Hiya folks.

Well, a while ago I saw a Pokémon fanfic were a guy was allowing you to submit your own OCs and he'd put them into his story and then could be friends or rivals with the main character. Sounded pretty sweet, right? Like making a fanfic without actually, you know, making a fanfic. Sadly, the guy cancelled. Pooh. I wanted in, but my laptop was being a jerk and wouldn't let me do anything, so I ended up too late. Maybe if I submitted my OC he would have continued, and maybe not, I guess I'll never know. Anyway, because I'm having writer's block with my beloved Super Smash Bros fic, Fast Love, I decided to do a little project to get el juices a-flowing. So, I decided to do the same as he did, except with a Pokémon Mystery Dungeon theme. So, please feel free to submit your OCs!

Remember, you need to give me:

Your OC's species: No Legendaries allowed! That includes Lucario! Please be unique with your choices too; I know some people just want to submit a Pikachu, or some other overdone Pokémon, but try being unique, huh? How about a Beedrill? Or a Spinarak? How about a Muk? You never see those? Or a Seviper? Ponyta, maybe? Because I haven't seen those in ages. Be unique, folks, and use your imagination! You can have your OC be shiny if you want. (Note: If your OC is a Water Type that has gills, please have a way for it to travel on land without dying.)

OC's name: Name it after a trait your OC possesses, or maybe just a name you like. Be creative!

OC's gender: Nothing much to say here. Remember that certain Pokémon are genderless, so look it up if you don't know. Bulbapedia is here for you.

OC's personality: Why is your OC doing what he/she/it does? What is its motivation? Money, maybe power or maybe vengeance, perhaps a strong sense of justice? You choose! Does your OC have any crushes? Maybe a forbidden love? (No slash or femslash allowed.) Again, be creative. I really do want to know.

OC's age: A young whippersnapper or an old nutjob? Something in between? Let me know!

OC's past: Did he/she/it lose a friend or family member? What happened to it before this? Let me know!

OC'S family/friends/lovers (optional): If your OC has any family members, friends or mates you want to be mentioned, I need to know. I'm a good listener.

OC's attacks: Give me the attacks it knows, and any attacks you want it learn later.

OC's clothing (Optional): Some Pokémon do have some clothing, so I decided to add it to the list. Try not to have them too covered up, though.

Well, those are what you need to give me, so here are the rules:

My fanfic is T rated, so no sexual stuff.

As mentioned above, no femslash or slash. I have NOTHING against gays and lesbians. I just don't write about them. It's a personal thing. If you write slash, it's not my business, it's your own. I won't be bigoted with your OCs if you do slash. I will accept them provided you follow the guidelines.

I have a crap-load of schoolwork, so please be patient when waiting for updates.

I have a weird mental psychosis in which I believe that reptiles are a million times cooler than mammals. If I do something that seems anti-mammal, let me know, so I can lie about feeling bad about it… , wait, did I just write that?

Lastly, if you think the story should head in a specific way, or would like something to happen to your OC, LET ME KNOW. I will listen to you and tell you what I think of your ideas, and if I will use them or not. Please don't be shy and speak up!

I already put the default chapter up, so you can see my two OCs. But if you want in, LET ME KNOW! I can't update without your OCs! Tell me and make sure you are logged in so I can reply to your requests! We're all in this together now, so get ready for Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Prehistory!

This message with self destruct on those who don't send OCs or review… :D