AN: Well, it's October again. Which means it's time for my annual Halloween story. And this year, since I am currently obsessed with my Wyatt 'verse, I decided to write a sequel to 'well, bless my soul.' It's got it all. Suspense, supernatural, family, romance, drama, bit of angst and humor in there. So here we go.

Title: Goodnight, Moon
Summary: Sequel to well, bless my soul. AU: Nobody wants to be forgotten. Least of all a scared seven year old boy with some kind of scary monster nipping at his heels. Five parts. Happy Halloween!
Pairing: Dean/Ruby.
Genre: Suspense/Family.
Rating: T for some themes and some gore.
Timeline: Season six. Technically an alternate season six that takes place in the Wyatt 'verse.
Spoilers: I'd say at least 6.01. This story does have appearances by the Campbells in it briefly.
Warnings: Language, minor gore, violence, heavy AU.
Notes: Yep. Stole another title from a children's book. So yeah, as mentioned above, this story will be five parts and I'd love to get it all finished by Halloween but I'm going to assume I'll probably run out of time.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything.

Goodnight, Moon

Written by Becks Rylynn

Part One:

''Before we forget''

Here's the thing: Wyatt Daniels isn't stupid.

He knows that Dean Winchester isn't his biological father. He knows that. He knows that he doesn't have Winchester blood in him like Ella does and he knows that some dude with piercings and tattoos named Cody somethingorother is his birth father. But he also knows that sometimes blood doesn't mean a thing and he knows that Dean is the man who has been there since he was a baby. Who taught him everything a man should know and who takes care of him and who loves him like a a dad should.

So, no.

Dean Winchester may not be his Father. But he's his Dad and that means more.

Wyatt made this fact clear when his mom and Dean sat him down and told him there was going to be a new baby in the house. ''Fine,'' he had said after a long moment of contemplating the new development in his young life. ''But if you get to be this new kid's dad then you have to be mine too.''

He remembers Dean lit up for the first time since he showed up on their doorstep lacking his brother and a big piece of his heart and soul. Mom cried. Which was a little weird, but Wyatt learned soon after that she cried a lot while she was pregnant with Ella. (Something that seems to have transferred into Ella because now she cries a lot, only she's a lot louder than Mom.)

Wyatt Daniels (in his head, some part of him thinks it should be Wyatt Winchester) isn't stupid, you see.

He may not be good at math and he may not fully understand art and cars like his mom and dad, but he's brilliant when it comes to the things that matter.

Dean Winchester is the coolest dad ever, Ruby Daniels is the greatest mom in the entire universe, Sam Winchester is still the smartest (and quite possibly the tallest) uncle in the whole wide world even though he doesn't see him as much anymore, Cas is the funniest (even though he really doesn't mean to be) angel slash uncle in all of heaven, Bobby Singer is the kindest grandfather for as far as the eye can see, Tallie's the best dog a boy could ever hope for and Ella Winchester is the little sister who means everything and more to her big brother.

Those are things you just don't forget.

The Wednesday before Halloween begins normally for pretty much every member of the household. Mom wakes Wyatt up at 7:20 as usual and pulls the Mama Bear 'let me pick out your clothes because its picture day, I'm sending these pictures to everyone we know and I'd really prefer if you didn't look like a hooligan' thing.

Just like every year on picture day, Wyatt rolls his eyes and keeps his mouth shut. Picture day has always been more important to her than it is to him.

In the doorway, with a still sleepy Ella in his arms, Dad chuckles and shakes his head while Tallie runs circles around his feet.

See? Normal.

There's been a bowl of candy corn in the living room since October 1st because Mom's a Halloween fanatic and Dad has a sweet tooth. Wyatt's still trying to figure out how to sneak a piece when he's not allowed. Somehow, they always seem to catch him. Even if they're in another room, his parents still find a way to know exactly when his hand reaches for a piece of candy. So it's really no surprise that when he reaches for a piece of the brightly colored candy, he hears someone clearing their throat behind him.

''Dude,'' Dad says casually, shifting Ella onto his hip. ''What do you think your mother would say if she caught you eating candy before breakfast?''

Wyatt sighs and turns to face his father, who's doing that all knowing smirking thing. ''Its 7:30 in the morning, Wyatt,'' he recites. ''What are you doing eating candy? You're going to rot your teeth, you know.''

Dad laughs and reaches out to ruffle Wyatt's hair, eyes sparkling with mirth. ''Exactly.'' He shoots the boy a wink, tosses a piece of candy corn into his mouth and starts for the kitchen.

''Hey!'' Wyatt protests hotly. ''How come you get some?''

