Uzumaki of the Na'vi


Naruto slowly opened his eyes. He couldn't breathe. Channeling the Kyuubi's Chakra into his lungs to filter the gas he was breathing from the oxygen in the atmosphere. Right now the only

thing keeping him alive right now was the remaining chakra from the Kyuubi cycling through his lungs. He slowly sat up and observed his surroundings. It was a barren waste land. "Where am I?" he

thought to himself. Slowly sitting up, he grabbed his head, the memories of Madara ripping out the Kyuubi flowed through his mind. The final battle, the visions of him striking down Madara, but not

before he was able to use the inter-dimensional technique of his Sharingan. Naruto slowly got to a stand, picking a random direction he began looking for civilization. Hours would pass as Naruto

trekked across the barren wasteland, Looking towards the horizon he was able to see a massive blue ball that he assumed was a planet or sun. Stopping for a short breather, Naruto noticed

something small…. Slowly floating towards him. It looked like a jellyfish swimming towards him he reached out towards it thinking he was hallucinating. It landed on his outstretched hand, Naruto

slowly brought his hand towards his face. His blue eyes examining the creature on his hand. The creature floated off of Naruto's hand, Naruto watched the creature for a short while before he decided

to follow it. Following the creature for several hours, Naruto finally reached the top of a nearby mountain. Pulling himself to the top, Naruto's eyes widened at the sight he saw. A valley with mountains

but with a twist. The mountains were floating high above the valley. Naruto watched as the little creature, he was following, floated into the valley. Naruto sighed, and started down the mountain.

Following the creature Naruto managed to find a way onto the largest of the mountains. Climbing his way up, Naruto finally decided to stop for the time being he needed some rest to regain some of

his chakra he had been running pretty close to empty for a while now and even his massive reserves needed to be refilled once in a while. Coming to a plateau in the middle of the mountain with a nice

shade from rocks jutting out overhead. Lying on his back he placed his orange and black jacket under his head. Slowly closing his eyes Naruto drifted off to sleep, not knowing that this would be his

final resting place, as the Kyuubi's chakra finally ran out and the chakra filtering the fatal gas from the oxygen slowly dissipated. As Naruto released his last breath, The creature which was actually a |

seed landed on Naruto's Chest on a hole in the center of his shirt, from where Naruto's brother in all but blood shoved his Chidori through his chest. As the seed landed on Naruto's skin, a light slowly

began to glow as the seed sank into his body.

2122 years later…

A Massive tree would grow in that exact spot. Giving birth to a race called the Na'vi. The Na'vi worshipped the tree as a god never knowing, that just under the tree, the planets creator was

being reborn. Uzumaki Naruto would be reborn but not as a human, but as one of the very people that were based on his body and blood. After all, Naruto gave his mind and body to the

seed which grew into the Tree of Souls.