Chapter 2: It Gets Worse (or Better)

The tentacles released Naeka and the worm turned toward the sound of the laugh. There was an explosion of dirt and shattered asphalt as Kogarashi burst from the ground. Naeka sprinted away and hid herself behind a tree. No way was she going to get caught in the Maid Guy's line of fire. She peeked out from her hiding place.

The worm lunged at Kogarashi, who easily jumped over it, landing near its tail. He wrapped his arms around the end of the worm.

"MEIDO GUY SUPEREKESU!" Naeka watched in horror as he lifted the worm from the ground and whipped it over his head, bringing it crashing down into the street. She could feel the ground shake. The worm twitched for a few seconds and then was still. Kogarashi brushed his hands off and turned to the person who had been controlling the worm.

"You think to come between me and boobies! Have at you!" The mysterious man charged headlong at the Maid Guy. Kogarashi grinned evilly as the assailant approached.

"MEIDO GUY PIMPU SURAPU!" He whipped his arm around, the back of his hand smashing into his opponent, who landed a good forty feet back. Kogarashi folded his arms. "Kukuku. Fool. It is my job to protect master's breasts!" He looked at the tree behind which Naeka was still hiding. "Now I must check to make sure that master's breasts are unharmed." He made a beeline for the tree.

Naeka braced herself for the worst. As Kogarashi came around the tree, he was stopped dead in his tracks by a nail bat to the face. Fubuki stuck her head out from the other side of the tree. "Sorry about that." She took Kogarashi by the leg and started dragging him back towards the house. "He was making dinner and then suddenly flew out the window. Took me a while to figure out where he went."

"Uh, thanks." Naeka scratched her head. "I'll see you back at the house." She walked over to where the worm had grabbed her to retrieve her backpack and katana from the ground where she had dropped them, as she straightened up, she felt a strange sensation in her chest. She looked down to see a pair of small, tanned hands feeling her up. A voice came from behind her.

"Very nice. Very very nice! You rarely find boobies of this size that retain their perkiness! And perfectly firm while still retaining their beautiful squishiness! Truly amazing! I'll have to give these an 89!" Naeka wrenched herself free and turned to see a short, tan, blond girl standing behind her.

"What the hell are you doing?" She swung her backpack at the strange girl, but she was gone.

"Aaahh!" Naeka turned towards the scream to see the girl doing the same thing to Fubuki.

"What a marvelous shape! So supple and firm. And the perfect size for you! Just the right amount of bounce without the sagging. Truly exquisite! 92!" Fubuki finally wriggled out of the girl's grip, clutching her chest to protect it against further groping.

"Who are you!"

The girl folded her arms. "I am the Chichigami, a connoisseur of all boobies!" She gestured towards Fubuki and Naeka. "You possess some of the finest that I have seen since I came from the other world. You ought to be proud!"

Naeka stared at her incredulously. "Right... Really, these things are more trouble than their worth."

"Never say that!" The Chichigami hopped on top of a nearby pile of rubble and struck a dramatic pose. "Breasts as wonderful as yours are a gift! You should never be ashamed of them. Care for them, cherish them, and you will see just how great of a blessing they are!" She pulled two packets out of her pockets and tossed them down to Naeka and Fubuki. "My gift to you! Never neglect to treasure your boobies! Until we meet again." She waved, jumped into the hole left by the giant worm, and was gone.

Naeka and Fubuki stared for a minute before looking at the packages the Chichigami had thrown them. Specialized bras. Guaranteed to keep your boobies healthy. Naeka turned to her maid.

"What just happened?"

"I'm...not sure." She shrugged. "Let's get back to the house so I can finish dinner. Kousuke gets ornery when he's hungry."

Naeka took hold of Kogarashi's other leg, and they began dragging him down the street back towards the house. "Wait a minute..." Naeka stopped. "She gave you a higher score!"

Fubuki dropped Kogarashi's leg and started to walk quickly down the street.

"Hey come back here!" Naeka chased after her. "I want to see just why your boobs are so much better!"

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So, yeah. That finished up this story. Really no point to it other than I was bored, and weird things happen when I'm bored.