'' 'Cause I'm a grown up.''

Wyatt sighs again, sends one last longing look towards the candy and gives up. There's only a few more days until Halloween anyway, and then he'll get all the candy in the world. Yeah, he so loves Halloween. Not like Mom loves Halloween (she said once that she likes the magic in the air on Halloween night; Dad told her she'd been watching too much Charmed) but it's love all the same. It's a love for sugar. When he pushes through the kitchen door, he finds he's just in time to see his parents kiss. Normally, he'd make a face.

This time, when Mom pulls away, she's the one who makes a face, pushing at Dad's chest. ''Its 7:30 in the morning, Dean. What are you doing eating candy?'' She shakes her head and turns back to the toaster, blissfully unaware of her son's smirk and her husband's dumbstruck look. ''You're going to rot your teeth, you know.''

Dad blinks, Wyatt grins. '' 'Cause you're a grown up, huh?''

''Eat your breakfast.''

Wyatt laughs lightly and reaches for the toast Mom's put in front of him. ''Wyatt,'' Mom says, taking a seat next to him and placing a cup of coffee in front of Dad. ''I need to work on your Halloween costume tonight, okay? That means you have to play model for me.''

He groans loudly. ''Why can't we just buy a costume?''

''Hey, you want this done or you want it done right?''

''Man,'' Dad shakes his head, pausing in his attempts to untangle Ella's hand from his shirt, drink his coffee and push Tallie away from him at the same time. ''You make Halloween costumes, you volunteer us to help with the Christmas pageant, you make three hundred cookies for the bake sale and you donate some expensive crap from the gallery for the sake of your kid's school. Is there anything you can't do, Supermom?''

''Those cookies were store bought,'' Wyatt deadpans. ''Mom's baking can be used as lethal weapons.''

Dad gasps dramatically, eyes widening as he points an accusing finger in Mom's direction. ''Cheater!''

Mom rolls her eyes and sighs in exasperation, rising to her feet. ''Wyatt, you have exactly five minutes to finish your breakfast and then we need to head out. We have to stop by the post office on the way to school.''

''What?'' Wyatt's response is muffled as he speaks around the mouthful of toast and strawberry jam. ''Dad's not taking me?''

Mom arches an eyebrow, plants a hand on her hip and Wyatt has the smarts to sinks down in his seat at the look she's giving him. ''Have I been totally replaced, kid?''

Dad laughs and Wyatt hears him mumble, ''I'm so awesome'' into his coffee mug. But then Tallie licks Ella's hand, Ella lets out an ear splitting squeal and Dad can't do the rest of his 'I'm Batman' speech.

''For your information,'' she says, running a hand over Ella's head. ''Somebody has a doctor's appointment today and - ''

''Is it me?'' Dad asks. ''It's me, isn't it?''

''Dean, do you have anything to contribute to this conversation besides proof that you were dropped on your head as an infant?''

''...You look really hot this morning?''

Mom closes her eyes and sighs while Wyatt pulls a face. The last thing he wants to be thinking about is how apparently hot his mother is. He gets enough of that at school from the older boys. Why do you think he doesn't want her to take him to school? He'd much rather hear whispers about how cool his dad is rather than how hot his mom is. It's disturbing. ''Your sister,'' Mom clarifies with a scowl in Dad's direction, ''has a doctor's appointment and for reasons that are still unknown to me, your father volunteered to take her.''

Dad nods in confirmation. ''They always have some kind of candy there and some people - '' he sticks his nose up in the air '' - want to rot their teeth in the morning. So there.''

Mom looks like she wants to roll her eyes again, but somehow refrains, instead settling for stealing Ella and purposefully ignoring Dad's protests. Wyatt pushes his empty plate away from him and brushes a crumb off the side of his mouth. When he makes a grab for his backpack, Tallie leaps to her feet and trots over to him like she thinks he's going to give her a treat. She deflates, however, when she seems to realize that he is not going to give her his backpack to eat. Somewhere between grabbing his homework to hastily shove into his backpack and pushing Tallie's eager head away, he suddenly remembers that totally awesome idea that's been floating around in his head since Halloween decorations started popping up in store windows at the end of September. ''Hey,'' he bites his lip and looks between his parents before ducking his head nervously and concentrating on cramming his homework into his already overflowing backpack. ''Do you think...Do you think Sam would want to spend Halloween with us?''

An awful silence takes hold and when Wyatt looks up, Dad has tensed greatly, fingers gripping his mug so tightly Wyatt thinks he sees a crack starting. Mom looks torn between agreeing with her son and comforting Dad. Even Tallie's looking at him like he's lost his mind. At last, Mom smiles a thin little smile and places a hand on Dad's shoulder. His body relaxes instantly. ''I think he probably has better things to do, baby,'' she says quietly.

