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"Do we really have to move" I groan under my breath. It's a rhetorical question. I know it is time for us to find a new town. With me finally starting school, we must find a new place to settle down. My growth is almost done so Mom and Dad agreed to allow me to start school.

"Yes Reneesme. We have exhausted our time here. I am sure you will love Canon Beach," Mom encourages as she drops more of my clothes in a box. I know she is right; she's more than right, she's convincing. I am excited about living near the ocean again. And I love the idea of high school. I just don't want to be away from Jacob. Or from my parents.


"Yes dear?"

"Should I be nervous about school?"

My mom's beautiful golden eyes flicker subtly as she processes my question. It is the only answer I need. I knew I wouldn't be normal and people wouldn't like me. Is it bad that I want to be liked? The human side of me longs to be well-liked by my peers. Then again, my peers are seven. "Sweetheart," she coddles as she pulls me into a hug. "You have nothing to worry about. Em, Rose, Alice, and Jasper will be there with you."

"Why can't you and Dad come along?"

"You know we want to."

"But you won't?" I ask, the tears pooling in my eyes. I know guilt-tripping my all-too-wonderful mother is not fair. She and my Dad gave up everything for me. She practically died to ensure my life.

"You father and I need some time Sweetie. It's not that we don't want to be with you. It's just the way things are. There's nothing we can do."

"You could stay with me," I insist. I know the answer before she gives it. For some reason my wishes mean nothing to my parents anymore. I can see how much it hurts both Mom and Dad to know they are leaving me, and yet it won't stop them. I always knew that one day I would become a woman and I would have to leave behind my parents. I just didn't think it would come this soon. I mean I haven't even completed puberty.

"I can't. Now drop it. Finish packing," she snaps as she leaves the room. A sob catches in my throat. I really wish I could stop throwing these childish fits all the time.


As soon as I leave Reneesme's room I can feel my body giving in to the grief. I'm drowning in my own misery. I don't want my sweet daughter to hear me break down so I take off in a full sprint. Once out of ear shot I give in and fall to the ground. If only I could cry. A good, solid sob fest is exactly what I need right now.

The tears won't come; they don't exist. Instead, I sob loudly—violently. I'm more worried about my daughter than I have ever been before. And now I must abandon her in her time of need. I know what I am doing is right. It could save her life, but still.

I can hear Edward approaching from the south. He must have picked up my scent on his way back from the hunt. As he nears, I attempt to compose myself. I need to be strong for my husband.

"Bella?" his velvety voice rings out. He stops a few paces away and looks at me. The anguish in his eyes breaks my heart all the more. "What's wrong?" He now moves to sit next to me. His hand rubs circles on my back.

"I don't think I can do this," I whisper. My only response is silence. Edward must know how I feel, how I hurt. Pushing my shield off, I allow Edward to see all my worries, doubts, and fears. He breaks my concentration by kissing my forehead and hugging me tightly.

"I know you can. You're the bravest woman I have ever known. You are courageous and beautiful. And you are the best mother there ever was."

"But I can't win here. In order to keep Reneesme safe I have to leave her when she wants me most. What kind of mother does that?"

"The kind who wants to ensure that her daughter gets to live a long and happy life."

Suddenly I remember something I noticed earlier in Reneesme's room. "Have you seen Reneesme today?" Edward shakes his head a little confusedly. "She's getting…curvier."

Edward groans a little and runs his hands through his hair. "How much?"

I struggle to find a way to answer this without freaking my overprotective husband out. "Edward, she's gonna be a C-cup by Friday."

"Has she…uh…started menstruation?"

"Yes. She started a couple months ago. She would die of embarrassment if she knew that you know though. Why do you think Alice whisked her off for a day of shopping? They were celebrating."

"How could they celebrate? We are losing our little girl. And soon Jacob is going to start noticing Reneesme's body."

This is something I have tried to forget about. Yet, the same worries have been in the back of my mind for a few months now. "So there hasn't been a change yet?"

"No. The mutt has kept his thoughts completely innocent. But I don't know how much longer he has."

"Is Jacob coming over to say goodbye today?"

"Yes. He is going to come down as soon as he is off work. And I told Reneesme yesterday that she is welcome to stay out with Jake until eleven."

"That was very nice, Mr. Cullen," I say seductively. Suddenly I am not sad, but in need of my husband's touch.

"What can I say Mrs. Cullen? I have a big heart."

"And something else big too."

"Yeah," I whisper into his ear. "A big ego." Edward shoots me my favorite half smile and pins me to the soft ground. His lips find mine and I forget all about my worries.