"I owe it to her Normandy. I made a promise, she may not remember me, but I'll keep my promise…" Cain replied. He got up and grabbed his keys from the hanger and started out. Norman sat in his chair and pulled up a photo of Cain and Hailey from his VG-Hunter and as a tear rolled down his face his said, "No Cain she hasn't forgotten about you, but sometimes I wish she did…"

The Plane ride was very uneventful, luckily for Cain due to his role in the war; he had a free walk-by past customs. Cain felt a pang of spite when he walked into the airport at Echo Ridge. He fought with his parents to refrain from setting foot in Electopia, yet now he is coming here by his own free will. He walked by a newsstand in the airport and asked for a realtors listing book. He decided that if he was going to stay there he should at least find a place to live and with 500,000,600 Zenny, it should not be a problem finding a home. He circled a couple houses, put the book in his pack, and then went to a phonebook. He searched through it until he came across the name Rachel Kalia, Hailey's mother. He put a Zenny into phone and called her…

There was barely a one ring before she answered. It was almost as if she was expecting the call…

"Hello?" Rachel answered.

"Mrs. Kalia! How nice to hear from you again. It's me, Cain…" Cain replied.

The phone was silent for a few seconds and Cain could tell two things, first that she was expecting him and second she wish she wasn't.

"Mrs. Kalia, I know you never liked me but I came here to fulfill my promise to Hailey." Cain said.

The phone was silent for a couple more seconds before Rachel asked, "How is Norman?"

Cain should have known, she wasn't angry with him; she was just worried about her husband.

"He's fine Mrs. Kalia. You should read the newspaper you would know that he's part of the Order of Warrants. Mrs. Kalia I'm a man of my word your husband is safe and I still have that other promise to fulfill to Hailey, do you mind if I visit?" Cain replied.

"Thank you Cain, if it wasn't for you…I don't know where our family would be. By the way I do read the paper and there is nothing about my husband in there, there is only news of your victory at the battle for Sans and the death of your mother and father, I'm sorry for your lost Cain…and yes come on over and one last thing…call me Rachel. You and Norman are on a first name basis I don't see why I can't." Rachel said a smile evident in her voice.

"Thanks Rachel, I'll be right over." With that, Cain hung up and walked out the Airport. As he walked towards the Bus stop to take him to Echo Ridge's residential, he began to see people running in the opposite direction of him. He began to pick up the pace, the closer he got to the stop the more and more people he saw running, now he could hear the sound of fire burning and a guitar…

In addition, explosions.

When he finally reached the stop, his crest began to glow and he pulled it out. It was if it was calling to something. He began to hear screaming and looked up to see a young girl flying towards him. She hit him head on and because he took most of the impact, she was not hurt but she appeared extremely exhausted.

"Hey! What the hell is going on?" Cain screamed over the explosions.

The young girl began to saw everything a mile a minute but Cain was able to catch one thing;

She screamed, "Watch out."

Cain turned around to see a dragon like figure with Forest-Green and Bronze armor and a black aura flying towards him. He quickly pulled out a heavy axe battle card and swiped it into his Transer, even though it was old; it had an ability that no other device had.

It had the ability to allow an average human to materialize battle cards and completely interact with the wave world.

Cain rolled out of the way of the Dragon's initial strike and his axe clashed with the monster's claw as it tried to get him on the rebound. The Monster being of superior strength, easily sent Cain flying. Cain crashed into a trash can and immediately got back up. The monster came charging towards him so fast that Cain couldn't dodge instead, he pulled out a barrier card and allowed that to absorb the majority of the hit, the rest of the force was taken by the axe. The Monster pulled out a sword and attempted to stab Cain; using this opening, Cain grabbed the sword and punched the Monster sending it flying. Cain looked at his hands, shocked. He was barely able to stand up to it before why did his punch hurt it so bad? He then looked to see that his father's crest had attached to his arm as a bracer and was glowing as bright as the sun. As the monster got up it wore a shocked expression then immediately stopped its rampage and disappeared into thin air.

Cain looked to the space that had accommodated the monster and then he turned to the girl who, since their talk, fell asleep and armor disappeared. He walked over to the girl and put her up against the wall and went over to a nearby pay-phone and put in a Zenny and dialed 911. Then he picked up his bag and got on the arriving bus and departed. Bounded towards the house of the one thing that still mattered in his life…


Meanwhile the Monster had returned back to a large fortress and when he arrived he was greeted by three soldiers, 2 identical to him and 1 of them wearing a more human-like blue and white armor that had the word Ranger inscribed on the back-plate and most of the helm was constructed of a blue visor.

"Call the Lower Marshalls. Tell them that HE has returned." The Monster ordered.

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