Wyatt blows out a breath. ''But what if he doesn't? What if he's going to be all alone?''


He catches the warning in her voice, but before she can say another word, Dad pushes back his chair and stands up. ''I should go put Elle's car seat in the truck,'' he says. He sends them a small smile and disappears out the door with Tallie trailing after him.

Wyatt narrows his eyes and pinches his lips together. ''I don't like that truck either,'' he mumbles, crossing his arms.

He misses Sam and the Impala and back when Dad didn't look like someone kicked his puppy if there was even a mention of his brother. He loves his dad and he knows his dad loves him. But some part of Dean Winchester is always with Sam and it seems like no one's been able to find that part all year.

Mom is always late.

No matter how hard she tries, how precisely she maps things out, how early they leave...she's never on time. She is ''perpetually late'' according to Uncle Grant and it is ''part of her charm'' according to her. Ella must have gotten that from Mom too because she came into the world four days after she was supposed to.

Before Dad, Wyatt rarely made it to school on time. He was either late or he got there 30 seconds before the bell rang. His teacher was pleasantly surprised when he started showing up for school on time for a change. Don't tell his mom, but he kinda prefers it when Dad takes him to school. Not just because the other boys think she's hot (also some of the male teachers, which Dad has never particularly appreciated) but because then he'll get to school on time. Dad gets him there. Mom always loses her keys or forgets her purse or takes a route that gets them stuck in traffic.

Dad calls her a ''scatterbrain.'' But then he kisses her nose and says that's what he loves about her. (And then Mom punches him on the arm for calling her a ''scatterbrain.'' Even if it is true.)

Currently, Wyatt is sitting in the car, tapping his foot anxiously and watching his parents out the window. He watches with impatient eyes as Mom says something to Dad, touches his cheek and hands him Ella. Dad smiles back at her, kisses the side of her head and then they both turn to look in his direction. He looks away quickly, blushes and pretends he wasn't spying. In the backyard, Tallie barks frustrated little barks because she hates to be left out of things.

By the time Dad pulls out of the driveway and Mom's turning the ignition he's sure he's going to be late. To take his mind off of his impending tardiness, he thinks of Sam. Out of the corner of his eye, he steals a glance towards Mom. ''Mom?''


''How come Dad and Uncle Sam don't talk anymore?''

She sends him a sidelong glance and clears her throat, pursing her lips briefly before answering slowly and carefully, ''They talk.''

''Yeah, but it's not like it used to be.''

She is silent for a very long time and just when he thinks she won't answer, she says, ''No, it's not like it used to be.''

''Why isn't it?''

''Things have just...changed between them.''

''Sam's at Dad, is he? Because Dad lives with us now? Sam doesn't think we took him away, does he? Is he mad at us?''

''No,'' Mom says quickly. ''Sam's not mad at us. He loves you. You know that.''

''Then why don't I ever get to see him anymore?''

''He's hunting, Wyatt.''

''Dad used to hunt and he still made time to see us. Except for that year before he came back. But...that was different, wasn't it? Are things different because Sam...went away for awhile?''

''...It's complicated, baby.''

He huffs. ''Grown ups always say that.''

''Well, we usually mean it.'' She offers him a slow smile that relaxes him slightly and he sinks farther into his seat. ''Listen, tell you what, how about tonight you call Sam. I'm sure he'd love an update. You can tell him how you're doing in school and how your sister's doing. If Dean says okay, you can invite him to dinner sometime. How does that sound?''

Wyatt wants to sigh and say that's not enough, but he figures it's at least a start so he nods. ''Okay.'' Turning his head, he stares out the window and watches the streets pass by. A block away from the post office, down a familiar street, he catches sight of an oddly familiar girl standing on the sidewalk. She has long dark hair, pale skin and a startlingly blank expression on her face. What strikes him the most is the fact that he thinks he might know her from...somewhere. School, maybe? She's kind of weird looking. He thinks he would remember her from school. He turns in his seat to get one last look at her but when he turns around, she's already gone.

A lone chill runs down his spine.

He's right. After the late start and the post office and the traffic, they get to school exactly one minute after the bell has rang. Mom barely has time to kiss his forehead, hand him his backpack and tell him that Dad's going to be picking him up after school before he jumps out of the car. As he's hurrying towards the building, he hears her call after him, ''don't forget to smile for your picture'' and he flashes her a bright, practice smile over his shoulder.

