"The only ones who should kill, are those prepared to be killed." Lelouch vi Britannia.

(on the Odin)

The battle raged on, as Tyrs fought Yamamotos. The Asgard had been downed, and the Yomi had been destroyed. The Japanese forces had penetrated into the Odin's defense shield, and the battle was showing no signs of wearing down, if anything, it was getting even more fierce.

The Yamata no Orochi, and the Andarta Vanir faced each other.

"So Shirley, here we are," Lelouch said, narrowing his eyes.

"I know," Shirley said," I was always hoping that somehow, someway, you wanted to help Britannia. Seems I was wrong."

"I would try to explain to you what I have to do," Lelouch said," But you wouldn't understand." Shirley glared.

"Fine then," she said," That said, I'm going to have to kill you." The Andarta held up its gauntlet, and pointed it at the Orochi.

"Somehow I doubt that," Lelouch said.

With that, the energy wings of the respective Knightmares flared to life, and they charged at each other.

The Orochi fired the RESIR. The Andarta managed to dodge, and it launched out a bolt of electricity, which the Orochi also managed to dodge.

(with Suzaku and Kallen)

"You know Kallen," Suzaku said," If I was told that I would one day be fighting you, I would have laughed."

"I agree," Kallen said," You were one of my oldest, and closest friends. Back when I served Japan, I was hoping that when you became Emperor, you would change it for the better. But now…" The Svarog held up its claws.

"I have to defeat you, in order to serve Britannia!" Kallen declared.

Before Suzaku could respond, the Svarog rushed forward, thrusting its radiant wave surger forward. The Loki moved out of the way, and fired one of its lasers. The Svarog managed to dodge, but the beam broke through one of the walls, and destroyed a couple Knightmares outside the area.

(with the Royals)

"We have confirmation that the hostages escape on the Japanese evacuation of the Yomi," a soldier said.

"There we go!" Guinevere said," The problem was solved on its own!"

"We still probably have to deal with the criticism from other nations for our rash actions," Odysseus pointed out.

"So what?" Castor asked," If we can take down the Japanese, we will be regarded as the heroes who took down Emperor Suzaku!"

(with Jeremiah and Anya)

"You fight for no cause!" Jeremiah roared," Just to cause chaos!"

The Siegfried fired a blast from its cannon, which the Hel blocked with its shield system.

"And you fight for a hollow empire, with its only concern being gaining power," Anya retorted, still deadpan. She held up the Hel's hands, and shot missiles from the palms. The Siegfried's own shield system blocked them.

(with Tamaki and Gino)

The hammer of the Thor, and the naginata of the Benkei smashed into each other. The resounding force forced them both back.

The Mjolnir detached from its shaft, and swung through the air. The Benkei knocked it away, and Tamaki fired the shoulder and knee cannons, but the Thor dodged.

It then arched back its arm, and swung the Mjolnir in a wide arc. An arc of blue energy shot out of the hammer, and sailed through the air. The Benkei countered, by charging its own weapon with green energy, and swinging it.

The blasts collided, resulting in an explosion.

(with Cornelia and Guilford)

Guilford's Tyr had landed in the ground directly below the battlefield.

Guilford was holding Cornelia in his arms. She was injured, and bleeding.

"Guilford… my knight…," Cornelia said slowly.

"Hold you, your Highness!" Guilford said," I called for help! They should be here at any moment!" Cornelia couldn't help but smile, as she stared at the sky, and the battle above.

"I vowed to… restore Britannia… to what it once was," she said," But here I am, watching the battle above rage on."

(with C.C.)

C.C. stared at the sky, from the escape pod of her Knightmare.

(with Euphie)

Euphie continued hugging her stomach, as she continued to cry. Her eyes were closed tightly, as the battle raged all around her.

"Why?" she cried," Why must this war rage on?"

(with Lelouch and Shirley)

The Orochi fired another RESIR blast, which the Andarta dodged. It then fired its gauntlet out. The Orochi moved out of the way, and fired yet another blast.

"You are no more than a grasping snake!" Shirley yelled, as she blocked the blast with the Andarta's arm," You grab for power, and then leave others to die!" She fired an electric blast at the Orochi, which blocked with the shield system.

"How can I expect you to understand the importance of waiting?" Lelouch responded, as he fired another RESIR blast. The Andarta dodged, and fired its Slash Harkens. One hit the RESIR rifle, and it was destroyed.

"The world won't change unless someone takes the initiative!" Shirley yelled, as she charged, readying the Andarta's spear. The Orochi blocked with the Kusanagi.

