A/N: This story is intended to take place immediately following Season 10 Episode 2 which ended with what appeared to be a flight-ready Clark on his way to Africa. Of course, Episode 3 opened up differently as I do not own Smallville or any of its characters.

Lois stepped off the plane and into the gate ramp tunnel, dragging her carry-on with one hand and turning her phone back on with the other. As she stepped into the brighter, wider space that was the terminal, her phone began to buzz almost continuously.

"That's what happens when it's off for hours," she said to herself through gritted teeth, still reeling from her argument with the flight attendant about how her 'little ol' phone' couldn't possibly 'interfere' with the plane's communications. Whatever.

She stepped out of the path of her fellow travelers, near a window, and felt a certain sense of relief to see the Metropolis skyline in the present distance. Focusing now on her phone, expecting call after call from Perry trading about her prompt exodus from Africa, she was pleased to instead see text after text from the one she'd come home for.

"Where r u?"

"R u alright?"

"I'm in Africa"

What? she thought, hitting next.

"I can't find u"

"Ok, news dispatch just said u left 4 home"

"I'm on my way back"

"Hope everything's ok"

"Call or text me please"

"I love u"

She stared at those last words. He'd never said that to her, nor she to him, not even when she'd practically begged him to ask her to stay, not even when she pulled that blue knife from his limp body. She shuttered at that memory and quickly typed her reply:

"Just landed. Will wait for u at farm." Send.

"I love u too." Send.