Rushing into the school, Wyatt instantly skids to a stop when he sees a teacher and settles for walking fast. The last thing he needs is another detention. Mom would be so mad. On the way to his classroom, he passes by the office. He tries to walk by as fast as possible without breaking into a run in hopes that the adults inside won't notice him. But on the way past, he catches sight of a figure in the window.

It's the girl with the black hair.

Halting in his tracks, he pauses momentarily to look at her reflection and the breath leaves his lungs. Whirling around to face the place she should be standing, all he sees is an empty hallway.

''Wyatt Daniels.''

He grimaces at the sound of the assistant principal's voice and slowly turns around to face the man with the caterpillar mustache. ''Uh...hi there.''

''Don't you have somewhere to be?''

Wyatt sends one last curious look over his shoulder, shrugs it off and nods. ''Yes, sir.''

The rest of the day passes by uneventfully. He gets his picture taken, smiles like Mom told him to and there are no more sightings of the mystery girl. The evening is pretty normal too. Mom sews his Halloween costume while Dad plays with Ella and Tallie lounges by the fireplace. Then Mom stops to feed Ella and Dad tries to take over for her and winds up poking Wyatt numerous times.

''I made Sam a costume for a school play once,'' Dad says.

''Yeah? How'd you do?''

''It kinda fell apart. While he was wearing it. Kid was mad.''

And Mom makes fun of Dad because apparently Ella had to get a shot at the doctor's and he took it worse than she did. ''I shouldn't be surprised,'' Mom says casually, hiding a smirk behind a curtain of blond hair. ''When I was in labor with Ella and they gave me an epidural, you flipped out. The actual giving birth part, you were fine with, but the needle terrified you.''

''I wasn't that bad.''

''One of the nurses threatened to sedate you.''

''It was a big ass needle, Ruby,'' Dad says defensively. ''Excuse me if I didn't want them sticking that thing in my wife's spine. And that nurse was a bitch anyway.''

''Dean, children in the room.''

''Well, she was.''

The phone call to Sam doesn't go the way Wyatt hoped it would either. He makes an attempt to invite Sam over for Halloween while Mom and Dad aren't in the room, but all Sam says is, ''Oh, I don't know about that, Wy. I don't think your dad really wants to see me.''

So the phone call goes wrong, there's nothing on TV and Mom won't let him eat candy past 8:00 (but Dad sneaks him a piece when she's not looking) but all in all, it's a pretty normal night.

Until bedtime.

The sound of the howling wind mixes with the sound of Ella crying down the hall and Wyatt rolls over in his bed, frowning at the odd feeling of dread sitting heavily in his stomach like curdled milk. At the end of the bed, Tallie sleeps peacefully, unfazed by both the storm and the baby's cries. When Ella's cries finally die down, soothed by either Mom or Dad, Wyatt is surprised by how much he misses the sound. Left alone with the disconcerting wind screaming outside his window, he'd much rather listen to his baby sister cry all night long.

''Tallie,'' he murmurs, patting the space beside him. ''Tallie, come here.''

The dog looks a little perturbed at being awoken from her slumber, but she scoots closer to him anyway. Instantly feeling safer with her warm body next to his, he drapes an arm around the dog and closes his eyes, doing his best to ignore the wind.

He must drift off to sleep for awhile because the next thing he knows, he's being ripped from a fitful sleep by the sound of Tallie's whimpers. Groaning tiredly, he sits up and rubs his eyes, glancing over at the animal. She's scratching at the closed door, whimpering and turning in circles like she's either about to lose her mind or control of her bladder.

''Do you need to go outside?'' The boy mumbles groggily. ''Well...okay.'' Somewhat reluctantly, he swings his legs over the side of the bed and stumbles towards the door. As soon as he pulls open the door, Tallie shoots out like a rocket. He watches her bound down the hallway like a bat out of hell and then follows her, yawning. Making his way down the stairs, the screams of the storm outside reaches him again and he shivers. The wind has been joined by the sound of thunder and pouring rain and if there's anything he hates more than scary wind noises, it's stupid thunder.

Much to his surprise, Tallie is not whimpering at the back door. She's sitting in the living room, staring intently at thin air.

Frowning, Wyatt takes a step closer. ''Tallie, what're you - ''

A ripping snarl cuts loose from the dog's throat and he jumps back in surprise.

Tallie never growls.

''Hey,'' he warns once he regains his composure. ''You're not supposed to - whoa!'' When he looks up, his eyes go to the back door and he sees a face in the window, lit up by the sudden lightning that streaks across the sky. Her wet hair whips around in the wind and rage gleams brightly in her eyes like fire. Terror streaks through his body and a desperate cry for his father builds in his chest but when he spins around to sprint for the stairs, he stops in his tracks.