"Sometimes someone can't take the initiative for anything immediately!" Lelouch said," That is why I fought on the side of the Japanese!" He fired the Slash Harkens, but the Andarta managed to evade them long enough to knock them away.

"But what about those people who don't have the capability wait!" Shirley said," Those people who are suffering!" The Andarta then fired another electric blast. The Orochi blocked that one as well, and did a thrust on the spear again. The two weapons locked together.

(with Suzaku and Kallen)

The Svarog stabbed at the Loki again, and the Loki responded by smacking it with on its tentacles. This sent the Svarog off balance, and smashing into the wall.

The problem with an area like this, was the closed space for which they were fighting. Neither Knightmares had much space to move, but the Loki was at a special disadvantage, since its weapons were made especially for long range combat, and it had few close range weapons. This was in contrast to the Svarog, which fought best in close combat.

However, Suzaku wasn't going to lose now; he had to finish what he had started.

The Loki held up its tentacles, and the claws on the end began to spin, acting like drills. They then shot forward. The Svarog managed to get out of the way of several.

"Why did you do it!" Kallen cried out, as she thrust the radiant wave surger forward again, grabbing at the the white Knightmare, but missed," Why did you betray all those who trusted you!"

"I did it because I knew that proper justice had to be served!" Suzaku responded, as the Loki made a punch at the Svarog. The red Knightmare managed to block.

"Is that why you are doing this now?" Kallen demanded, as she dealt a kick to the Loki, knocking it through a wall, and into another corridor.

The Svarog launched itself at the Loki, but the white Knightmare rolled out of the way.

"I can't explain it to you!" Suzaku answered.

"That just sounds like an excuse!" Kallen retorted, as she stabbed at the ground where the Loki was. The Loki dodged, and grabbed the gladius, and threw it away.

(with Cornelia and Guilford)

Guilford was starting to panic. Cornelia had lost consciousness, and the trucks were still nowhere in sight.

However, suddenly, a shadow fell over them. It was a Yamamoto

"Told you all he would be here!" Lloyd's jovial voice sounded out.

Guilford held up his arms in surrender.

"Please, I surrender!" he said," Just help the Princess!"

"I don't think you need to really be telling us," Lloyd continued, as the Yamamoto gestured. Coming up the road, were the White Samurai trucks. Guilford's eyes widened.

"You really didn't think that we would let a Princess of our nation die, did you?" Cecile's voice asked.

(with the Royals)

"The Loki has penetrated into the structure!" a pilot said.

"Is anything being done at all!" Carline demanded.

"Well, the Svarog has appeared to meet it."

"Good," William said," All we can really do, is hope that Stadtfeld can beat Kururugi."

(with Lelouch and Shirley)

The Orochi and the Andarta continued to clash, as the purple and blue streaks tore across the sky.

Eventually, they locked weapons again. But this time, the Orochi twisted the spear out of the Andarta's hands with the Kusanagi, before punching the Andarta straight in the chest, sending it careening away.

The Andarta then fired a blast of electricity at the Orochi, but it bounced of the Orochi's shield. The Orochi then fired its chest cannons again. The Andarta dodged, and fired a series of missiles from its chest.

The Orochi managed to evade them, and swung the Kusanagi, but the Andarta managed to dodge. The Orochi then fired all three of its Hebi Tou beams. The Andarta lost one if its wings, but Shirley managed to land it on the side of the Odin.

(with Jeremiah and Anya)

The Hel and the Siegfried continued to fight.

The Siegfried opted to just ram the Hel, but the armored Knightmare managed to defend against it. This put the Jeremiah in a dangerous position, as it was now in point blank range of the Hel's weapon system.

When the Hel got ready to fire, the Siegfried managed to move away, and to a safer location, further from the Hel. But the Hel still fired the missiles, and they struck at the Siegfried. Jeremiah activated both the shield system, and spun the Knightmare, which acted as a double shield.

Still spinning, the Siegfried rammed the Hel again, and the increased force sent the dark red Knightmare flying back.

(with Tamaki and Gino)

The Benkei fired its knee and shoulder blasts again. The Thor got of the way, and fired its multicolored beam system from its chest and shoulders. The Benkei got out of the way, and stuck the naginata into its chest, before firing its super cannon.

While the Thor managed to dodge, the resounding beam still demolished a good portion of both the Japanese and IMA forces.

The Benkei then swung its naginata again, but the Thor moved out of the way, and swung the Mjolnir, detaching it from the staff, and swing it around on its cord. It wrapped around the Benkei's arm, and Gino used this to his advantage by pulling on the hammer, and swinging in, crashing the Thor's feet into the Benkei's face.

This blow pushed the Benkei back, but the larger Knightmare was neither down, nor out yet.

