The woods

Fall, beautiful fall, it was finally here. The air feels brisk against Amy beige cheeks as she walked through her favorite part of the forest to her house. She looked all around her and admired the beautiful colored leafs that filled the trees and were slowly falling to the ground. Amy saw a small stump and deiced to stop and sit for a while, she had been carrying two bags full of things for tomorrow's Halloween party. She reached in one if the bag for a small red apple and started munching at it happily. She loved Halloween, the pumpkins, the treats, the games, the costumes but most of all the stories that are told around this time. As she ate away at her apple she began to remember a story that Vanilla, Cream's mother, had told her and Cream one night during a sleepover.

The story was about a man whose job was to deliver goods at night with his horse, his wife who was very superstitious made him a charm to wear every night as he travel through the woods. One night the man passed by a tavern and he decided to stop and rest for a while. When he saw that is was very late he paid for his drinks and left to go outside. One of the old man in the tavern stopped him and asked which way he was going, the traveler told the curious old man and stopped when the old man's grip tighten on his arm. "Whatever you do, do not give a ride to any woman you see on your path." said old man to the traveler. With that the old man turned away and walked back to his friends. Travel was on his way again and had forgotten what the old man had said. He had traveled through this part of the woods many times, but for want ever reason he started to feel uneasy. He reached for his charm, but saw that it was gone. He remembered that he had taken it off in the tavern and must have left it there. To ease himself he began to sing a tone to himself as he made his through the woods. Then he started to hear a soft cry up ahead, when he came closer to the source of the noise he saw a very young girl with golden hair. He asked her want was wrong and the young girl told him that she must make it her mother's house because she was sick and need the medicine that young girl had in her pocket. It was very dark and the girl had fallen and hurt her foot. She was afraid that she would not make it in time to her mother's house. The man told the girl not to cry and that he would give her a ride. He stepped down from his horse and walked over to help her up, but as he walked closer the girl's slowly started to change. Her skin went from white to grey, her hair streamed with white and her face turn ugly and wrinkled. Her eyes burned with black fire as she reached out to grab him with her claws. The man turned and ran to get on his horse but the demon garbed him by his leg and dragged him in to the forest, never to be seen again.

Amy shuddered at the thought of being dragged into the wood by some horrible demon and never to be seen again. She looked up and saw the sun slowly making its way down from the sky and got up with her things and started to walk again. Suddenly she started to hear something rustling in the trees; she shook her head and told herself that it just the wind or some birds. She continued walking but the noise came again and seemed to be closer to her. Amy gulps and started to walk faster. The noise seemed to be following her and Amy ran holding her packetizes tightly. She saw the path beginning to end and she started to run even faster. Then a black figure appeared right in front of her, making Amy scream as she fell backwards.

"Amy it's okay, it's just me." A low husked voice said. Amy looked up and was shocked to Shadow standing in front of her staring down with his red eyes. Amy took a moment to calm down and control her breathing.

"You scared the life out me Shadow. What are you doing here? We all thought that you were dead." Amy said excitedly Shadow huffed and held out a hand to her and Amy took it as Shadow helped her up. "Thanks, Shadow." Amy said as she picked up some of the stuff that had fallen out of her bags.

"Have you seen Sonic lately?" Shadow asked as he watched Amy pick up her bags.

"Not since he started dating that cheap chickmunk, which was about two weeks ago. Why?" Amy replied angrily.

"He's seeing someone? You seem to be taken it well." Shadow said slowly.

"Yeah well what are you going to do? You spend five years of your life chasing someone who doesn't even know you exits and he goes around and dates a girl he only known for two days." Amy said trying to control her anger. "You don't answer my question, why do you want to see Sonic?"

"Just to catch up, nothing more." Shadow answered flatly.

"Well, I got to be going, it's getting dark." Amy said softly

"Would you like a lift? It's the least I could do for scaring you." Shadow offered. Amy smiled and said "yes." Shadow put his arm around Amy's wait and held out a Chaos Emerald and cried "Chaos Control." In no time at all they were standing in front of Amy's front door. She thanked him and reached into her pocket for her keys. She opened the door and turn to invite Shadow in but saw him kneeing down and staring at a pumpkin by her door.

"What is this thing?" Shadow asked picking it up and looking at it closer.

"It's a jack-o-lantern. Shadow haven't you ever celebrated Halloween before?" Amy asked

"What's Halloween?" Shadow replied putting the pumpkin down.

"Ah, why don't you came inside and I can explain it to you." Amy said smiling at him. Shadow stepped inside the house not saying anything to Amy. Amy closed the door behind her and ushered Shadow into the kitchen.