Quetzal- this is just a plot bunny that popped into my head after reading 'the lightning thief' again yesterday and it refused to leave me alone because the last part was just too funny. ^-^

John eyed the camera for a moment or two and sighed. He wasn't sure if this was a good idea, but he had talked to one of the others at camp before he had left for Atlantis. They had told him how to make sure a recorded message like this would reach the right people and not be intercepted so it should work, but still putting something like this on tape was a massive security risk. However he didn't have much choice, he refused to let the people he now commanded fight a loosing battle when there was something he could potentially do about it. Even if that thing would seem completely off the deep end to anyone else.


Shepherd waited in his room after the message was sent hoping he would get some kind of response, but hours later and still nothing he checked his watch the hives were 12 hours out he had to get some sleep before the shit hit the fan he sighed and got up he had only taken a step towards his bed when he felt a surge of power he froze waiting intently as the power built until with a brilliant flash a ZPM appeared sitting on the floor half way between him and the door he stared at it dumbfounded for several seconds before he shot across the room pulling out his scanner as he went. After a second the readings popped up showing the ZPM at 100% power. He stared at it once more amazed he had been hoping for some kind of help possibly some information that would improve their odds, but a fully charged ZMP? That was above and beyond what he had been asking for! He grinned and picked it up spotting a note on the ground under it he picked it up with a raised eye brow reading it.

Don't expect me to do that again


John nodded to himself grinning no doubt but still he had what they needed now and they would actually have a chance against the Wraith hive ships approaching. He stood up and put the note in his pocket before heading out the door the ZPM in his hand. He was half way down the hall when a slight problem occurred to him. How exactly was he going to explain the magically appearing ZPM?

Quetzal- This is just a one shot if you like the idea feel free to take it or even write your own versions of the inevitable grilling poor johns going to be suffering though and ill post them with the story.