(with Suzaku and Kallen)

The Svarog lashed out at the Loki again. The Loki dodged, and spun its tentacle claws again. The Svarog held up one of its claws, and caught the tentacle, and Kallen activated the radiant wave surger, destroying it. However, Suzaku fired another one of the four remaining laser systems, severing that arm. Kallen cringed, as she drew the other gladius. She then stabbed through the tentacle that just severed that arm. But the Loki spun, and kicked it in the head. This caused the Svarog to drop its weapon.

Suzaku then fired all three of the remaining lasers in a large array of blasts. Kallen's piloting skills came through, and the Svarog managed to dodge all of them, but the lasers still managed to cut through the walls on several angles, in several locations.

Kallen cringed, as she thrust the remaining claw forward, and lunged towards the Loki. While Suzaku managed to move his Knightmare out of the way, the Svarog still grabbed two tentacles, destroying them. This left the Loki with seemingly only one major weapon left. And before Suzaku could use it, the Svarog tackled the Loki, and pinned it to the ground.

Kallen had tears in her eyes.

"I'm sorry, Suzaku!" she said, as she got ready to finish the job.

"So am I," Suzaku said. And, right before the Svarog was about to end things, a small compartment opened up on the Loki's neck, and fired a thin red beam. It shot right through the palm of the Svarog's claw.

Kallen gasped as the claw sparked, and short circuited. The sudden misbalance on the Svarog allowed the Loki to work its final tentacle free, before beaming through the Svarog's side, causing it lose its footing and crash to the ground, disabled.

"Su… za… ku…," Kallen said slowly, as she passed out.

While the Svarog had been downed, the Loki was out of commission as well. Suzaku would have to go on foot the rest of the way.

Suzaku got out, and looked at the Kallen's defeated machine.

"I'm sorry," he said," But I have a promise to keep." With that, Suzaku turned, and ran to where he hoped Euphie was: at the top of the Odin.

(with Lelouch and Shirley)

The Andarta fired another electric bolt. While the Orochi's shield system blocked, the deflected beam hit one of the energy wings.

Lelouch cringed, as he had to make a landing on the side of the Odin. He then turned to face Shirley.

(with the Royals)

"We have just receive confirmation that the Svarog was defeated!" another soldier said," Emperor Suzaku has escaped death!"

"We have to get out of here!" Guinevere said standing up, and running.

The other quickly followed the suite.

"What about Euphemia?" Schniezel asked.

"We'll send someone up to inform her!" Charlotte answered.

(with Jeremiah and Anya)

"It is time to finish things," Anya said, as she got the Hel's Super Electron Cannon ready," And add one more piece of criteria to my hard drive."

"Yes, it is!" Jeremiah said. The moment he noticed the cannon beginning to charge, he fired one of the Slash Harkens of the Siegfried. Anya didn't have time to dodge, not expecting it. It hit the Hel clean in the face, beheading it, and putting out a chunk of its upper portion. However, it didn't stop the cannon, which still fired, albeit at an angle.

Jeremiah severed the nervous system connections with his machine, just as the Hel fired its Super Electron Cannon. It blew off a chunk of the Siegfried, and just as the Knightmare exploded, Jeremiah launched himself out of it.

"Want something to memorize!" he yelled, as he landed on the Hel, thousands of feet in the air, and pointed one of his blades in Anya's face," Then memorize me! Jeremiah Gottwald!"

Anya just stared at him.

"Why not?" she said," Its not like I have anything else to remember?"

Jeremiah flinched.

"Very well then," he said, as he activated his Geass canceler.

(with Tamaki and Gino)

The Benkei fired its super cannon again, but the Thor dodged.

"Let's finish this!" Gino declared.

"I couldn't agree more!" Tamaki yelled right back. Both Knightmares rushed at each other. The Benkei swung its naginata, and the Thor swung the Mjolnir.

They flashed through each other, and then they held still. The Benkei's naginata cracked, and broke. The Mjolnir split in two. The Benkei now had a huge dent in the side of its head, which had a bad effect on Tamaki's vision from within the Benkei. The Thor also lost the arm that was holding the hammer.

"I guess its a draw," Gino said. However, Tamaki smirked.

The Benkei then thrust backward, and jabbed the Thor in the back with the brunt of the naginata. The Thor then crackled with electricity.

"What!" Gino cried out, as he managed to eject, right before the Thor was destroyed. The Benkei caught the ejection pod.

"You really didn't think I would fight fair, did you?" Tamaki said with a sneer.

(with Lelouch and Shirley)

The Orochi swung the Kusanagi again, but the Andarta dodged. Shirley then fired the Slash Harkens.