She stands in front of him, eerily silent and Tallie growls again.

''You. What are you - ''

She flickers in front of him like an old television set. Tallie snarls and edges in front of him.

''You're not human,'' he whispers.

''Wyatt.'' Her voice is a whisper, soft and fragile, but it sounds like nails on a chalkboard and it hurts his ears. ''Wyatt,'' she says again. ''Don't you want to play with me?'' She smiles an ugly smile and moves towards him. ''We can play my game. It'll be fun.''

He opens his mouth to yell for Dad because Dad will know what to do but before he can, she blinks out of existence and then a cool hand shoves him hard and he goes crashing to the ground. He lands hard on his stomach, the wind effectively knocked out of him. A pained moan slips through his lips and he tries to shake it off. When an unseen force begins to drag him away and his fingernails claw at the hardwood floor, grappling for something to hold onto, he pushes away the horror filling his lungs and does the only thing he can think of.

He screams.

Tallie's growling and snarling at the invisible, malevolent presence and Wyatt's pretty sure he's going to die so he uses all his lung power and he screams for his parents.

''MOM! DAD!''

''MOM! DAD!''

There are many things Dean Winchester knows. Fear is something he knows better than anyone else in the world. And he knows what sheer terror sounds like. It's a bitter sound that has never failed to make his heart race and when he hears his son's voice, choked with fear, his heart leaps into his throat.

While he bolts upright, Ruby's eyes fly open and a strangled gasp leaves her lips. For a split second, everything slows down. And then she's practically tumbling out of bed and he's racing after her with only one thing on his mind. Wyatt. There are about a million and one things that could inflict that type of fear. Dean's just hoping it's something normal. He's out of that world. He's out and he can't have it following his family around like supernatural stalkers.

They reach the bottom of the stairs in record breaking time, Ruby's voice calls out for her son and then Dean steps off the bottom step and the world stands still.

A bright, white hot light fills the room, there's a roaring in his ears and a warm burst of stale air knocks them both backwards. An unpleasant sensation of dizziness sweeps over him like a tidal wave when the light dies down and he reaches out to steady himself against the wall. By the way Ruby grabs his arm he knows she feels it too. It passes quickly and Dean...

...Can't remember why he's downstairs.

He remembers going to bed, he remembers Ella waking him up, he remembers the relief when he finally got the infant back to sleep because it meant he could go back to sleep, he remembers crawling back into bed with Ruby he's downstairs with his wife and he can't remember why. When he looks over at her and sees the small frown on her face, her eyes lock with his. The question of what the hell are we doing down here goes unasked. He sends a glance towards the lazy sleeping dog on the couch, clearing his throat. ''...Did Tallie bark?''

''...I...I guess so.''

Tallie opens one eye as if to say, don't blame this on me.

Dean scratches the back of his neck in confusion. ''I don't remember why we're down here.''

Ruby looks at him for a second and then smirks, patting his chest as she starts for the stairs. ''Must be gettin' old.''

''You forgot too,'' he mutters, shaking off whatever odd feeling he may have.

''Whatever you say, old man,'' she says as she climbs the stairs.

He frowns and trails after her. ''I'm only three years older than you!''

He checks on Ella just in case, lips curling upwards at the sight of his daughter's chest rising and falling evenly.


It's a beautiful name for a beautiful little girl. He wishes he could remember who came up with it. Was it Ruby? It must have been Ruby. He studies the sleeping baby for a brief moment and then decides the best course of action would be to get some sleep before the infant chooses to test both her lung capacity and her parent's patience.

When he steps out of the nursery, Ruby's at the other end of the hall, staring into the spare bedroom like it has the answers to every question in the universe. Also, she's twirling her wedding ring which tells him she's thinking about something. She jumps when he places a hand on her shoulder and smiles softly, offering him a quiet, ''I'm okay'' before he can even ask. ''Just...jumpy because of the storm.'' She touches his cheek lightly, sends one last look into the darkened room and brushes past him, disappearing into their bedroom.

Dean gazes into the spare bedroom that's always been used as a storage room/art studio and frowns into the darkness. That is what it's always been used as, right? He shuts the door to the room after lightning streaks across the room and lets out a heavy breath.

Ruby curls into his side like she always does when he climbs into bed with her and he can hear Ella's soft breathing over the baby monitor as the storm rages outside. But when Dean closes his eyes and tries to relax, he can't shake the feeling that he's forgetting something important.

end part one

AN: Ooh. Dude, they totally forgot Wyatt. What's going on here? Drama. Suspense. Halloween spirit! I love October.