, landing a moment later to the place where her heart was buried.

Tenten stood there, looking down at the very spot where the clearing used to be barren because of the numerous hours of practice. Now, grasses covered the ground with white wild flowers scattered everywhere.

She stood there, slowly removing the mask that had hidden the true person behind.

For the first time in a long time, emotion crossed the face of the konoichi, matured now in just a matter of short time. While she stood there quietly, her eyes spoke volumes- for those brown orbs were hidden behind a waterfall of tears, mirroring the hurt she had been keeping inside for far too long.

Nobody, she whispered to herself. I am a nobody always has always will be

She didnt have a bloodline to uphold or at least a family name to carry- a nobody in a truer sense of the word.


Three weeks ago he became somebody to someone.

Why reach for somebody whos already gone? she said, barely audible.

She looked up at the golden sky above chasing the dark ones away: signaling the breaking of the dawn. The wind dried her tears and blew her loose brown wavy tresses about her.

Shadows would fill an empty heart once more and Tenten once again welcome its company - she was only glad that she made it through another night.

Just as soon as she was sure she had her emotions in check, she stood alerted when she felt something had changed with the way the wind was blowing. She hurriedly hid her face behind the mask.

Then disappeared once more in a blinding speed a swirl of white petals was in her stead.

White orbs stared head on.

The man was unmoving, but his eyes were intently watching.

The shadows of the breaking dawn concealed his presenceperched high above on one of the branches of a sturdy tree.

A smile appeared on his lips