One of them knocked the sword from the Orochi's hands, and sent it tumbling some distance away. Lelouch fired the Hebi Tou lasers.

The Andarta dodged those, and shoulder the Orochi, before grasping at it with the gauntlet. The Orochi held up its shield system, and blocked that, but the shield soon faded away.

"My shield!" Lelouch said. Shirley smirked.

"Looks like you're out of energy!" she said, as she made one final thrust. But Lelouch was far from done. Just as the Andarta came close enough, the Orochi moved out of the way, and grabbed the arm.

With a roar, Lelouch twisted the arm, and tore it off at the elbow, disabling the Andarta's primary weapon.

"Damn it!" Shirley yelled, as she attempted to kick with the Andarta. It hit the Orochi in the head, pushing it away in the process. Lelouch attempted to fire the Hebi Tou, but the Andarta was too close.

The blue Knightmare tackled the black one, and they pushed each other away. Both of them tumbled along the side of the Odin.

The Orochi managed to kick the Andarta off, before firing the Slash Harkens. They smashed into the Andarta, and the Orochi whipped the blue Knightmare around, before smashing it into the side of the machine.

Lelouch then pushed the Orochi forward to finish the job, but the Andarta exploded out of the dust, and punched the Orochi clean in the face.

As a result of the powerful blow, the Orochi was shoved back, and over the side. However, Lelouch managed to get a hold on the side, and he scraped along the side, and managed to land safely.

The Andarta then jumped down, Shirley using a similar method to prevent her from plummeting to her death. However, she was using the Slash Harkens, instead of the Knightmares arm. She then swung down, and kicked the Orochi in the chest. Lelouch tensed up, as he was shoved down the ledge. He managed to stop just before reaching the end. The Orochi then sped up, and moved forward.

The two Knightmares rapidly approached each other, as both held up their fists. The two hands collided, and the blows sent both off-balance. As the pilots managed to recover some form of control over their machines, they turned, and went back to face each other.

The Orochi did a spinning kick at the Andarta. Shirley managed to block the worst of it, but the force still shoved her away.

Taking advantage of Shirley's stun, Lelouch fired the Slash Harkens up, and use them to reel onto a higher level. The Andarta followed in the same tone, reeling up onto the same level.

Once they were both on the same level, the Andarta kicked at the Orochi, only for the serpentine Knightmare to grab the leg, and throw it away.

Shirley managed to land her Knightmare on its feet, and she turned back to face Lelouch.

"Time to end this, Shirley Fenette!" Lelouch declared, as he arched the Orochi's fist back.

"You took the words right of my mouth, Lelouch vi Britannia!" Shirley responded. Granted, she didn't so much as say Lelouch's name as she spat it.

With that, the two Knightmare rushed at each other. They swung their fists forward at the same time.

The Andarta's fist collided with the Orochi's face, while the Orochi's fists collided with the Andarta's neck. Both Knightmares were knocked back. The Orochi skidded away, and and Lelouch managed to get a good grip on the ground, before he fell of the edge. The Andarta skidded along the ground, and crashed against a wall.

Both Knightmares were damaged, considerably. The Andarta was missing an arm, and its energy filler was down low. The Orochi had a huge dent in its face now, meaning Lelouch could barely see, and its energy filler was somewhat low as well.

Lelouch groaned, as he looked up. That was when he noticed the Kusanagi, driven into the ground, not far away. He then saw the Andarta slowly getting up.

"I'm going to stop you!" Shirley declared, as the Andarta haphazardly charged forward. The Orochi managed to get up, and made a mad dash for its sword.

The Andarta got ready to deliver the final blow to the Orochi's face, as the Orochi reached for the Kusanagi, and grabbed onto.

The Andarta punched, and the Orochi slashed. Shirley's eyes widened, as the Andarta fell away, in two pieces, bisected at the waist.

"I… lost…," she stuttered, as she passed out. The Andarta Vanir had been defeated, as the Yamata no Orochi stood tall in triumph.

"I could kill you now," Lelouch said," But I have something else to do." With that, the Orochi used what little power it had left to blow a whole in the wall, and slip in. Lelouch then turned the Orochi to where he somehow knew his siblings would be.

(with Suzaku)

Suzaku picked up the pace, as he continued to run. As he did, he remembered, back to the last time he saw his mother.


Suzaku was asleep in bed, in the Japanese Imperial Palace. He was only eight years old.

The door opened, and a tall woman with long, light brown hair, tied back in a ponytail, and wearing a black ninja outfit hurried in. It was Akari Kururugi.

"Suzaku," the woman whispered, stirring the boy, in an attempt to wake him. Suzaku groaned, as he slowly opened his eyes, rubbing them.

