Cain stood clad in the High Marshal's armor, his father's armor. He was tired, broken, and surrounded, and the battlefield was the collapsing fortress of the heretics, he could hear many things. He could hear the battle cries, curses, and blood curdling screeches of the monstrosities that his family had perished fighting. He also heard the screaming of his friends: Sonia, Bud, and Ace; He had only known them for a fortnight, yet there they stood telling him to not march; nevertheless it wasn't their war, it was his, they came for Geo, not him. Cain's wizard, Wyvern materialized next to him.

"...We sacrament the divine path with our sacred blood, Cain." Wyvern recited.

"I really believed…I really did. I thought that we could live a normal life. Ha what was I thinking? No such thing as normal for us, at least not this time…" Cain analyzed.

They stood back to back and engaged the DNA Wave Flux.

"There will be another time, Cain. Perhaps…the next life. It's hard to believe this is it…" Wyvern said half-heartedly. Cain drew his Swallow Sword and prepared for the carnage that would ensue.

"Were it so easy…"

…and so the pair plunged into battle.

Sonia fell to her knees, she was lost when Geo had not returned; and then she was found, they all were, by an unlikely hero, Cain Wyrm, and now that things were looking up, he was torn away from them.

"When did it get this bad?" Sonia whispered.

"It was our fault. We tried to turn him into Geo, we sent him down this path…" Ace answered sullenly.

Bud looked to the unconscious Geo, "You know the first thing I told Cain was? I told him that if I had the choice to trade his life for Geo's, I would do it in a heartbeat. Now…I'm not so sure.

"It is none of your faults. He was set down this path long ago…This is his war and though he may not look it, he is content. He is liberated of this burden; for once in his life, he is free. He has his goodness now; do not spoil it for him. If he should return to you all, speak naught of what he has committed here, he wants a new life, let him have it. You are his family after all; you especially Sonia."

Thought I would start from the very end and work my way towards the beginning.