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One year later...


"Lame" said Sally at the small TV as she cracked an egg into a bowl. "you would think that they would plan better when going into a haunted house."

"Yeah, like you did." Shadow commented drolly. "I sure you planed on getting possessed and killing us all." Amy scooped out some cream with her spatula and flung it at Shadow. Sally laughed and high-five Amy as Shadow cleaned the cream off.

"Thanks Amy, he still picks on me about that, even though it we're pass that."

"Of course." Amy winked. Sally smiled then picked up her bowl, and set it in front of Shadow. "Mix." She said as she playfully pushed his nose. He stared into her deep blue eyes and she stared right back into his blood red ones. He huffed and grab the bowl saying "Tell me why I am here helping, when you two seem to be so capable without me?"

"Because it's fun." Amy said cheerfully over her shoulder.

"Besides," said Sally, spotting a bit a cream that Shadow had missed on his cheek. She bent down close and using her finger wiped it off "It's not like you had anything better to do." she finished softly, putting the cream in her mouth. Amy saw Shadow tuning red, and mixing a little too hard. Amy giggled and turned back to spread cream on her cake. Sally and Shadow where in no way a couple, she just got tired of the cold shoulder routine and took matters into her own hands. "But it won't be long." Amy thought to herself, think about how it was the same with Rouge and Knuckles. And Shadow did seem to be warming up to her.

Amy sighed, not believing that Sally Acorn was in her kitchen helping with treats for tomorrow night's Halloween party. This year was going to be at the Chaotix's detective agency, they knew that place was never haunted and didn't want any repeats from last year. If someone would have told her a year ago that Sally and her would be friends she would have send them flying with her hammer.

When the day, or night, was saved again she left with Shadow thinking that it would be the end of it. Two weeks later however Sally showed up at her house with a peace offering of little baked cakes from Amy's favorite bakery.

"Hi Amy, can I come in?" Amy stared in wonder, but snapped out of it and nodded. Sally sheepishly smiled and walked in. "Here" She said giving the box to Amy. "I heard that they are your favorites." Amy saw the logo on the box and asked "How did you..." "He told me about it, I never tired them, but people say their good."

Amy sighed "They really are." She look up at Sally and smiled "Thank you, let go in to the kitchen." Sally followed her in silence. They sat what felt like ages in the kitchen, nothing was said till Amy got up to pour the boiling water into a teapot. Amy set a cup in front of Sally and sat down again.

"Amy, I came here cause I wanted to say that I am really sorry for everything that happen."

"You don't have to apologize."

"But I do, I was wrong to let my feeling get so out of control." Sally said looking down into her cup. Amy smiled and reached over to grab her hand. "I forgive you Sally, and if I remember correctly I said that I forgive you that night. So didn't worry about it anymore." Sally looked up at Amy and wiped away a tear "Thanks." Amy then got up and opened her box of treats and started to place them a dessert plate.

"And by the way Amy, it's over." Amy froze, but went on with her task "Oh."

"I ended it three day after that night." Sally said sounding really tried. Amy turned around to look at Sally, she feel genuinely sorry for her. "Sally I," "Don't worry about, I really ok with it. I knew he cared about me, but I am just not the one for him. I just hope he realizes who it is." Sally said looking thoughtfully at Amy. Amy just nodded her head, Sally frowned and asked "He hasn't stop by has he."

"No." Amy said looking down "I haven't seen him or talk to him in two weeks." Sally shook her head saying "I don't know how you do it."

"Do what?"

"Love him, I mean you been through thick and thin with him and yet.." Sally stopped not wanting to hurt Amy.

"Because Sally I just do. I know that if I really need him that he will be there."

Sally nodded and smiled "But still he's idiot."

Amy and Sally look at each other for a moment, then started to laugh. "Come on, enough about him. Let eat these cakes. You haven't live till you tired one." Amy said as she put the plate on the table.