"Mom?" he asked, as he looked up sleepily. Akari smiled, as she stroked his hair.

"My son," she said," I have come here to tell you something, and to make sure you understand something else."

"What?" Suzaku asked slowly.

"Things are about to change," Akari explained," And they are going to change very much." She then hugged her son.

"Just understand, that no matter what happens, I always have, and always will love you," she said, as Suzaku hugged back," Just promise me something. Promise me that you will bring true justice, on this accursed, wicked, hypocritical nation that you will someday rule. Do not concern yourself how right now, just make me that promise."

"I… promise," Suzaku said, after some hesitation. Akari then lay her son back to bed, and tucked him in. She then kissed her forehead.

"Goodbye, my son," she said, before walking away, and disappearing into the night.

(End Flashback)

Suzaku's eyes narrowed, as he blinked back some tears, and hurried up.

(with the White Samurai)

The crew of the Asgard was attempting to escape, on trucks, headed towards the nearest city.

However, things came to an abrupt halt, when a Yamamoto came crashing down in their way. In no time at all, they were completely surrounded. As of that moment, all of the White Samurai's elites, had been beaten.

(with the Royals)

"Where will we go?" Edward asked.

He, and the others, were all running towards the hanger, so that they could escape.

"We will have to retreat to somewhere in the EU, probably," Schniezel answered," They are the only ones who might be able to hold against the Japanese, should we lose."

However, the wall suddenly exploded, and the Yamata no Orochi exploded forward.

Everyone halted, and some were even blown back. This caused Cassius to drop his gun, and for it to skid away.

The cockpit then opened, and Lelouch stood up.

"Greetings, my brothers and sisters," he said, as he faced them.

"Lelouch," Schniezel said," Come to finish us off?"

"More like I've come to tie up some loose ends," Lelouch answered.

"Such as?" Odysseus asked.

"I am going to speak, and you are going to listen!" Lelouch said firmly.

"What is there for you to even say?" William demanded," You betrayed your own nation!"

"And you kill any form of loyalty you may possibly have for anyone at anytime!" Cassius said.

"Don't you talk about loyalty, Cassius le Britannia!" Lelouch said," You are among the most deceiving, treacherous members of the family!"

"Leave my brother alone!" Carline yelled.

"Shut up, Carline!" Lelouch yelled," Its not like you are any better!"

"What are you hoping to gain from this?" Guinevere demanded.

"A future!" Lelouch answered," A chance for the world to progress!"

"You think peace, forced like this, will create progress!" Odysseus said.

"I'm not expecting any of you to understand this," Lelouch said with a sigh," But I don't think I have anything really else to say either." With that, he closed the cockpit. The Orochi then drew the Kusanagi.

"Are you going to kill us?" Charlotte asked. Lelouch didn't answer.

"This will be the last time we see each other," he said, as he raised the Kusanagi high," Goodbye, my siblings." With that, the Yamata no Orochi stabbed itself, clean in the gut.

The Knightmare exploded, as it was destroyed.

(with Suzaku)

Suzaku took a deep breath, as he entered the room where Euphie was. He had used his Geass to take down the remaining guards that were assigned to get Euphie out of there.

"Suzaku," Euphie said slowly, tears still in her eyes, as the father of her child slowly came up the stairs to her level.

"Empress Euphemia," Suzaku responded. He stopped, and the two just looked each other in the eye for a while.

"Please stop this!" Euphie insisted," Its not too late! You can still make peace!"

"I would be lying if I said I didn't wanted peace," Suzaku began.

"Exactly!" Euphie said," So call the soldiers off! Let us resolve this diplomatically!"

"You didn't let me finish," Suzaku said," I want peace, but this is not the method which to obtain it."

"Using war to create peace?" Euphie said," How does that even make sense?"

"Not something you would understand," Suzaku answered.

"I would if you just told me!"

"I can't," Suzaku said.

"I loved you, Suzaku!" Euphie insisted," And I still do! Please, our baby needs a father! Stop the war!"

"I will," Suzaku said. But then, he pressed a button his belt. Yamamotos then burst through the windows, and landed on the ground, surrounding Euphie, and holding her at gunpoint. Euphie gasped as she looked around.

"Suzaku!" she cried. The Emperor of Japan just looked at her one final time, and walked away.

"Suzaku, please!" Euphie cried, as she got up from her throne, and tried to approach him, only to be blocked by the Yamamotos. Euphie now cried audibly.

"You bastard!" she cried as Suzaku walked away, and Euphie continued to sob.

(with C.C.)

C.C. looked up, and over the battlefield. Somehow, she sensed what had happened. There was then a blast of golden energy, as many of the remaining White Samurai forces were obliterated.

