Okay, this is sort of like the iPod challenge only I have more time and each chapter is a song and there will defiantly be more than ten. Each chapter is another story to Rory/11 (no the ship will not change through out the story). I don't own any of the songs I will use (I really don't want to have to repeat myself every chapter) nor do I own Doctor Who. There isn't much else I can say so...see ya!

Forever Young : Alphaville

"You're going to live forever, aren't you?"

The Doctor looked at Rory, confused slightly by the sudden question. It was the middle of the "night" on the TARDIS, far past time when both Amy and Rory should be in bed, asleep. The Doctor stopped his fiddling with the TARDIS and turned to look at Rory. The tall man was clutching a cover around his shoulders, his eyes red as if he had been crying. "Rory, what's wrong?" Asked the Doctor, moving toward the other man with concern. Rory wrapped his arms around the Doctor, a choking sound escaping from him. The Doctor forced Rory to look at him, "What's happened? Are you hurt?" Rory shook his head, tears now down his cheeks. The Doctor brushed his tears away with the back of his thumb. "What's the matter, Rory?"

"You." The Doctor looked at him, confused.

"Me? What about, me?"

Rory wrapped his arms around the Doctor again, holding him tight, "I want to stay with you, forever."

The Doctor held Rory close and said, "You wouldn't want to live forever."

"I would if I were with you."

Do you really want to live forever, forever, forever?