Something Old, Something New

*Ring Ring* Hello? Oh, hey, Spikey! Yes, yes, I do know that your name is really James. Yes, I am aware of the restraining order you put on me. I still think it was a mistake though, honey. Don't you remember me? I'm the person who created Buffy the Vampire Slayer. You have me to thank for your money! Oh, it wasn't me? It was a guy named Joss Whedon? Damn…

Chapter Three: Something Borrowed…

The next night, the blonde couple strode in the door of the Magic Box, taking a seat on the comfy couch set up in the middle of the room. Anya had told Willow to come back the next day, because she needed to round up the gang. Everyone had been waiting on Spike and Buffy and now here they were. Everybody else took their seats in the other chairs surrounding a table with candles and books on it.

Willow took one look at the Slayer and the vampire and paled. Anya and the others had filled her in while they waited…her spell had done this to them all; now that everyone was here, she could fix it. Without hesitation, she lit the candles and began to chant.

"Let the healing power begin…

Let my will be safe again…

As these words of peace are spoken,

let this harmful spell be broken!"

After she was done chanting, Giles suddenly exclaimed, "I can see!"

On the couch, where Buffy and Spike were kissing, they suddenly stopped. Pulling away, both of them looked bewildered for a moment as comprehension sunk in. After a moment, Spike pulled Buffy back to him and kissed her again.

Xander had strode over to the door and looked around.

"No more demons coming for me, Will! I think the spell worked!" he called back to the everybody.

"Uh, no. I-I don't think it did…" she replied. Xander turned around, confused. Willow pointed to Spike and Buffy and Xander followed her finger, paling when he saw them.

Willow relit her candles and chanted the spell again, more slowly this time.

"Let the healing power begin…

Let my will be safe again…

As these words of peace are spoken,

Let this harmful spell be broken!"

Nothing happened. Finally after a second, Spike and Buffy pulled apart and looked at the others' questioning faces. Willow was the only one not staring at them; she was searching frantically through a spell book before her. Buffy's cheeks colored, but she didn't stray any farther from her husband.

"What are you all staring at?" Buffy asked. "It's starting to creep me out."

Xander's eyes were practically bulging out of his skull.

"Um, the spell is supposed to be over! So why are you still next to Spike? It ended! You're supposed to go back to hating him now, remember?" he said, livid that Spike's arm clutched around Buffy protectively.

Buffy was silent for a minute. She had so many emotions running around, it was hard to pick just one out of the mess. She didn't hate Spike. She knew that their love had been manufactured, but she got the nagging feeling that she still loved him. For real, this time. For god's sake, she had even grown to like his smirks and snide barbs! She didn't know what Spike felt about her, but judging from the way he had grabbed her and kissed her, his feelings hadn't changed all that much since the spell had been broken, either. She set her shoulders and took a deep breath.

"Xander, I realize that Spike and Iwere under a spell. But honestly, I know the spell is over, and I still love him. I'm certain that it's not just some kind of after-effect, and I know that while it's because of the spell that we got to know each other better, our- or at least, my- feelings are genuine." she said with a determined look in her eye. Then she broke out into a smile. "Besides, Spike and I are married! There's no turning back now!"

All the blood drained from Giles, Willow, and Xander's faces. Anya remained impassive.

"I knew from when they walked in that they were more than just in love- they actually like each other now. Plus, they had sex last night, as I can tell from the way-" she began, before being interrupted by Giles' gagging sound.

"Please, Anya. I am begging you. In the name of all that is holy, just stop!" he wheezed, pressing a hand against his mouth to repress nausia from the flurry of mental images he just got. Xander didn't seem to have heard most of what Buffy had said.

"Well, it's okay. We can just go down and get the marriage annulled, it hasn't been too long since-" he rambled before Buffy strode across the room and grabbed his face. She turned it so he was looking her straight in the eyes.

"I. Don't. Want. To. Leave. Spike." she enunciated, before stopping short. "Unless, of course, he wants to leave me. I would understand, of course…the whole vampire/Slayer thing is kind of unheard of."

She turned around, hoping against hope that Spike wouldn't leave. He stood up and crossed the room, looking at Buffy strangely. Studying her face, didn't utter a word for almost ten seconds. Then, suddenly, he grabbed her and hugged her tightly to his chest.

"Of course I'm not leaving you, Buffy. I'm here as long as you want me…and even if you didn't, I'm not so sure I'd leave." he said. She shuddered for a moment, remembering the fiasco with Angel, but realized this was different. Spike was different. He wasn't some high-school crush playing games with her; they loved each other for real. Buffy started to giggle; not exactly the reaction Spike had hoped for.

"What is it, luv?" he asked, bewildered by her Drusilla-like behavior. She glanced at his worried expression and smiled.

"It's just- I think that's the first time you've addressed me by my first name!" she said, snickering.

Spike chuckled too, shaking his head and hugging Buffy tighter to himself.

Xander's face whirred through a myriad of expressions, finally landing somewhere between disgust and disbelief. Anya huffed.

"I don't see why it's such a big deal, Xander. After all, that's what people do on their honeymoon. She's quite lucky, I've heard that vampires are unforgettable. I for one-" she said, pausing only when Willow got up and cleared her throat.

"Well, the spell is over. Uh, completely. And from what I can tell,"she said, sparing a nervous glance at the homicidal-looking Xander who was edging nearer to a pile of stakes. "There are no other spells on either Buffy or Spike."

Ignoring Xander, Anya, and a spluttering Giles, Willow walked up to Buffy and gave her a hug.

"Congratulations on your wedding, Buffy! I wish I could have been there." she said softly before turning to Spike and, surprisingly, giving him a hug, too. A questioning Spike patted her awkwardly before letting go.

Grabbing him by his shirt, Buffy proceeded to kiss Spike enthusiastically, not bothering to notice when Giles murmured 'Oh, dear.' rather faintly. Xander sagged in defeat, seeming to finally accept that this was of his friend's free will. The scowl on his face told them all that he didn't have to like it, though.

Coming up for air, Buffy took stock of what everyone was doing, then flashed a quick grin at everyone before running out the door, dragging Spike along with her.

"Does anyone else wish Willow would have come back earlier…say, around the time we were trapped in the crypt?" Xander asked the rest of the Scooby gang. Anya shook her head.

"Maby having someone around to screw all the time will make Buffy relax more. We'll see!" she said, deaf to Giles and his quiet murmurs of 'Oh, Dear Lord'.

It was going to take them a while to get used to this…

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