Yes, that was surprise and a nice one. It took the gang a little longer to warm up to Sally, but they all came around, even Rogue. Shadow was livid that Sonic never did stopped by and was set out to go and find him. Amy stopped him saying that it would be no us and that she won't want it that way. Tails eventually contacted them, saying that Sonic and him were out adventuring again, but Amy already know that. Shadow still left to see if he could hurry up the adventuring only to came home three month ago empty handed. Well not true, Tails did come home, missing Cream and his home. Amy pretended not to care, but she did hope that the ultimate life form could bring Sonic home. Amy sniffed a little as she finished her cake.

"Are you okay Amy?" Sally asked gently, Shadow put down the mixing bowl to look at her.

"I'm fine, just thinking that's all. Oh, I got to get going. I forgot the apples, Sally can you and Shadow finish up the cookies please." Amy said as she took of her apron.

"Yeah of course."Sally replied look over to Shadow.

"Are you sure you don't want me to go with you?" Shadow asked, stepping forward.

"No, it won't take me long. Just don't burn down my house." Amy joked, slipping on her coat and walking out the door.


Here she was again, walking alone and munching on a spare apple. She glad to get out of the house, the walk really helped her mood. She was over crying and asking why Sonic never stopped by to ask if she was ok, or at least to say good-bye. Sometimes she wished that she never loved the guy. She would wish that they never meet, or that she never even heard the name...

Amy thoughts stopped, something was moving in the forest. "Shadow? Is that you?" She called out. The moving stopped for a moment then started again, coming closer. "Sally?" Amy tired again, but when got no replied she reached into her bag and grab an apple. Then she saw a shadow coming out of the trees, she threw her apple as hard she could and made a run for it. Amy ran, not looking be hide her. She hoped that she had stunned the thing long enough so that she would close to her house for Shadow to hear her scream. Just then she felt someone garb her by the waist. She screamed, dropping her bag and snapping for her hammer. She swung at her attacker, but it grab her hammer and shouted, "AMY! HOLD IT! It's me." Amy Stopped and looked at her attacker's face. It was him standing there, smiling at her, and looking at her with does green eyes. Amy started swinging her hammer harder at him, catching him off guard.

"Easy Amy! Hey you might hit me with that!" Sonic cried as he dogged a near hit.

"I hope I do you jerk! You pigheaded idiot!" Amy yelled at him. Worried for his life sonic ran around Amy, cause her to lose her balance. Sonic caught her, taking the hammer away and throwing it somewhere. "I hate you, I hate you, I hate you." Amy cried as she pounded her first on his chest. Sonic threw his arms around her and held her close to him. Amy sobbed against him, giving up her attack.

"Please don't cried Amy. I know you have every right to be mad at me, even hate me, but I never wanted to hurt you." Sonic said softly to her. Amy stopped her crying and asked "Why? You just left, I know that's nothing new, but a year? You never even checked to see how I was?" Sonic pulled away from Amy and sat down next to her. She stare at her lifelong crush, waiting for his answer.

"A lot happened when you were out cold and I needed time to think things over."

"You need a year to think?"

"Please Amy, just listen to me."

"No." Amy said standing up. "No Sonic The Hedgehog, I won't and I can't." Sonic stood up and reached for her. "Amy,"

"NO!" Amy screamed "You didn't need a year, a week or even a day when it came to Sally. You never even check on me to see if I was ok that night!"

"You left with Shadow, before I got the chance!" Sonic argued

"You could have stopped by before you left or when Sally ended it, three days later!" Sonic stood there not knowing what to say. Amy shook her head saying almost on a whisper, "I don't know why you never seem to think of me or about how I might feel. I know I'm not perfect, but I'm not terrible am I." Amy looked at Sonic, who was looking down at the ground. Amy wiped her eyes with her back of her glove then went to pick up her packages.

"Where are you going?" Sonic asked, now looking at her with surprise.

