The next morning as the sun came in through the window, they were tangled up in nothing but sheets and each other. She opened her eyes and raised her head from his bare chest to see his eyes closed. He stirred and opened his eyes to catch her staring at him.

"What?" he asked, smiling and wrapping her in his arms.

She smiled back, saying, "Well that's one question answered. I wondered whether you slept."

A flash of acceptance and surprise washed over his face. "Yeah?" he asked. "How many questions do you have, Miss Lane?" He was smirking at her now.

Smiling back, she said, "Oh thousands!" She moved to sit up, but engrossed in him nevertheless. "Like you're super fast … but certainly know how to pace yourself," she added with a sultry look and he blushed a little. "What else can you do? How long have you been this way? How many people have you saved? And what was the deal with the blue knife?"

He stopped her interrogation with a kiss. When their mouths parted, she smiled and he said, "Lois I will answer all your questions, tell you everything but it's going to take a long time."

"Really?" she asked, seemingly giddy.

"Yes," he said. "Good thing we have forever, huh?" He was beaming at her.

"Forever?" she repeated, quietly.

He moved his body closer to hers and took her face in his hands. "Yes, forever. Does that scare you?"

She looked deeply into his eyes. "No," she said confidently. "No, I'm not scared at all," and their lips met again.