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Chapter One: It Has Begun:

Shadow was standing at the edge of the cliffs, watching everything silently. Everything seemed to be in slow motion, there wasn't a person in sight. He looked to his left, no one was there, nor was there anyone to his right. He gulped, turned to face straight a head, and gasped when he saw a guy who hadn't been there a minute ago. The man had scartches all over his face, and he looked like he'd just fallen off the cliff.

"Woah! What happend to you?" Shadows voice echoed off the cliffs, as he watched the guy try to slow his breathing. The guy looked like he was about 21 years of age, with blue/black hair that spiked up. His eyes were a midnight black, and he reminded Shadow of a gothic person. But right now, the guy was glaring at Shadow.

"This is not how I planned this at all." The guy had a semi-deep voice, sort of dark, melevolant. "I was planning on making a grand, graceful entrance, but I was on top of the cliff. I wasn't really paying attention, and I kind of walked off the edge."

Shadow was dumb-founded. He didn't know what to think about that. Besides the obvious, this dude should be dead! Before he could say that aloud, the guy spoke once again.

"Nevertheless, back to the subject on hand." Shadow watched as the guys face filled with rage. "Shadow you shall not defeat me! You are weak, and you shall fail. Just as your brother has done!" Shadow gasped as his younger brother Spider appeared, and fell to his knees. He watched as the guy bent down, and jerked Spider's head up by his hair. A name whipered through Shadow's mind. Seth. Shadow knew then who the guy was, Seth Green. The one who had murdered his brother. Seth's black eyes glared at Shadow with such intensity, and a snarled formed upon his face.

Seth raised his free hand back, and smiled a crue smile at Shadow. "Your brother's soul is mine!" And before Shadow could stop him, Seth swiftly shoved his hand through Spider's chest.

"SPIDER!" Shadow exclaimed as he was running towards his brother. The slow-motion thing wasn't helping him get to him any faster!

Spider looked at his brother one last time. "Shadow" he whispered, then disappeared. Shadow glared at Seth and ran towards him, he raised his hand back and let it pop forward.

Seth caught it, and smiled. "It has begun." Was all he said, and then vanished.

"No" Shadow exclaimed.

"No" Shadow exclaimed, and his head snapped up. He looked around, he was still in the car with Pyper and James. He sighed and layed his head back against the leather seat of Pyper's beloved, lime green, 2004 Mustang GT.

"Intense dream?" Pyper asked. Shadow looked at her through the corner of his eyes. She looked tired, but he knew better than to offer to drive.

"Yeah." He said watching James's hand come from the backseat, handing Pyper the last of her Red-Bulls.

"Wanna talk about it?" She asked after taking a long chug out of the newly opened can.

Shadow didn't really want to, but he didn't want to worry her. "It was about Spider. I saw his murderer again but, he said something different this time. He said 'It has begun'."

Shadow shook his head, grabbed his drink, and then added. "But then he fell off the cliff."

Pyper snorted as she turned the car onto the road that led to the docks, but she sobered up quickly. "Do you think he was talking about the tourtement?"

Shadow nodded. He was 100% positive thats what Seth had meant. Thats why he had to fight hard, and win. He would avenge his brothers death.

"Here's $50 bucks, carry my luggage onto the boat." Wesker said to Miroku while they were standing on the boarding dock to the ship. Miroku looked at the 50 dollar bill, snatched it from his hand, and grabbed the luggage. He started walking towards the boat but suddenly he turned to the water. He smiled and very politely threw both suitcases into the sea. He then turned and walked up the ramp, still holding the 50 dollars.

"OWNED!" Sam snorted and patted Wesker on the back. "Come on, you don't need them anyway."

Wesker sighed, still staring at the luggage floating in the water. He was just about to turn and head towards the ship; when he heard laughter. Turning around, he saw three people walking past him. A black and red haired guy, who looked dangerous. A blue haired guy, who looked goofy. Last but certainly not least, a midnight black haired girl, who looked badass and sexy at the same time.

Wesker waited all of one second, then caught up with them; stopping right in front of the girl. She stopped, glaring at him. Her eyes were an ice blue, and they made him want to shiver.

"Excuse me!" Her voice was just as cold as her eyes. "Your in the way. Move!"

Wesker was taken back, he wasn't used to people throwing his things into the sea, and talking to him this way. He shook his head, mentally. "I'm sorry, but I couldn't help but notice that your luggage seems awfully heavy, and I was just wondering if your were in need of assistance?"

The girl continued to glare at him, but the blue haired guy behind her snorted. "Uh-oh!" He exclaimed. Wesker didn't have time to even think about what he meant, because the girls eyes quickly narrowed into slits.

"I mostly certainly am not in need of assistance. I don't need anyones assistance. Especially not yours!" She hissed.

A thought dawned in Weskers mind. Maybe she doesn't realize who I am. He cleared his throat. "Pardon my rudeness, miss. I should've introduced myself. I am-" He was interupted by the blue haired guy.

"Holy crap guys!"He exclaimed. "I just realized who he is!" He sucked in a deep breath, and Wesker smiled a satisfied smile. Happy that the blue haired guy would change the girls mind. "Thats James Bond!"

Weskers mind went blank, but then he watched realization dawn on the black haired one's face.

"No, you idiot!" He said but then he patted the girls arm. "Dude thats-" He started to say but she beat him to it.

"Albert Wesker." She said just as coldly as before. "The movie star."

Wesker smiled hoping she had changed her mind.

"As I said before," Apparently she hadn't. "I am not in need of your assistance." She pushed past him, and walked up the ramp onto the ship. Wesker sighed and stared after her.

"Don't worry about it." The black and red haired guy said. "I'm Shadow by the way." He held out his hand, Wesker shook it.

"I'm James" The blue haired one announced.

"Well it's nice to meet both of you." Weskers voice was a little depressed sounding, even to his own ears. He looked tpwards the ship.

"Don't let Pyper get to you, she's just a little different from most girls." James told him as they started walking. "She's moody most of the time, very moody. Mostly she's independant, and she has her pride. She won't drop to her knees and give in to anyone, and she plans to stay that way."

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