(with Suzaku)

"People of the world!" Suzaku roared," Hear my words! My name, is Suzaku Kururugi! I am the Emperor of the Divine Japanese Empire, and as of now, all of you!" He was in the bridge of the Odin, as Euphie was on the ground, and the Royals were at gunpoint.

"I have captured Emperor Li Xingke, Commander Markos Alkhait, and Empress Euphemia li Britannia!" Suzaku continued," For that reason, as of this moment, there is no one left to oppose me, and Japan! With my claim of the Odin, I have gained possession of the strongest weapon in the world! To anyone who dares to stand against me, I will slaughter them with no hesitation!" And, from this day onward, the entire world is my property!"

Across the globe, people murmured, and gasped in horror at the rise of this man.

Suzaku rose his fist in triumph.

"Now, everyone who calls the planet their home, kneel before me!"

With that, the Japanese flag was raised on the Odin, and the screen that displayed the world flashed the flag symbol as well.

"Long live, Suzaku!" Tamaki roared, as he held the Benkei's free arm up. Jeremiah was, however, not saying anything. He just watched, as he kept an unconscious Anya at sword tip.


(three months later)(in Britannia)

In the Japanese Imperial Settlement of Britannia, Emperor Suzaku, and his procession went down the road. In the last three months, the remaining members of the White Samurai that had eluded capture had been rounded up, and apprehended. The people on their included Kallen, Shirley, Xingke, Markos, and all the others. Lloyd and Cecile were also restrained there, as their actions were dubbed treasonous by the Emperor, and they were sentenced to be executed along with the others. Kallen, however, was beginning to show pregnancy.

The other part of the procession included a series of Japanese Knightmares, serving as guards. Tamaki stood behind the Royals. Jeremiah, however, was not present for some reason.

At the front of the procession, were the White Samurai members, as well as Todoh, and Chiba. The Britannian Royal Family were in the back, right in front of Suzaku's Imperial float, though they were chained to posts. Euphemia, however, was chained to Suzaku's float directly, and was curled into a ball, visibly pregnant now.

"In view right now, is the Emperor of the Divine Japanese Empire, Suzaku Kururugi!" reporter said," Following the defeat of the White Samurai and the IMA in the most recent battle, Japan has lost all of its foes. Granted, it was not without sacrifice. One of the many, was the Mugenryuu, Lelouch vi Britannia."

In a graveyard, was Lelouch's grave, with Serphos coiled up on it.

"Now that the International Military Association has been defeated, Emperor Suzaku has given us the necessity to bring the world together under one flag. Long live Japan! Long live Suzaku!"

"'Long live Suzaku'? Yeah right," one person muttered.

"All he is doing is forcing people to accept his regime," another said," If anyone so much as makes a side comment, he slaughters them."

Up in one of the buildings, was Naoto, Ohgi, and a few others. They were some of the people who had escaped capture, and now were intending on opposing Suzaku. But they had nowhere near the right amount of resources to succeed. Naoto cringed at the sight of his sister being bound like that.

However, the procession abruptly stopped. The Yamamotos looked forward, and everyone turned.

Squatting, in the middle of the road, in his trademark position, was Sendo. Nothing on his body seemed to have changed in the least, with the dragon skull mask, clawed gloves, black suit, and white rib cage. But he also had a sword strapped to his back. It looked like a katana.

"Sendo?" Euphie said.

"Sendo?" Shirley said.

"But… but…," Kallen stuttered," Suzaku is over there!" Suzaku was there, his face full of shock.

(with C.C.)

C.C. was kneeling at a window, in a small room. She looked like she was praying.

(back at the procession)

Sendo, then launched himself forward, running towards where Suzaku was.

The Knightmares fired, but Sendo weaved in out of their firing range, before sliding on the bullets, and somersaulting through the middle Knightmare's legs. He then launched himself back to his feet, and continued forward.

"Hold your fire!" Tamaki ordered, as he held up his wrists, and his twin blades come from," Let me deal with this guy!" Tamaki then jumped down to street level, and ran at Sendo. He slashed at him, but Sendo ducked, before kneeing Tamaki in the gut.

"What are you waiting for, you bag of bones?" Tamaki whispered, with a slight smirk. Sendo then used Tamaki as a platoon thing of sorts, to launch himself forward. He landed in front of the Royals, who gasped, before jumping again, landing behind Euphie, who also gasped. Finally, he jumped up to Suzaku's level, and reached behind him.

"Why you little…," Suzaku said as he pulled out his gun, but Sendo knocked away with his sword, before pointing it at Suzaku. The blade glistened. Suzaku found himself smiling.


