Well here it is. The moment you have all been waiting for.

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"Where are we going?" I ask as Jacob covers my eyes with his hot hands.

"You'll see," he responds with a little laugh. "Don't peek."

"I won't." He's leading me somewhere outdoors, but I can't quite make out where we are. I sniff around, but smell nothing other than trees and small animals. It's nice to have my vampire senses back even if I have to be careful everywhere I go. "How much longer?"

"Just a few more miles."

"Miles! Where are we going?"

"To the moon," he responds dryly. I recognize that as a line from Titanic. He must be in a good mood if he will admit to having seen that movie. "If you would let me blindfold you, this would be faster."

"I don't like blindfolds," I lie. In reality I opted for his hands just to have an excuse to be near Jacob. Since his return we have barely separated. It hurts too much. This is our first date since the breakup and I plan to make it worthwhile. I think Jake wants it to be perfect too.

"Sure, sure," he mocks in my ear.

We walk on in silence. One of my favorite aspects of my relationship with Jacob is that we don't have to fill silences with petty words. Sometimes we are at our most intimate when we only have each other's hearts to listen to.

After about another twenty minutes or so I begin to smell something. It smells sweet like cinnamon. As we near our destination, I begin to make out other scents—chocolate, vanilla, pineapple, rose, silk, and many others that blend together too much to distinguish.

"You ready?" Jake asks against my ear. His hot breath sends shivers down my spine.

"Yes." Jacob's hands slide down my cheeks and make it all the way down to my waist. I forget to look at the environment when he runs his hands over my shoulders and arms. When I do finally look shock overcomes me. He has laid out a red silk blanket for a picnic. In the basket I see chocolate covered fruits and a bottle of sparkling cider. Surrounding the blanket are candles and rose petals.

When I look closer I realize that the blanket is actually white; Jake has covered it in millions of rose petals. When I glance at our location I see that we are in a large meadow. "Where did you find this place?"

"We're near Portland. I found it on my way out of town."

"It's beautiful."

"It's got nothing on you," he responds with a silly grin. "Come. Sit." He leads me onto the blanket where I sit in between his legs with my back perched against his chest. "So I figured fruit would be a good picnic food; was I right?"

"Absolutely," I reply as I pick a pineapple chunk out of the basket. I bite into it and savor the cold, sweet juices on my tongue.

"Bite?" he asks. I turn to find him waiting with his mouth open. I slide my fingers into his mouth and his lips clamp over them. The heat of his mouth over my fingers causes my stomach to knot. How is it possible that a man can be so sexy without even trying?

We continue to eat the fruit in this manner. He feeds me; then I feed him. It continues like this until the basket is empty. I lay my head sideways so I can listen to his strong heart beat endlessly. The moment feels both never-ending and too short at the same time. Forever isn't long enough. I want Jacob for all of eternity and then some.

"So what do you think about the Katerina situation?" Jake asks to break the silence.

"If she isn't hurting anyone I don't mind her being in Portland."

"Do you think she will come by for lunch next week? Edward thinks so."

"I hope she does," I admit. "She was so sad. I want her to have a family like I have. Does that make sense?"

"Of course," Jake smiles. "You're ten times the person I will ever be, Nessie."

"You're lying."

"No. You're the best thing that has ever happened to me." I have no response to this. I feel the same way about him. The night goes quiet again.

"Can I tell you a secret?" Jake whispers too close to my ear. I shiver once and situate myself closer against his body.


"I was scared you would move on and never talk to me again." The look in Jake's eyes causes me to tear up. How could he ever think I would move on so easily? There will always be a special cavity in my heart for Jacob Black.

"Jacob," I start. "I could never move on from you. I tried. And I failed."

"You tried?" he asks with no sign of jealousy or anger. He's so sweet.

"I'm sorry."

"What happened?"

"I kind of made out with Austin," I say hesitantly. I wait anxiously for Jacob to explode. He doesn't. His eyes seem to droop a little, but other than that he seems normal. "And I realized that I could never love anyone besides you."

"Bella kissed me in Italy," he suddenly spews. He says it so fast that I don't hear it at first. I process his words. And then I picture it. I feel sick. "And it meant nothing. She loves Edward and I love you."

"I trust you," I finally respond because I have no place to judge. I kissed Austin. He kissed my mother. "All's fair in love and war, right?"

His laugh is all I need to hear to feel comfortable again. Jacob and I can work through anything. There's nothing that will ever separate us again. "I guess so," he chuckles.

