Chapter 1: Double Trouble

Naeka was on her way home from school when it happened. Everything had been going more or less normally. Or at least as normal as it did with Kogarashi around. But he had gone off somewhere else; probably to torment Fubuki in some way. For once Naeka almost wished he was around.

A giant worm had burst out of the street. Sitting astride it was a large, faceless figure. At first she had thought it was Kogarashi. It really wouldn't be that unusual for him to pull something like this. But it wasn't Kogarashi, and the prospect that anyone else was capable of this kind of thing terrified her.

She tried to sprint down the street, but it was too late. The giant worm had encircled her. The head lowered toward her, and Naeka actually had a view of of the person who directed it. Or his clothes, at least. The only hole in the guy's suit was a narrow strip between the top of the collar and the bottom of the hat. The only thing visible was a pair of leering eyes.

Naeka drew her katana. She had started carrying it to school with her shortly after Kogarashi had moved in. She hoped that it worked a little better on giant worms. She yelled up at the figure on the worm.

"What do you want, you bastard!"

The voice that answered her sounded mechanical and artificial.


The blood drained from Naeka's face. This was like any of the dozen Breast Fanclub fiascoes, only about fifteen times worse. She looked down at her ample chest and groaned. "Damn it!" Stupid boobs caused more trouble than they were worth. She looked back up at the worm-rider. "They're mine! You stay away from them!"

"I'm sorry, but that isn't an option." The worm screeched and suddenly a bunch of tentacles shot out of its mouth. Naeka barely dodged out of the way, whipping the katana around to slice through several of the tentacles. The worm started to coil up. She didn't have much dodging room left. The tentacles shot at her again. This time one caught her around the ankle.

The worm started to reel its tentacle back in. Naeka dropped the katana as she was flipped upside down. Before long she was dangling in the air in front of the worm-rider. He now stood on the ground watching intently. She could hear him laughing. Then she felt something long, thin, and a little slimy snaking across her body.

"Huh? What the...Hey! Don't do that!" Another tentacle was caressing her chest. There was a popping sound as the tentacle wrenched the front of her shirt open. "What the hell!"

The large figure was cackling and wringing his hands in expectation. The worm started jerking Naeka up and down. She could feel the worm-rider's eyes staring at her breasts as they bounced. After a few seconds, the worm began to lower her. She found herself hanging directly in front of the strange man. He cracked his fingers and began wiggling them. He started to reach out towards her chest.

Then they heard it. It echoed out of the hole that the worm had left behind. It was a sound that Naeka had never thought that she'd be glad to hear.


I'm well aware that anyone who's familiar with the Negima manga can probably see what's going to happen next time from miles away, but whatever.

I have no idea what inspired me to write this. It's just a stupid idea I decided to write in between all my other stuff.

The next chapter will finish up the story (at least that's the plan).