"Tell me something Lelouch," Suzaku said," What is justice?"

"It is the in the eye of the beholder," Lelouch answered. He and Suzaku were in a private room, with only a single form of light.

"Good answer," Suzaku said," And by killing me, we will have achieved true justice." Suzaku then held out the mask of Sendo.

"I have removed anyone who can take the throne after my death," he said," And, I have also decreed, secretly, that the successor of the empire is to be chosen by the reigning monarch. As such, in my will, I have left the entire Divine Japanese Empire to Euphie. She will become the Empress of not only Britannia, but also of Japan. Japan will be absorbed into Britannia."

After a moment's hesitation, Lelouch took the mask.

"And that…"

(Flashback pause)

"… is the Heaven's Judgement."

Euphie just stared in shock and horror.

Kallen cried out in dismay, but it fell on deaf ears.

(Flashback continue)

"I should be thanking you, you know," Suzaku said," It was your suggestion that this strategy was built around of." Lelouch took a deep breath.

"Do you think this will achieve peace?" he asked.

"In all honesty, I don't," Suzaku admitted.

(Flashback pause)

Shirley and Alice were both yelling out in an angry looking faces.

Milly, Nina, and Anya just stared in shock.

Gino and Rivalz were also both yelling out.

(Flashback continue)

"You don't?" Lelouch asked.

"No, I don't," Suzaku answered," But in doing this, we will have eliminated the chief perpetrator behind wars in the world, and brought true justice upon the nation. True, there will be many who are not happy the way things have ended up, but I know that peace will be achieved, in someway."

(Flashback end)

Naoto let out a yell, as he, Ohgi, and the others all ran down to the stairs to the ground level.

Schniezel was just turning in shock.

Cassius and Carline were yelling blindly. As were the other Royals.

(with C.C.)

"Lelouch, Suzaku," C.C. spoke," If only, there was another way, for you to have sacrificed so much." With that, a single tear, dripped down her face.

(back at the procession)

Suzaku continued to smile, as Sendo neared his target. Under the mask, Lelouch's face was clenched in determination.

With that, the sword was driven, clean through Suzaku's chest, and heart.

Everything seemed to stop. The people stopped yelling out, the White Samurai stopped yelling, even the wind seemed to stop.

The only two that still seemed to be moving along, were Sendo, and Suzaku.

"Suzaku," Lelouch hissed, tears forming. Suzaku gasped, as he slumped forward.

"Very well then," he said," Then, make me this promise. Promise me, that you will protect Euphie, as well as Kallen, and all the others. And… take care… of my child."

"That, is something, I can definitely promise you!" Lelouch responded.

Sendo then stepped back, leaving the sword in Suzaku's body. He then kicked Suzaku forward, and down the ramp. Suzaku rolled down, to Euphie's level.

"Suzaku?" Euphie asked, as she reached for him. Suzaku then turned to Euphie.

"Euphie," he whispered, as his hand reached up, and touched her face. Euphie looked into Suzaku's eyes, and that was when she saw it. She then understood everything.

"Suzaku," she murmured, as she took that hand in both of her eyes, and pressed it to her face, tears in her eyes.

Suzaku smiled, as he looked up. Using what remained of his fading strength, he reached to the sun.

"I did it… Mother…," he whispered," I… obliterated… Japan…"

With that, Suzaku's hand fell, and he closed his eyes.

Euphie looked up.

"NO!" she cried," Suzaku, please don't die on me! Please, Suzaku!"

Sendo turned to face the crowd.

"Suzaku Kururugi is dead!" Naoto's voice cried out," Free the prisoners!"

With that, the people all ran out into the street. Tamaki found himself smiling, but he quickly let it go.

"Our leader is dead!" he announced," All forces, fallback!"

Sendo stood triumphantly.

"Who is that?" Shirley asked.

"Its Sendo!" Kallen said quickly, tears dripping down her face," Its Sendo!"

Euphie continued to cry, as she held Suzaku's body.

"This isn't right," she whimpered," If you did this all for me…" She then tightened her hold on Suzaku's hand, and touched her stomach with her other hand.

"What about… us?" she then buried her face in Suzaku's chest, and began crying out loud.

"Sendo! Sendo! Sendo! Sendo!" the people chanted, as Sendo stood tall.

(three months later)(with Kallen)

Kallen took a deep breath, as she slipped out of her chair at Kenpei Academy. She then looked to a picture of Suzaku and Lelouch together, when they were children, given to her by Euphemia, that she kept inside her book bag. She smiled. She then stroked her own stomach, which was now visibly pregnant.

Well Suzaku, I have to say that things have ended well.