"I never want to kiss anyone besides you again," I promise whole-heartedly.

"Well that's good," he smiles. "Because I've been meaning to ask you something."


"It's really serious. I don't want you to feel any pressure to answer right away."

Jake's tone is so somber that I worry about what he wants. "I won't be pressured."

He looks me deeply in the eyes and then smiles a little haughty grin. "Am I a good kisser?"

"Jake!" I squeal as I playfully punch his arm. "That's not funny! I thought you were going to say something bad!"

He laughs hysterically and grips my waist tighter. He's contagious though. I soon start to giggle too. He finally stops abruptly. "No, but seriously. I have something to give you."

"Mmhmm," I mumble into his neck.

"Close your eyes." I shut them tightly and wait expectantly. "Open your hand." I do as I'm told. Jacob places something small and cold in my open palm. His hot fingers close around mine. The object is small and round. "You can look now."

I open my eyes but wait to open my hand. I think I know what it is, but I fear being wrong. The last thing I want is to get all excited over nothing. Slowly, like in a cheesy movie, I unclasp my hand. In my hand sits a ring with a white gold band and a large diamond cut deep into the center.

"Renesmee Carlie Cullen, you are the most spectacular, breathtaking, incredible woman on the planet. My whole life I waited for you. When I lost you I realized that I don't exist without you—not really anyway. I am nothing when we are apart. I float away and have no grasp on reality. Will you marry me and therefore make the vow to be the gravity that holds me together for the rest of my hopefully very long life?"

I look down at the ring and back at Jacob. Suddenly the tears explode from me like a volcano. "Yes," I whisper into his neck as sit up on my knees and turn to face him. "Absolutely." I am pleasantly surprised when I feel a hot tear from above land on my forehead. Jake pulls me into a tight hug. He forges a trail of kisses from the top of my head all the way to my chin.

"God I love you," he sighs into my ear.

"I love you too." Jacob's big hand comes around to my left hand. He picks the ring out of my hand and kisses my finger where the ring will go.

"Did you read the engraving?" he asks before putting it on. I shake my head. "It says gravity." Another tear rolls down my cheek. Jake slides the ring slowly up my finger. It looks stunning on my hand. "Perfect," he sighs as he kisses away my tears.

I can't wait any longer. Grabbing behind his neck, I pull Jake's lips into mine. We kiss soft and deep. It's like nothing I have ever felt. I can feel the heat from his lips in my toes. With a push I topple on top of Jacob. I kiss Jake's lips and neck as he runs his hands up and down my body.

I am surprised when his hot hands reach bare skin on my lower back. He pulls my shirt up and over my head. I watch the way his eyes darken at the sight of me in just my bra. In one swift move Jake has me pinned under him. His full weight presses down on me in the most pleasant way.

The body heat of Jacob is enough to cloud my mind with inappropriate thoughts. I place my left hand on Jacob's cheek and show him how much I want him. He doesn't hesitate. Jake kisses down my stomach to the edge of my jeans. I grab hold of his shirt and tear it completely off.

He comes back up over me and grinds his hips into mine as we kiss. I want more. I want to make love right now. Jacob grabs hold of the front of my bra and tears it off. He sucks gently on my nipple with his hot breath and tongue. When he pulls off the cold air tickles it causing the most unladylike sound to escape my throat.

Jake's hot hand unbuttons my jeans and slides beneath the folds of clothes. I sigh and moan at the same time when Jacob brushes past my most sensitive spot. He sits up rapidly and peels my jeans completely off. My thong disappears with them. When Jacob looks at me I feel no embarrassment of nerves. This is who we are. This is who we are supposed to be.

I manage to pull the rest of Jake's clothes off too. He's bigger than I imagined, but I am pleased. He places his body over me and kisses me gently on the nose. "Are you ready?" he asks sounding very sincere.

"Sure, sure," I reply. It comes out a little less sure than I would like. Jacob looks at me with recognition. No! I can't lose him now. I place my hand on his cheek and show him how bad I want this—just how ready I am.

He nod's once and positions himself. I can feel the tip of him waiting to enter. And then it happens. Jacob's body enters mine and everything is right in the world. I can feel parts of my body tearing—making room for him. Out of pain and love and passion, my teeth instinctively close around his neck. I taste his hot blood on my tongue and feel him entering me from everywhere. We are molding into one—bleeding into each other. And just like that, Jacob and I become one body, one soul, and one mind from this day forward until death do us part.

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