"Home." Amy said flatly, turning to leave. Sonic appeared right in front of her, making her jump. "Amy, please let me talk to you, you don't have to say anything." "I have to go sonic, I have things to do." Amy answered walking around him. Sonic blinked not believing what she was saying. Refusing to give up he cut her off again. "Then let me carry you, I can tell you on the way." Amy heard the desperation in his voice, but was still too hurt to care. She walked around him again not saying a word, Sonic watched as she walked away, not looking back. Deciding to just put it all out on the open and hope it works he shouted out "I LOVE YOU AMY ROSE!"

Amy stopped, her heart beat faster that it had ever had in her life. Sonic started to worried when she didn't reply or look at him. At least she stopped, I wish she would say something. Even a "Go to HELL!" would be nice. He thought as he nervously stood staring at the girl. Amy then turned around saying "It was you that I heard." Sonic blinked not understanding what she was saying. "You said those words that night, in front of everyone. Then you disappear so you could think about it ?" Sonic sighed but was grateful that she didn't say "Go to hell!". "Why was that so hard for you?" Amy asked

"Amy, I may be the fastest thing but I know this is not something to rush into."

"And Sally?"

"She was an old friend, I completely forgot I knew her and I liked her. But I never felt that way with her."

Amy continued to stare at Sonic, not saying a word. Sonic was loose ground and he knew it. He wanted to talk to her and she was finally listening so he deiced to just talk and hope that it would come out all okay.

"I left for a year because I need to think and not think about us. I mean it's crazy that the one thing I've been running away from, I'm running to. With Eggman showing from time to time I didn't think I had time for a relationship it wasn't even on my mind. Then this little girl shows up with her hammer out of nowhere and told me she love me. I was too young to understand or care about a having a girlfriend. But when things weren't looking good for me you stayed and fought with me, I knew that you were someone worth having as a friend. Then you started growing up into this beautiful girl, still a little hammer crazy, but ones perfect." Amy smiled lightly, making sonic glad that he wasn't messing this up.

"You were always a good friend to me and I just never wanted to mess that up. But that don't mean I never noticed you, your emerald eyes, your laugh, even your scent. It's enough a drive a guy crazy." Sonic felt himself blushing just thinking about her like that. "Amy, you take me as I am and I not perfect so I guess that's a good thing." He said as he walked up to her, "I love my freedom, but you're the only one who could take that away from me, because I never want to leave you."

Amy felt like she was hardly breathing, her cheeks burned with redness as she watched him walk towards her. Sonic reached out to touch her face, her skin felt soft on his fingers. Amy put her hand over his, fight back tears. Sonic smiled at her and moved even closer to her, he couldn't help but enjoy the rush his heart was getting. Somehow this was getting to be his greatest adventure, who knew.

Again the bag was dropped and Sonic pulled Amy into his arms. They hugged deeply, Sonic buried his nose into her neck to smell her scent. Amy couldn't believe that this was happing to her and filled with some much joy, kissed him on the cheek. Sonic own lips were feeling hungry and he started planting small kisses on her neck, making Amy gasp. She flicked her tongue at his neck, making Sonic moan. Not being able to stand it any longer he kissed her lips softly. Amy kissed him back, but was so overcome with emotion lost felling in her legs. They fell to the ground hugging and kissing each other. Soon they were cuddling next to each other talking about events that each other had missed. As Sky darken, Amy sat up and grab her bag once more. "I'm sorry for trying to kill you." Amy said softly

"And I'm sorry for leaving you. Forgive me?" Sonic said grinning at her.

"Sure," She said walking off then, saying over her shoulder playfully "What are friends for."

Sonic chuckled then ran towards Amy, swept her off her feet and said smoothly "Nice try," Kissing her passionately, "but you are not walking home. I'm not losing you again."

"Silly hedgehog, don't you understand. You'll never lose me." Amy said as she closed her eye and rested her head on him, and thinking "I love you too."


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