Kallen ran out into Kenpei Academy courtyard, where people were beginning to get ready to leave for home, after school.

After that fateful event, in what feels like so long ago, and Japan having been assimilated into Britannia, people have now begun to see each other as one united people, instead of as one nation over another. Now, there is no difference between a "Japanese" and a "Britannian".

She met Shirley, as well as Gino, Rivalz, Alice, Anya, Milly, and Nina were. Kallen waved goodbye to them, before hurrying off. She had somewhere to be.

True, there are many people who have not fully accepted the peace, but that is the task that you left to us all, and, most importantly, to Lelouch. It is the task to build up from the rubble of the war. Perhaps, in the back of my mind, I knew that you and Lelouch would find a way to bring justice to the world.

However, she first had to make a stop at her house. She entered, and saw her mother in the kitchen, making tea, and her brother watching TV.

On the TV screen, was the news, as Prince Schniezel was welcoming Markos and Xingke to Britannia. Behind Schniezel, were the Royals.

Kallen made a quick clothes change, before hurrying out again.

(with Todoh and Chiba)

Todoh watched the news, as Chiba washed dishes. She smiled at Todoh, as she twirled a wedding ring around her finger.

(with Tamaki)

Tamaki lay on the grass, in some field in the country, near a cottage. He was wearing a kasa, and had a piece of wheat in his mouth. He smiled, as he pushed his hat up, and looked to the sky.

I suppose we still have problems we have to solve together, but I'm sure we will get them. With Lelouch, leading us as Sendo, we definitely can.

(with Jeremiah)

Jeremiah wiped some sweat from his brow, as he dumped some oranges into a tractor. He smiled, content with what he now had.

(at the Britannian scrapyard)

The Odin was on the ground, but it wasn't being used. It was being disassembled.

Empress Euphemia had decreed that the Odin was to be taken apart, as it had power, that no one should possess.

(with Euphie and Kallen)

Kallen ran up to where Euphie was. Euphie turned, and smiled at the sight of Kallen's approach. In Euphie's arms, was a small bundle.

When Kallen came up to her, both girls turned, and they looked at a grave. A grave that stood alone on the hill. It read: Here lies Suzaku Kururugi. A hero, who wore the suit of a villain.

There was the sound of footsteps, as both girls turned, and saw Sendo approaching them. The girls smiled, as Sendo came up to them.

His fingers intertwined with Kallen's, as he then turned to Euphie.

Euphie moved the bundle slightly, revealing a small baby. Charles li Britannia, the crown prince of the Holy Britannian Empire. She smiled, as she kissed her son on the forehead, and the baby cutely yawned, and opened his eyes. He had brown hair, like his father, but crystal blue eyes, like his mother.

Lelouch grinned under the mask, as he then stroked Kallen's stomach.

The three of them then all turned to the grave, and smiled at it.

(with C.C.)

C.C. lay on the hill, on the outskirts of Pendragon. She was leaning on a flagpole.

"Whenever I make a contract with someone, I always tell them that they will be condemned to a life of solitude, and loneliness," she said to herself. She then chuckled.

"Perhaps I should stop saying that to people," C.C. said, as she stared at the sky.

Up above her, the Britannian flag waved, higher, and prouder then ever.

The End

Note: And that, people, is a wrap.

I hope you enjoyed this story, and allow me to explain Lelouch and Suzaku's plan. Their plan, was for the Divine Japanese Empire to be assimilated into Britannia, and for it to be, in a sense, destroyed. Now, their thinking was for Suzaku to eliminate all people who could possibly inherit the throne after his death, which is why he executed the Houses of Kyoto, and eliminated the nobility system. He also decreed that, in his will, he left Japan to Euphie, as he had no heirs. Due to the Empress of Japan, also (and originally) being the Empress of Britannia, Britannia and Japan sort of merged. Euphie, therefore, was the one who took his place, and true, their son would be the one to inherit the throne, but since Euphie was given the title of Empress of Japan before he was born, Euphie holds the title. Ultimately, Suzaku's thoughts and ideals were more selfish than Lelouch, as he wanted to bring down what he considered to really be justice on Japan, opposed to Lelouch who wanted to achieve peace in canon. As Suzaku said, peace wouldn't be achieved this way, and there would still be conflict, but under Lelouch's leadership, they are confident that they can finally achieve that peace. And to those wondering how Kallen is pregnant, she's pregnant as a result of that scene she and Lelouch shared when Kallen was depressed.

If there are any loose ends, I apologize, and I also apologize for sticking so close to canon, but I had a lot of fun with this. I also urge people to write more stories about "Japan conquering Britannia". That said, that is "In the Eye of the Beholder".